Another diamond king five in Chinas sports industry has taken off the list. Congratulations to Shen Qiong

 Another diamond king five in Chinas sports industry has taken off the list. Congratulations to Shen Qiong

I fell in love with you when I was a child

I still remember Shen Qiong, who ushered in the year of the chicken in the lunar calendar, once said that we should be a fighting chicken and solve personal problems. Making a wish in the year of birth is really effective. Before long, Shen Qiong really met his dream lover.

Shen Qiong was single in those years. There were many people who introduced her girlfriend to him, but Shen Qiong didnt call any of them. Some of them refused without even seeing her. Until one day, a friend sent a picture, Shen Qiong was immediately attracted.

Shen Qiong revealed that when she was young, she liked her very much, but she didnt have the courage to come forward to express her love. After more than ten years of driving around, I met her once again. This is fate. As soon as I saw the picture, I recognized her. Shen Qiong made no secret of her appreciation.

Hes very serious about his career. Shanghai Mens volleyball team will win the championship every year. Hes under a lot of pressure every year. Now, Shen Qiong is finally married. LV Ningxin and other members of the coaching team are happy for him: Shen Qiong is the last one of his teammates of the same age to get married.

In fact, the standard is not high and there is no materialization. In an exclusive interview with reporters before the Spring Festival last year, Shen Qiong said: if you really want to talk about it, time can be squeezed out. If you meet the right one, talk about it. If you dont see the right one, dont talk about it. As for the standard of mate selection, Shen Qiong said, she needs to be virtuous, understand me, stay at home and like sports.

Today, on the phone, the reporter said, it seems that your wife can get full marks for the standards you mentioned. Shen Qiong laughs. Of course she does. However, in last years report, Shen Qiong didnt publicly announce that she was going to be divorced, but from the standard of mate selection, he recognized her. At that time, the title of the report was red rope brings red luck.

Shen Qiong revealed that in the two years she knew and fell in love with her, she was very supportive of her career. Because shes an athlete, she understands my job.

In fact, since the establishment of the relationship after dating, the two began to get together for more than a year, less and more long-distance love. She works in Beijing and I lead the team in Shanghai, so its not easy to meet once.

In order to get closer to Shen Qiong, she transferred her job to Shanghai last year. In fact, for me, no matter where she is, I spend most of my time in the team, which is not different from long-distance love. But she moved back to Shanghai, which touched me deeply. From the bottom of my heart, I felt that she had been with me all the time.

Last year, Shanghai Mens volleyball team reached the final stage again. She came to the scene to support her, but she was quite low-key and never appeared in the camera of reporters. When the Shanghai Mens volleyball team won the championship, Shen Qiong looked to the stands and saw her standing up, smiling and clapping. It was sweet in her heart.

Successfully completed the League task, but Shen Qiongs work still has not stopped. In October, he received an order to report to the national team with his mentor Shen Fulin as assistant coach. His girlfriend has been transferred to work in Shanghai, but he is going to work in Beijing. Facing another brief separation, Shen Qiong secretly makes up her mind that its time to propose.

In a fine restaurant, Shen Qiong called three or five friends, carefully arranged the scene and handed the diamond ring to her girlfriend. The video of the proposal was filmed, but about the details, Shen Qiong smiled without saying, a beautiful moment, only for our own collection.

Shen Qiong and Shanghai Mens volleyball cartoon.

Be a good man in Shanghai

2020 is a special year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the league is suspended. Since February, Shen Qiong has been leading the team in the closed training of Oriental Green Boat. Before she was 40, Shen Qiong finally tore off the label of Bachelor today. After getting the marriage certificate, he joked: I finally married myself before I was 40 years old.

To be a good husband after marriage is Shen Qiongs requirement: I want to take good care of her all my life, which is necessary. Recently, Shen Qiong has been so busy that she has lost weight. It turns out that he has been busy arranging the wedding room and listening to the suggestions of both parents. From his words, Shen Qiong is a standard good son-in-law in Shanghai.

The next step is to take wedding photos. Shen Qiong said, which family and style to choose, listen to her. However, the League hasnt been restarted yet. Shen Qiong will return to the team tomorrow to take training. The shooting days can only be seen in detail. Im a coach and I cant delay my work. Fortunately, I have her by my side to support me.