Only 1.5percent of Huawei 5g mobile phone accessories in the United States! Its not far from China

 Only 1.5percent of Huawei 5g mobile phone accessories in the United States! Its not far from China

A year later, when everything seemed to be calm, it was reported that the United States increased export controls on Huawei and intended to cut off the source of Huaweis foundry.

HUAWEI spare tire that has been confirmed

In fact, it is precisely because of the injustice of the United States that it has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of Chinas science and technology industry with a strong endogenous force, which proves the truth that the trend is irreversible.

Since Huaweis blockade broke out this year, Chinas semiconductor industry has made remarkable achievements both in capital and in scientific research and development.

According to the dismantling report of Huawei mate305g, fomalhauttechnosolutions, a Japanese professional research company, showed that the communication module was also replaced by Hisilicon semiconductor self-developed product from the original American smart news, which significantly reduced the cost share of American accessories.

In the age of 5g, the research and development of communication chips is very difficult. Obviously, Huawei has overcome the difficulties.

Self research chip, self research baseband, self research communication, Huawei master three core technologies.

It may be because Huaweis growth against the trend has become the incentive for the us to impose sanctions, but todays Chinas science and technology industry environment is not the original one.

The rising domestic substitution

Some people may still be critical: Huawei still has a large number of key accessories from Japan and South Korea in its mobile phones, which are still controlled by others.

But in fact, Huaweis high-end 5g mobile phones have achieved nearly half of the domestic production rate, which has been a great achievement. We cant force an enterprise to do everything, which is actually a matter of supply chain and technology ecology.

The mobile phone has no more than five modules: calculation, communication, storage, screen and battery.

Huawei has solved the part of computing and communication, and Chinese technology enterprises in other fields have made remarkable achievements in this year.

SMIC has completed the OEM of Huawei Kirin SOC processor. Kirin 710A is produced by SMIC at 14nm, which is known as Huaweis first pure domestic SOC in the industry.

Pure domestic, which used to seem like a fantasy idea, is now taking shape step by step, but do we really need pure domestic?

Its not just the glass that cant go around

Back to the opening question, why is it most difficult for Huawei to replace a piece of glass when it can achieve such a high rate of domestic parts?

In fact, this is no secret in the industry. The glass products from Corning gorilla almost monopolized the global market of high-end smart phones and computer screens, while the glass shell is extremely critical and expensive for the experience of smart phones.

The quality of the glass shell not only determines the visual effect, touch sensitivity, hand feel, signal stability, scratch resistance, wireless charging efficiency, but also determines whether the mobile phone can pass the drop test.

In fact, on the eve of Huaweis launch of mate30 series, it has been reported that Huawei is independently developing airglass and has obtained relevant patents.

But according to some data, mate30pro still uses the sixth generation of Corning gorillas. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that from R & D to mass production often requires a certain time cycle and industrial support.

Recognition of the gap and progress is the only way to achieve sustainable development. How far are we from pure domestic?

There may not be an accurate answer to this question. But today we can see more hope than at the darkest moment a year ago.

Guo Ping, chairman in office of Huawei, recently stated publicly that Huaweis business will inevitably be greatly affected, but he is confident to find a solution.

In fact, we saw it a year ago. And this year has passed, Huawei not only lives, but also lives more brilliantly.

In 2019, Huaweis annual revenue reached 858.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19.1%, and a large increase in inventory and R & D costs to prepare for the future. Obviously, Huawei has been well prepared.

As Huaweis official Weibo said, we have no way to go but to win..

Today, with the integration of global economic cooperation, science and technology should not have national boundaries.

More and more domestic substitutes and independent controllability do not mean that we have to follow the route of pure domestic products, but we have to go through this painful period of development.

In fact, what we need is not pure domestic products, but the strength of pure domestic products. Only in this way can we get rid of being controlled by others.

Despite the pressure, Huawei will not be closed or isolated.

Huaweis strategy of diversification and globalization will not waver.

Guo Ping, chairman in office of Huawei, said.

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