The new play of the US team is wonderful! Dark suspense theme, unexpected good-looking!

 The new play of the US team is wonderful! Dark suspense theme, unexpected good-looking!

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With the launch of Avengers alliance 4: the final battle last year, the heroes of the first generation of Marvel bid farewell to marvel and gradually faded out of the historical stage. American captain, iron man, Thor, black widow and Hulk faded the halo of the former superhero and began to transform. Some of them moved to small screens and some tried new styles.

It turns out that these actors have been delayed by marvel. Leaving marvel, they have created infinite possibilities. In a short period of time, they have all produced brilliant new works, and through subversive performances, they have changed the publics solid understanding of them.

Widowed sister won the Oscar for marriage story and Joe Joes fantasy world; brother hammers amazing rescue action play was clean and neat in the end, and won a lot of public praise when the plot was not so prominent; black water of Haoke also had a sensational real event, full of warning and practical significance; Iron Man passed the record The film Ai era brings you to see the exquisite cutting-edge technology in the field of AI.

The defense of Jacob is adapted from William Randys best-selling novel the truth that never exists. The novel is gripping and thought-provoking, reflecting that people always want to find the truth from the law, but the determination of the truth often depends on peoples fear.

The story takes place in the western suburb of Boston, known as the safest city in the United States. A murder on campus involves a family and society.

Team America plays Andy, a famous local prosecutor, who is respected, experienced, upright and efficient. In addition to his working status as a prosecutor, he was also a husband and father in his life.

In the first episode, I buried an egg and woke up my son with the first song of Iron Man series! Surprise interaction!

Her wife Laurie is played by Michelle dokery, the eldest lady of Downton Abbey. She is a staff member of the childrens cabin Association, a child welfare organization. She is kind and popular with children.

They have a son, played by Jaden Martell of the return of the clown, named Jacob, who has excellent grades and is quiet and clever, and studies in a local high school.

The family lived in a big villa and a beautiful, proper and happy home.

Andy was ordered to take charge of the case, but the scene of the death was damaged. The students did not know what to ask and did not know. The case was in a deadlock, which was rather difficult.

What surprised him was that his son Jacob had no trouble with the killing of his classmates. What was more strange was that although the students knew nothing about Benjamin Rifkins death, they were all curious about whether he was Jacobs father. The students seemed to have something to say to him, but it seemed that it was hard to speak.

The reason was soon found. One of his classmates sent him an anonymous email. Jacob questioned the students mourning for Benjamin Rifkin on the school forum, and felt that the students were hypocritical. Then he was attacked by his classmates. Some even claimed that Jacob was the murderer. He had a knife with his own eyes.

At first, Andy didnt take it easy until he found a knife in Jacobs room.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, he went to talk to his son, but his son argued that the knife was only bought by himself, nothing, and he didnt kill people. He said that the comments on the forum were just that his classmates couldnt bear him running the train with his mouth full of nonsense.

Both husband and wife believed that their son must not be the murderer, but sensitive Andy dropped his sons knife into the garbage can and watched the garbage truck the next day.

Jacob explained to the police that the fingerprints left on the victims clothes were because he saw Ben lying on the ground and thought he was injured, so he went up to help him up and said he didnt kill anyone.

But in the course of the investigation, it was found that Jacob concealed many things and had enough reasons to kill Ben, because he was bullied by Ben when he was in school.

Even Andy himself began to realize that his son Jacob was a major suspect, and even had something to do with the violent gene inheritance.

Andy is no longer the prosecutor of the case, his wife Laurie is suspended by the company, Jacob is suspended from school, and the family becomes the target of the town. The normal life is falling apart. What meets them is the different vision of others, the alienation of colleagues and friends, the censure of media news, as well as their inner suffering and questions.

At the same time, the case is still a mystery, who is the murderer is still a mystery, but before the law gives the truth, the public opinion trial comes first: intimidation, exclusion, contempt, pityu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

The family is the most important part of the play. Although Jacob grew up in a seemingly happy environment, he was ignored. He had almost no communication with his parents at home. What happened in school never discussed with his parents.

Its like Andys love for his son, as a public official, blinds him to the truth. When Jacob becomes a suspect in a homicide, he knows the law and breaks the law. He doesnt hesitate to destroy the evidence and lie openly. Even if Jacob is really the murderer, he will use his best legal knowledge to help his son get rid of the crime.

From the perspective of God, you may question Andys way of doing things, and even think that they are all responsible for their troubles. But what would you do if you were Andy? Do you want to kill your family? Or take out the knife at the beginning to prove its innocence? Most people may not do better than Andy. Hes a prosecutor. Yes, but hes more of a father. He can give up his reputation and honor, but he cant give up his children.

Andy is the same. As a father, he doesnt want to believe that his son Jacob will be evil enough to kill people, but he often questions whether his child is really innocent? If we do it, can we save him in our own way when we have to?

Although its Chris Evanss small screen debut, we have to say that the Team America has performed admirably and contributed great acting skills to the film. Chris Evans, who left marvel, is the real star!

TV tells us that there is no perfect family, no perfect parents, no perfect life. As long as one fulcrum is damaged in life, other fulcrum will collapse.