Liaolan recalled players in advance and resumed training with mayo

 Liaolan recalled players in advance and resumed training with mayo

However, as early as last Monday, liaolan recalled all the main players in advance, and the whole team began to put into full preparation one week ahead of schedule.

The reason for this is that at that time, CBA League planned to restart the league in early June, and made a more detailed plan to submit to the higher authorities for approval.

In order to deal with the possibility of League restart, liaolan also made an urgent decision to end the holidays of the main players ahead of time. This decision was also understood by all the players. Everyone returned to the team on time and reported, and devoted themselves to the training with enthusiasm.

According to the current training plan of Liaoning basketball team, the players will train six days a week during this period, five of which are the first two days of training in the afternoon. The young players in the team have to go to the track and field twice a week to do morning exercises before six oclock in the morning.

In addition, Mayo, an alternative foreign aid who had previously come to Liaoning basketball for trial training, has remained in the team during this period of time, including a person who insisted on training and keeping in shape during the teams holiday.

Now, Mayo and the whole team are practicing together, but whether he can sign a contract with liaolan will depend on when and how the League will restart this season.

As for the plan to restart the league, Yao Ming had previously publicly expressed his hope to resume the game at the latest in early July and complete it according to the original schedule. And on the issue of foreign aid, he also specifically mentioned that he would inform the clubs 21 days in advance to prepare for the recall of foreign aid.

However, the schedule of CBA League restart is still unclear. It is said that CBAs plan to restart in early June was not approved, but was not completely rejected. Instead, CBA asked the League to formulate a more detailed prevention and control plan for the epidemic, which also means that after the resumption plan meets the corresponding requirements, it is likely to restart later.

Source: Liao Shen Evening News Author: Gao Peng, editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei, ns1098