China, Japan and South Korea strive to dominate the supply of Tesla in the second half of Ningde Era

 China, Japan and South Korea strive to dominate the supply of Tesla in the second half of Ningde Era

According to the latest data, in the first quarter of this year, LG Chemical, with 5.5gwh of installed power battery capacity, occupied 27.1% of the global electric vehicle power battery market share, ranking first. Panasonic continued to rank second with a market share of 25.7%; Ningde era ranked third with a market share of 17.4%.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in the US in March has led to a sharp reduction in battery supply to Matsushita American plant, the Securities Daily noted. Meanwhile, with the realization of domestic Tesla Model 3 in the first quarter one point six six As a battery supplier of Teslas China plant, LG Chemical has increased its installed capacity in China from February to the first place in the first quarter.

The rapid growth of LG Chemicals installed capacity in the first quarter of this year is undoubtedly due to the excellent performance of Tesla Model 3. Compared with the installed capacity of 2.5gwh of LG Chemical in the same period last year, Cui Dongshu believes that the good sales situation of Renault Zoe and Volkswagen electric vehicles has also driven the strong growth of installed capacity of LG Chemical battery.

Compared with the performance of Japan and South Korea power battery companies, affected by the epidemic, the first quarter results of Ningde times and BYD, the domestic representative companies, are hard to say ideal. Among them, the market share of Ningde times fell to 17.4% from 23.4% in the same period last year, after LG Chemical and Panasonic, while the market share of BYD fell to 4.9% from 15.1% in the same period last year.

The epidemic affected the production and operation of Ningde era in a short period of time. Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde times, said frankly, however, China is also a country with early epidemic control, and the effect of epidemic control has been shown. Driven by the governments active economic stimulus policy, the market has recovered rapidly.

Ningde times responds to supply Tesla

In the special period, the income of automobile enterprises will decline, which will be more inclined to the steady development and management strategy. With the change of comprehensive vehicle enterprise strategy, extensive product strategy is changing into lean product strategy, that is to focus limited resources on key models in the short term.

This strategy is happening. The reporter of Securities Daily noted that the three Korean companies with outstanding performance in the first quarter, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI and ski, had installed capacity of 5.5gwh, 1.2gwh and 0.9gwh respectively. Behind that, the sales growth of its configured models directly led to the substantial increase of installed capacity.

Musk told me that Tesla wanted to make her own battery. Their technical route will not have an impact on us. We are jointly discussing how to make the battery better. When it comes to Teslas self built battery plant, Zeng Yuqun said it had little impact on the Ningde era. Ningde era has its own cobalt free battery technology reserve, and is trying to do a good job in the supply chain, which will be a brand-new subversive product.