Tear off the label and look inside for your order

 Tear off the label and look inside for your order

Good at study, partial to study, playful, worst class... Maybe it comes from the teachers unintentional praise or criticism, maybe it is the established impression of the beginning of a certain exam.

As time goes by, we are getting used to these labels and living according to the way they point to.

Although some labels can let us recognize our own advantages and disadvantages and make better efforts, early negative labels can affect our life in adolescence.

Today, Id like to introduce Marva Collins, a legendary teacher who bravely tore off the label of students.

The legendary educator who was invited by two presidents but refused to be Secretary of education of the United States.


Marvin Collins was born in the 1930s in Alabama. His father was African American and his mother was American Indian. When she was born, local racism prevailed.

However, such external environment has little impact on Marva, which is due to her good relationship with her father.

In Marvas book, she wrote, my father is always by my side. I can talk to him about anything. Even if its stupid ideas, my father will listen patiently.

At the same time, Marvas father always confidently said to her, you will certainly make a difference in your life.

Even black people, even girls, are qualified and can find their love through hard work. Collins was always inspired by his fathers words.

Later, Marva moved from Secretary to public school to teach. Slowly, she found that her love lies in helping these cant teach students that other teachers dont want.

Facing these poor students and retired students, Marva always has more patience.

Under her leadership, most of the children who would have dropped out of school in a few years were above the national average. Later, they either went to a famous preparatory school or directly to a famous university.

This is Marvas magic.

In fact, there is no magic in this world.

In the first lesson, Marva brought Emersons on independence to the students. She believes that this is one of the most important things a child can learn, especially for black students.

Once, an unreasonable student tried to annoy Marva and quit school, but Marva told him:

Just as Michelangelo thought he could see an angel in every marble, in this school, every child has an outstanding self, including you, of course.

After such constant psychological cues and positive guidance, children really began to try to see the better themselves, imagine what they wanted, and began to read words, sentences and stories quietly.

At this time, the label problem student has no meaning.

Good houses dont teach children, teachers

Marva taught in public schools for a long time before starting her own. And the longer it takes, the more she realizes that school cares about everything but teaching.

Everyone has to take crazy tests. It seems that all those managers want is IQ test and result ranking. It doesnt matter whether the children learn or not. Nothing is more important than the performance appraisal based on the achievements.

Therefore, in Marvas eyes, what kind of school and what kind of hardware facilities are not the most important. Whether the teachers and students communicate with each other attentively and guide correctly is the key point.

u25cf reading is the first step in learning

Marva believes that when students read, they should not only stay happy and beautiful, but also see some realities in life, so that students can face life well, and teaching should not be completely separated from life.

They discuss the plot of the book together, speculate on the thoughts of each character, discuss why they do this, and express their opinions.

Then I have to read at least 20 books. Marva replied.

She thinks that only by reading more can she really select the ten books that are suitable for her classmates.

u25cf shaping a complete personality from everyday life

My approach is to teach children to be a complete person. A teacher should help children develop their character and build positive self-awareness.

She thinks that broad clothes are disrespectful to herself, students and teachers.

From the first day of school, Marva always tells children how to make them understand that self-esteem is the most valuable thing for a person. She always dresses impeccably, both for herself and for the students: she likes to wear cashmere sweaters, suits and herringbone tweeds. Her clothes are well cut, fashionable and simple.

I want to make sure that the students faces are clean, their hair is tidy, their shirts are tucked into their trousers, and their socks are lifted. I told them to walk with your head up and your shoulders back, so you can have dignity and confidence.


With these teaching methods, Marvas schools are established in several states in the United States with thousands of students.

At the same time, Marva trains thousands of teachers every year.

She seems to have the skill of separation, which can make every character to the extreme.

The reason why she can reach this height is closely related to her own time management ability.

I can make good use of it, or I can waste it, Marva told the students during the lecture.

I promise to live each day to the fullest, and I should know that it will never come back.

Faced with such a heavy workload, she always said with great humility, I just work harder than many people.

Marva knows how teachers shape themselves and how they shape their students, so she makes effective use of her time and quietly exerts a subtle influence on students.

Thats it. Time never lies. Plan every day. Plan the future.

The external force will always go away slowly, only the internal order will not be destroyed.

Some changes are certain to happen.

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