Is extreme sports equal to killing?

 Is extreme sports equal to killing?

Screenshot of official microblog of Zhangjiajie blue sky rescue team

The tragedy dates back to six days ago, when the Tianmen Mountain scenic spot in Zhangjiajie issued the report on the loss of contact of the female wing mounted pilots on May 12.

A cultural media company in Beijing filmed a short documentary about extreme sports in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. At 11:19 a.m. on that day, two wing mounted pilots took off from a helicopter with a flight height of about 2500 meters and carried out high-altitude wing mounted flight. One of the female wing mounted pilots lost contact due to deviation from the planned route during the flight. The camera crew and Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area mobilized two helicopters and several drones to carry out carpet search.

Due to the lack of mobile phones, GPS and other equipment, coupled with continuous rainfall, there are large clouds and fog in the mountain, low visibility, and precipitous and complex terrain. In the next few days, no missing girls were found.

Official notice of Tianmen Mountain scenic spot in Zhangjiajie

On the morning of the 18th, the blue sky rescue team in Zhangjiajie issued a micro blog saying: I wish an an all the way So far, Zhangjiajie blue sky rescue team relieved the rescue preparation. On the evening of the 18th, Tianmen Mountain scenic spot in Zhangjiajie confirmed the news, saying that the parachute of the lost contact had not been opened. After six days of searching, I still couldnt wait for a miracle.

Screenshot of netizen comments

As soon as the news came out, netizens were also very impressed. Some netizens said: in fact, people who play this understand that a careless person may be separated by Yin and Yang. They can only say that she died on the ideal road. They have pity on her family, and the white haired people send the black haired people.

Some netizens said: the sport of unpowered wing flight is rare in China. The pilots can only control their flight posture and altitude with their bodies, which requires a lot of courage, skills, climate conditions and courage. She may have encountered a sudden airflow in the mountains, which caused the control to be out of control As a woman, she is a brave and delicate person with wings flying, her misfortune is heartbreaking. Looking forward to finding out the cause of the accident and summarizing more!

Screenshot of netizen comments

There are also netizens in safety consideration, calling on everyone not to play extreme sports, but some netizens expressed different views on this: everyone has different ideals. Some of life is to create, some of life is a step-by-step life, some of life is to create a precedent, some of life is to get through the road of the future It cant be said that other people shouldnt do anything. Shes responsible for her own life. We are afraid of extreme sports. We can do it ourselves.

Wing mounted flight video

In fact, the debate about extreme sports has always existed. At the end of 2017, Wu Yongning, known as the first person in Chinas high altitude challenge, fell down and died.

Before his death, Wu Yongning often did some very dangerous high-altitude unprotected sports, challenging high buildings and bridges in Wuhan, Nanjing, Chongqing and other places. He would send the adventure video to the Internet in the form of short video, which also made him famous.

Until December 7, 2017, a month after Wu Yongning disappeared on the Internet, it was confirmed that he fell down in a single high-altitude extreme sport and died of serious injuries when no one found him.

Wu Yongning was out of strength and then fell dead.

According to previous reports, Tianmenshan, where Anan is flying with wings, has also suffered many deaths. During the second Tianmen Mountain wing flight World Championship held in 2013, Victor Kovac from Hungary unfortunately hit a cliff during the test flight, and his skull was broken and died.

On January 26, 2017, ray Dickinson, a Canadian with ten years of experience in wing flight, died in an accident while conducting wing flight training alone on the Shandong line of Tianmen.

Jebchris, the first American to cross the Tianmen hole, also suffered multiple fractures of his legs when he fell to the ground due to air currents in a subsequent South African race.

Information chart: on September 6, 2019, the final competition of the 8th wing outfit flight World Championship was held in Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie. The picture shows the players in the competition. Photo by Yang Huafeng, reporter of China News Agency

Wing flight has always been a great risk factor, data show that the death rate of the movement once reached 30%. When flying with wings, athletes should jump down from valley, high-rise building, bridge, airplane and so on, and glide with wings of wing membrane structure.

In the process of flying, athletes need to use body movements to control the direction of gliding and fly in the air without power. The maximum speed of falling is 50 kilometers per hour, the forward speed can reach more than 200 kilometers per hour, and the maximum speed can reach 289 kilometers per hour. Athletes need to adjust their posture and open parachute bags in a short time, which is very challenging and dangerous.

Such a small fault tolerance rate leads to a very high death rate of the sport. Even the founder of the sport was killed in a parachute jump in 1998.

Of course, extreme sports is just because of such a thrill to attract a group of fans obsession. However, this kind of stimulation always goes hand in hand with the danger. Im afraid its worth thinking twice about whether its worth it or not. (end)