Jia Baoyu also gave up Lin Daiyu for insurmountable reasons. Its better to dry her tears and be grandma Liu

 Jia Baoyu also gave up Lin Daiyu for insurmountable reasons. Its better to dry her tears and be grandma Liu

When I was young, I made a promise hand in hand with my childhood sweetheart: if you dont marry me when you grow up, you have to marry me.

Before that, the lovesickness tears that she had flowed for the youth turned into the needles of her heart, and the left and right movements were painful.

As I grew up, I wrote blood and tears memories for the love that I thought I would live forever. I paid a lot of my youth to sadness and poetry.

Therefore, strawberries have always been so thin, so melancholy, so need people to care, as if the wind is blowing, it is going to fall to one side.

Strawberries in the society, work is not smooth, family situation is difficult, they are more sensitive and vulnerable, and they are used to shrinking in the corner alone. There is always a posture of embracing the body to find a sense of security.

Such strawberries naturally arouse some mens desire for protection. In the end, she accepted the man who insisted on caring for her the longest as her partner. At the beginning of love, she forgot the old wounds and rediscovered the beauty of love.

Long distance love from the initial each other and insist, to the last mans impatience and anger only lasted for half a year. Strawberry in addition to painful tears, in addition to alone sad, there is no way to retain love.

Such a toss, her fear of love and a lot more. Rare smile, mostly alone with a feeling of life experience, sigh love like a flower.

After years of closure, strawberry is loved by an older man. Amorous heart cant stand the temptation of love, falling into the gentle trap again.

However, it was later found that the man had a family, said to be divorced by separation agreement, but delayed the change due to trivial matters.

Looking back at the men she loved, its not that they dont love her. Its just that there are not so many people in this world who have the courage to be desperate for love and for someone.

In this way, many people feel sad and sad after being lovelorn, not because of losing this person, but because of that feeling, or because they are unwilling to accept such cruel facts.

So it rises to the horror of human nature, to the powerlessness of vows, to the unpredictability of peoples hearts, to the distrust. Naturally, they will feel frustrated and doubt themselves because of being hurt.

But we should understand that it is not all your problem that you are abandoned. If that person doesnt want you because you are not good enough, it only means that this person doesnt love you.

What he loves is the additional aura on you, such as your good grades, your beauty, and your family.

In this way, its not about you, its about the other person. They cant stand the temptation, the provocation of freshness, the loneliness and the constancy in love.

Therefore, they dont know how to love a person, and they dont know the importance and sanctity of white heads.

This kind of forgiveness is to let go of others and yourself. This forgiveness is also an understanding that secular people cannot confront reality. You can stop loving people like that.

They cant do it consistently. They cant even keep their promises. They are weak and weak universal human beings who are not firm enough.

In other words, in the eyes of these people, the weight of love is dispensable.

When she met, she talked about a paragraph she saw in the book: it was Jia Baoyu who was so affectionate and gentle, not because she abandoned Lin Daiyu for insurmountable objective reasons. Therefore, its better to dry your tears and become a healthy and lively grandma Liu.

Strawberry finally wants to understand that although love is beautiful, it is still secondary to real life.

Everyone has many insurmountable objective reasons. Its better to be a happy grandma Liu than to be a sad Lin Daiyu in love.