The girl who spent 300 yuan on clothes taught me what is the contact circle

 The girl who spent 300 yuan on clothes taught me what is the contact circle

You regard others as contacts, others just regard you as an ordinary address book friend, and only when you are in balance can you play together..

That meeting, there is a colleague that I like to contact very much, her disposition is lively, have accomplishment, talk all let a person feel comfortable.

Although we are all of the same age, our starting point is very different, and our consumption level is also very different. Her family is very well-off. Its the cheapest thing to buy 300 yuan of clothes.

At that time, I went shopping with her and watched her buy several clothes that add up to nearly 1000, while I was empty handed.

When I was in adolescence, it was inevitable that there would be a contrast. It was the same age. People could buy the most appropriate clothes and use the best cosmetics to make up properly. My heart was very bitter.

I learned that her parents went into business in the early years and made a lot of money because of their good investment.

She shared with me the most popular fashion styles. I was stunned because I was wearing the old clothes that my sister passed on to me.

She talked about a big brand lipstick excitedly. I couldnt understand it at all, because I used cheap domestic products.

What I dont understand is that the economic conditions of the two of us are so different. Why does she want to play with me? Doesnt she dislike poverty at all?

The relationship between us has never been further developed. Friendship has always been two-way. When I cant integrate into her world, our topic is less and less.

Theres no social software like wechat at that time. Its mainly about phone contact. Her contact number, lying quietly in my address book, has never been contacted.

We are so disconnected, busy in their own world.

After two years in that company, I changed my job to our local newspaper company.

My temperament is more introverted and I like to deal with words. I read many famous works at home and abroad and wrote many articles in college. I have enough cultural quality. Working in such a unit is like a fish in water.

Soon, I became famous in the magazine. I also planned column programs, invited many entrepreneurs to do interviews and in-depth reports.

Along with it, my income level has also improved. Finally, Im not so shy anymore. Although I still cant afford a dress of 300 yuan, I can afford 100 yuan. I can also buy new clothes for my sister.

I feel my life, it seems that there is a light shining in, I am no longer that rustic girl.

Its really a coincidence that the colleague I knew at that time, after I left office, we never contacted again, and its because of my work that we contacted again.

I want to interview the leaders in business. Unexpectedly, the interviewee is the father of the colleague.

At first, I just regarded this powerful person as an excellent entrepreneur. In the chat, he mentioned my daughter is about your age, and shared some interesting stories about his daughter with me.

Later, when he said his name, it dawned on me that he was really the father of my former colleague.

We had a very pleasant talk in this interview. He also shared with me the significance of fighting in that era, and what he gave up for the decision of that year, talking about everything, probably because I was his daughters former colleague.

After this interview, we got in touch again. The entrepreneur invited me to his home for a family dinner, saying that his daughter wanted to talk to me about the past.

The fate of life, sometimes just right, from my last meeting with her, is 2 years ago.

I envy her family background and pattern. She admires my cultural background. She becomes more and more fond of each other and appreciates each others advantages.

This time, I think its to let our relationship go to a higher level. It used to be a colleague relationship, but now its a close friend relationship.

Her father is a successful entrepreneur. She has been in business since she was a child. The elders she met are also his good friends.

After adding this layer of relationship, she introduced many entrepreneurs to me and gave me the opportunity to interview and report.

And I, also grateful for her bridge, often share with her the list of books she is reading, and discuss the topic of life with her, will also invite her to my home.


Many years later, we have established a family and established business with each other. Even though we have few contacts, we are still very interested in each others affairs as long as each other has a phone call.

Nowadays, many girls and children tell me that they want to enter the circle of high quality and know excellent people.

But, as I have experienced:

When you are just an unknown ugly duckling, the so-called contacts cant help you. The strength difference between you and the other party is too big, and you cant integrate into the other partys circle.

Therefore, the premise of networking is that you can be equal with the other party, and provide value for the other party, so that the other party can feel your value point.


Author: tease, focus on the study of sexual marriage.