What is the mystery behind the continuous collapse of this mainland tourism stock?

 What is the mystery behind the continuous collapse of this mainland tourism stock?

On May 15, tuyis high position collapsed, plummeting more than 86% to just HK $0.4/share, then the stock price was pulled up to HK $1.42, and the closing price was still down more than 50%.

According to the data, the companys largest holding securities firm is futu securities, with a holding ratio of more than 70%. According to the majority shareholder holding 75%, the majority shareholder is likely to pledge the shares to futu securities.

On Monday (May 18), tuyi holdings continued its decline and fell to Xianqi shares again, closing down 43.6% and closing at HK $0.8.

According to the statistics of the associated press of finance, compared with the previous days closing data on May 18, futu securities reduced its shareholding by more than 10 million shares, down 1.04%.

According to the shareholding records of the central settlement system, at the beginning of the listing of tuyi holdings, the shareholding ratio of futu securities was only 0.21%. At that time, Chuangsheng securities held 8.41% of tuyi holdings. After several months of continuous increase in shareholding, up to now, the shareholding ratio of futu securities has risen to 70.55%. Citigroup securities, the second largest shareholder, holds 4.49%.

Yan Zhaojun, a strategist at China Thailand International, said it was likely that the mainlands makers would be sitting on the property this time. Why is the dealer still not shipping? Yan Zhaojun said that the cost of the makers is very low, even if they sell at the current price, they will make a lot of money. Futu has sold 15 million shares in the past eight days, making more than 10 times profit even at an average price of HK $2.6.

For example, more than a month ago, Qunli said that tuyis short-term expected profit reached 60% and was achieved within 11 trading days. Assistant is to say ceaselessly hind trend is very strong, absolutely steady gain does not compensate. After that, he continued to urge that this stock is bound to earn strong stocks, and will earn several times next week..

Tuyi holding started from the beginning of this year, and its share price rose sharply. On the one hand, futu securities continues to increase its position, on the other hand, it is recommended that the group of shares guarantee steady profit, and the layout of the banker is obvious. Tuyi holdings continued its downward trend on the opening day of the 19th, but both sides of the long and short markets are stuck. At present, the amplitude is 30%, down 10%.

Source: Financial Association editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368