30 days of divorce calm period and hot search: why 100000 netizens firmly opposed it?

 30 days of divorce calm period and hot search: why 100000 netizens firmly opposed it?

Seven years! Its not a day! I want to divorce you!!! Lets try again if we have the ability!

It makes me sick to think of staying with you for another 30 days!

OK, Ill go to the hotel from today!


It is said that the heart is not tired.

Two days ago, the news that the draft civil code is to introduce a 30 day period of calm divorce immediately went on a hot search, but the netizens did not quarrel this time, and their attitude was extremely consistent: no support!

A marriage law from beginning to end is about how to distribute marriage property, pre marriage property, joint property after marriage, childrens ownership, and the amount of alimony

The two adults in a marriage may roar, talk patiently, tear their faces, and be exhausted. Finally, they reach a consensus and work out a divorce agreement.

At this time, an aunt of the Civil Affairs Bureau representing the law suddenly said, would you like to think about it again?

Can we set a period of calm for divorce so that we dont get divorced?

On the other hand, if it is really to prevent impulsive divorce, it is better to think clearly before marriage.

This netizens message is the truth.

People in their 30s, who have no impulsive marriage friends around, whether its a voluntary flash marriage or forced marriage, impulsive end There are few cases of lasting happiness.

My girlfriend in college asked me about my recent situation.

After a long time, she replied, Im divorced.

After that, we talked intermittently. In the past ten years, her experience is another story of marriage is like a mountain, divorce is like a thread.

Lets call her pony.

But in the distant 1990s, dev was a very senior gift.

Later, I went to university and changed to another city. Unfortunately, we are another school.

Shes a year older than me, but she never puts on the airs of a student sister. Shes easy to get along with. Its a bit like a natural relationship between us, because both of us grow up in single parent families and meet each other all the time.

Its just the way of feeling that not everyone is going well.

After graduation, she had a few love affairs that ended unharmed. Her mother thought that it would be impossible to rely on her daughter, so she began to arrange a blind date.

Xiaoma is also tired. When he first met, he began to talk about marriage: the other sides conditions are good, and there are all kinds of accounts in the garage, so he married a year later.

Its a very common routine, but it cant stand a little girl eating it, so yingyingyingyanyan hasnt broken it.

Pony didnt know before, until two years after he got married, when he saw the record of opening a house, he found out that he was entrusted with someone else.

This is her first divorce.

When I heard this, I was full of question marks: isnt it a curse to children?

But shes also really pregnant.

At that time, the ex husband also showed the appearance of changing the past. The mother of the pony was also a sure thing look.

Results after the birth of the child, before the birth of the moon, the girl gently told the pony to see her ex husband and a woman, hand in hand shopping malls.

The pony, who had been suffering from severe postpartum depression, suddenly collapsed and asked for divorce for the second time.

The arm cant twist the thigh, and this time its still there.

My ex husband, who has been smiling, didnt smile this time. He also knew that the pony would not come back this time.

Is this calm period of pony long enough? Is it cool enough?

I really have enough, said the pony. In fact, I dont want to blame him now. After all, I wanted to find someone to marry. I felt that all aspects were suitable. My mother urged me so hard that I didnt think too much about it.

After that, there was an imperceptible sigh in the voice.

The pony certainly didnt come to me to solve any problems, but he just walked down the road and wanted to find someone who didnt have a common life circle, but didnt count as a strangers chat.

Seeing her circle of friends, now I like to grow flowers and vegetables with my daughter, which is also a pleasure.

But if I didnt marry my blind date in a hurry, maybe it was another way? At least you dont need to waste eight years for a man who isnt worth it.

Such a marriage is a waste of another day. 30 days calm? Lets not.

Its no wonder that netizens have to say marriage calm period first, because the main reason for divorce is marriage.

Alan de Botton, the British writer, said in a column that the most common mistakes we make in marriage are: some people, they shouldnt be together at all.

The drop in divorce rates in the United States over the past two years is due to the fact that fewer people are getting married, or that married people are becoming more cautious.

Before that, they were recognized as a wonderful couple. Boys in the top companies in the industry have entered the presidents training class in just a few years, and they are one of the youngest members of the class.

The small ears of different departments of the same company are also beautiful and have many pursuers.

