I wont try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me

 I wont try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me

Accompany you through your years, cure you in between the lines

Here are 10 notes carefully selected by uncle for you

It doesnt matter. Well make it through this time. Like countless times before.

Please remember those who are good to you, because she could have been different.

Listen to my advice, you have suffered a lot of grievances in order to make money, so dont be wronged in love, its not worth it.

Gifts are never something, but unexpected warmth and surprises.

Of course, I will not try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me.

I think one of the greatest bravery in life is the ability to maintain trust and love after cheating and hurting.

If you have to pay attention to other peoples feelings every time you send a circle of friends, its OK to send a leaflet.

I certainly hope that I have achieved something in my life, and I know that most people will spend it in a flat way. If I am busy in the future, but love what I love and live happily, it doesnt matter. I forgive myself, because I must be persistent for this.

You give your personality to constellation, your efforts to chicken soup, your luck to Koi, and then say to yourself, Ive heard a lot of truth, but I still cant live a good life.. You see, this is not right.

Two years together, I never bought any gift, let alone any surprise, but I always buy him all kinds of things. If he is very boring, he occasionally mentioned that he would prepare some surprises, but he never delivered them.

In fact, I dont expect to say how good a gift it is, but at least action or language should be expressed. Most afraid to say but can not do, to hope is you, let people disappointed is you, accumulate more is despair.

So, lets talk today. Whats the moment when a love makes you most aggrieved?