Lingard: the success of class 92 inspired me to achieve the same success

 Lingard: the success of class 92 inspired me to achieve the same success

Then lingard talked about her idol as a child: Ive seen Ronaldinho, Iniesta and Messi, but its obviously the Manchester United players who inspired me. I have followed Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Bart, the Neville brothers, class 92. I used to watch all their games at home, so I have a good understanding of the way they play. Theyre all British players, theyve all reached the top and won trophies, so it really inspired me to watch these videos when I was young. I thought, Im still young, but Ill eventually get to their place, and I want to know how they did it. Therefore, I would like to say that class 92 inspired the young me.

Will I learn from a particular player? she added? Of course, you will observe the performance of other players and try to learn something from them. Each player has its own characteristics and abilities. You can watch the players games, understand their characteristics, and try to join in their own games. Sometimes I will watch Messis running without the ball. I think Im smart on the court and like to look for space in a small area where defenders cant get hold of you. I am a player who can influence the game and help my teammates. When I run, I can find space to help my teammates, and I also like to control the ball. I mix these two characteristics.

The most important thing in the game is to stay focused and try to win, which is the most important thing. I had a bad time, but I still do what I like to do on the court. I like playing and I play for Manchester United so I have to be positive and my family will watch me. You just need to enjoy the game and play a positive role. I am most looking forward to sharing my success with my family, who have spent a lot of energy to take care of me and bring me to the current level.

Lingard also talked about the most exciting thing about Manchester United: the history of Manchester United is very important to me, we have won so many trophies over the years, which has inspired everyone. When a young player sees this, he will know that success is at hand and cant wait to work hard to get the chance and win the cup. We have gone through many different stages, some of which have changed, but as a club we have always been supported. We never give up. We are eager to win.

At last, lingard gave a suggestion to the young players: I think the first thing is to believe in yourself. Of course, you have to work hard and train hard to improve your weaknesses through training. If you work hard and have confidence in your ability, you can realize your dream.