Two people together for two years, next year will be ready to get married, some time ago has begun to make arrangements to buy a wedding house.

Because they broke up because of different views on money.

Xiaoers own conditions are excellent. The boys she has been with are indeed rich or expensive. But she is not that kind of girl who is greedy for wealth. To put it bluntly, she has a good attitude of making money without money.

The dinner for todays appointment is for the man, so the next meal must be a restaurant with the same average person, please let Xiaoer come back;

When giving gifts to each other on New Years day, they must also be gifts with the same price (in fact, the gifts given by high paid boyfriends never exceed three figures);

When they went out to travel, most of them were paid by their boyfriends. They were very happy. When they got home, they drew out a consumption list and listed how much they spent: you see, so much for you. If it wasnt for you, I would have saved all this money. Said the boy.

After confirming the relationship between the two people, they started to live together and share the rent equally. It didnt matter, but every time my boyfriend sent a bill of rent, water and electricity, accurate to two decimal places, Xiaoer would look at the bill in a daze.

In the past two years, Xiaoer also asked his boyfriend if he had to figure out every sum of money so clearly with himself. The boys answer is also generous: my family and I are the same. My parents live in the house I bought here, and I pay the property fee..

Hearing this, Xiaoer was greatly shocked. For a while, she didnt know how to find the logic problem in this sentence.

She wanted to break up several times, but her colleagues all thought it was inconceivable. One after another, she persuaded her: how excellent the mans conditions are, how strong his work ability is, how good his future is, how stupid he is to give up such a man.

Because he said it so frankly, for a long time, his bright and excellent little ears really believed it, and felt that they were too demanding, and should be steadfast together.

Small ears that want to save money want to buy a sunscreen spray, and find that they can save some money through intimacy.

It turned out to be rejected.

It was at this moment that Xiaoer completely collapsed, so she calmly broke up.

My boyfriend (ex boyfriend here) came up with the theory that your condition will not be better than me. She simply deleted it and blackmailed it.

This time she said very firmly, its absolutely impossible, and I dont know how he brainwashed these two years. I really think I cant live without him.

How can it not pass? With the strength of small ears, dont be too comfortable.

Dont listen to any divorce calm period. Its not good to start to be calm before marriage!

If you dont calm down, how many things like thisu2014u2014

Friend B, the husband thinks the wife does not do not make trouble, oneself play game what also do not disturb, very happy? As a result, she likes women;

Friend C, his wifes brother repeatedly asked his wife to borrow money. The wife secretly mortgaged the mans house to usury. Both husband and wife were in debt

Do you want to keep this kind of marriage for the new year or for permanent collection? Its not bad if it doesnt explode. How can you calm people down?

The words Prohibition of destroying the freedom of marriage are clearly written in Article 49 of the constitution of our country, and the proposition of freedom of divorce was not easy to win over by the predecessors in the early days of the peoples Republic of China more than 70 years ago.

Having seen a period of history, Luo Qiong, who participated in drafting the marriage law at that time, said:

In the drafting process, the most controversial issue is about the freedom of divorce. Article 9 of the marriage regulations of the Soviet Republic of China promulgated in 1931 stipulates that the freedom of divorce shall be determined. If both men and women agree to divorce, they shall divorce. . Divorce is also the case when both men and women insist on divorce. There was a heated debate about whether to include the new marriage law. The birth of the first marriage law of the peoples Republic of China (February 10, 2007). Author: Huang Chuanhui)

Although this proposition was put forward at that time, it was more from the hope of protecting womens rights and interests and breaking the persecution brought by the old system. But today, this is still the bottom line that the law should keep.

Because we are far from the real freedom of divorce.

But when two people cant go on, its up to them to decide whether to divorce or not. In the spirit of demolishing ten temples rather than destroying one marriage, relatives and friends form a group to interfere.

Its too hard.

I cant help but think that many years ago, Luo Yonghao told a joke about Yu Minhong when he was in New Oriental class:

If the action is slow, the car behind will honk and honk: hurry up and return TMD to prevent divorce.

Alan de Botton has a conclusion about marriage: any potential marriage partner is flawed; it is wise to be pessimistic about marriage.

And in divorce, I want to say, optimistic, stop loss in time is responsible for everyone.


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