In the emotional world, the beginning of a persons vileness

 In the emotional world, the beginning of a persons vileness

What to do when you like someone?

When hearing this question, Xiaokui raised his head and asked:

If you like a person, you have to go after him, dont you?

Later, she really fell in love with a boy and told everyone with practical actions that she thought and did that.

The boys name is a Liang. He is a pretty handsome guy. She likes all kinds of things.

They are studying in the same driving school. Xiaokui is always distracted by peeking at him in class.

After being scolded several times by the coach, she realized that she should like him.

She took the courage to ask him to add wechat, and he didnt refuse.

He gave her more courage, and there seemed to be a voice in her heart saying:

He added wechat to you. Would he like you too?

From that day on, Xiaokui began to actively pursue a Liangs journey.

There is a game entry in wechat. Click it to see what your friends are playing recently.

She found that he was playing King almost every day, and she also downloaded one that she never played, as long as she had time to learn how to operate as seriously as learning.

So that we can talk with him a little more in common. Its not so abrupt when we talk to him.

In every circle of friends of a Liang, she likes it in seconds, but not in seconds.

Because she has to think hard about how to make herself look more lovely and attract his attention.

To her, the difficulty of solving a high number problem is the same.

Sometimes even if she didnt know what to say, she would say good night to him in the silent dialog box for a day.

I dont know if a Liang is originally a little talker, or because she is too busy, or because she is not good enough and cute enough.

Therefore, he would always be reluctant to write to her.

What else can I do? Xiaokui could not disguise the distress on her face and asked me.

You dont have to do anything more. I didnt think so. Just answer her.

I used to have a brother who had a good relationship. Lets call him Lao sun for the time being.

At that time, a girl who liked him was always talking to him.

Send him good morning in the morning. Ask him if he has breakfast. If not, would you like to take it with him.

Will send a special message to ask him how to pass the first few levels in the game.

Seeing that he posted a circle of friends in the bar at night, she commented that it was not good for him to stay up late and drink.

Like a person is not hidden, let alone like her such an open like.

I can tell from an outsider how much she likes her grandson.

Then he frowned and murmured in disgust:

I seldom see old sun like this, so I asked him what happened.

He handed me the phone directly, completely unwilling to explain one more sentence.

I saw a chat box with the girl on it. The girl asked Lao Sun:

What are you doing? Why did you suddenly ignore people?

I also noticed that in the chat interface, she always said a lot more than sun replied.

I feel bored and dont want to reply, but I dont want to reply. It seems that Im very rude again.

In fact, its not wrong to take the initiative if you like someone.

After all, if you dont take the initiative, you may miss a lot of things.

You can take the initiative first, but not always.

Normal people have the same ability of feeling and catching.

Can feel oneself to others like, also can feel others to oneself like.

Its not because he has few words, because hes too busy and has no time, or because youre not cute enough.

And just because he doesnt like you.

Would you take an extra piece of that dish you dont like very much?

How many times will you wear the suit you dont like in the cupboard?

No, you can only show your dislike less directly and keep the peace on the surface.

Just like the one who doesnt like you, the reason why he replies to you occasionally is just to make himself look less disrespectful.

Do you know what it means to be a bitch?

But always love and pursue a person who has never given you any substantive response is the beginning of your abject.

You have the cheek to talk to others, to ask what they are doing, and to ask them to go home early.

You have the cheek to squeeze out humor, to say good night to others, and to ask people how to ignore you.

You think you can get the response you want as long as you work hard and have thick skin, but what you dont know is thatu2014u2014

Why is this fucking fool so upset?

Its been a long time since I broke the law. Im reading the newspaper.