Guo Degangs son is favored by the group: how lucky it is to have such a son!

 Guo Degangs son is favored by the group: how lucky it is to have such a son!

He Jiong was very appreciative of him, and he praised the boy when he met people.

Master Yu Qian regards him as his own, and is in love with his father and son.

Zhou pin, a musician, praised him on Weibo: Guo Qilin is really sensible. Such a young artist can really go a long way with this quality!

Recently, as a guest of please refrigerators, Guo Qilin made a successful circle with his strength. As soon as the program was broadcast, he became a hot advertising blogger, and the advertisers dads chased after him to send him sponsorship.

Guo Degang shouted to his son across the air, do the program again. Some costume manufacturers that sponsor opera think of some dads. The old fathers complacency was spilling over the screen.

Netizens joked: the old fathers hand has been stretched out. Its time for the child to learn to take the initiative to support his family!

My family has children who have just grown up. When they have children, they should be like Guo Qilin, which is worthy of the beautiful talk of the whole network.

From the founding of Deyun society to being famous all over the world, Guo Degangs controversy has hardly stopped, but he has cultivated a good son with zero bad reviews. Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he is a high-ranking father.

The best education is love and discontent

Guo Qilin has no such defects as self, arrogance and strong winning and losing heart.

On the contrary, he is modest, low-key, moderate, easygoing and well-educated, which is the consistent evaluation of him by the insiders.

All this benefited from the fathers education.

When Guo Qilin was six years old, Guo Degang took him from Tianjin to Beijing to live with his disciples. As the youngest member of Deyun society at that time, Guo Degang was not spoiled. His senior brothers went to his home to eat. What delicious food did Guo Degang always give to outsiders first and finally.

Guo Qilin dropped the theory of crosstalk, Guo Degang did not stop, but solemnly told him: you can have no diploma, no culture, no school, no reading.

Twenty four histories and draft of Qing history are lessons he left to his son. He set an example by himself, and many classical works can be recited.

The disciples made mistakes in practicing or performing. Guo Degangs first criticism was Guo Qilin, and the more people there were, the more they scolded him.

Guo Degang once talked about the past in an interview: theres no father and mother in the world who dont love their children. You pet him, but no one outside is his father. Youve had enough of him to scold, and no one will scold him after you go out.

It is Guo Degangs old-fashioned practices that seem out of place today that have affected Guo Qilin.

His father taught him to let his senior brother learn to be humble and polite; his father disciplined him strictly, so that he knew to be awed by his profession.

The best education for children is love and dissatisfaction. Its more important to teach him to be a capital man than to make him succeed. It is more important to teach him to be good and responsible than to enter a famous university. The biggest responsibility of parents is to cultivate a child with independent personality and correct outlook.

Life is not easy. Its harder to climb the sky than to ask for people. Huang Lianku, no money more bitter. Jianghu is more dangerous than people. Spring ice is thin, human feelings are thinner Not everyone can be proud of the world. There is destiny and luck in it. We need to know the cause and effect and understand the good and the evil. My son should remember, but do good deeds and dont ask about the future.

He didnt say the world is still beautiful to his children as many parents did. Instead, he told his son how to stand in society.

When the letter was published on the Internet, it caused great controversy. Many people couldnt stand it. They accused Guo Degang of being negative and philistine. They shouldnt tear up the truth and put it in front of children.

However, it turns out that such an education is indispensable. Guo Qilin, who was clearly told by his father that Jianghu is dangerous, and people are more dangerous, has no grumpiness or cold temper. He studied art with his brothers, grew up together, and was warm and friendly.

Kindness is a kind of instinct. Its the ability to protect yourself and others.

Training, suffering and struggle are all processes of growth. Besides goodness, it is also the responsibility of parents to let children learn to show their fangs in front of danger.

The sugar in the fathers hand makes the young man himself

As a matter of fact, he is also very hard.

Guo Qilin used to be a fat man weighing nearly 200 Jin. Guo Qilin, who started performing on the stage early because of his not outstanding appearance, didnt do as well as other people in performing arts. It was doubted that any program he participated in had a black curtain.

Its not easy to lose weight. He once said its too hard to lose weight by will, but he did it. At the age of 19, he lost 60 Jin in one breath.

Guo Degang, who couldnt help but forward his sons Micro blog, said: there is nothing that cant be done if it can be skinny like this.

Guo Qilin, who has successfully slimmed down, has a wave of face powder. He has a completely different life, but he still fails to get out of the shadow under the halo of the second generation of stars. The label son of Guo Degang has blindfolded the audience, so that everyone cant see his artistic talent in cross talk.

Fan sichen, who is full of small calculations and is full of making money, has made many people forget that he is Guo Degangs cross talk son. Guo Qilin, who grew up with his fathers fame, has finally become himself.

At the end of the curtain call, Guo Degang suddenly appeared on the stage. Guo Qilin first froze, then hugged him tightly, lying on his fathers shoulder and sobbing.

Guo Degang held his son, rubbed his back, and said to him, well done, better than me.

There must have been grievances, doubts and despair that he could not be recognized no matter how hard he tried. But at last, at the age of 23, he stood in front of the public, recognized by his father and respected by the audience with his own strength.

Guo Degang hid a sugar under Yan Fus appearance. He handed it to his son when he wanted it most, to give him appreciation and encouragement, and let him have the strength to move on.

In recent years, Deyun society has become popular, holding up yueyunpeng, zhangyunlei, menghetang and other famous figures. But for his own son, Guo Degangs mentality has always been to wait and to grind. He immersed his son in time and quietly honed, finally waiting for the day of natural flowers.

If every child is an answer given to life by his parents, we can see full marks in Guo Qilin. He rewards his father and his career with kindness and hard work.

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