As we know, the central government pushed forward the legislation of real estate tax, and the European and American stock markets rose sharply

 As we know, the central government pushed forward the legislation of real estate tax, and the European and American stock markets rose sharply

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council: orderly realization of convertibility of RMB capital account and steady promotion of RMB internationalization

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued opinions on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system in the new era. It is suggested that we should build a modern central bank system, improve the decision-making mechanism of the central banks monetary policy, improve the mechanism of basic money supply, and promote the transformation of monetary policy from quantitative regulation to price regulation. Establish a modern financial supervision system, comprehensively strengthen macro Prudential Management, strengthen comprehensive supervision, highlight functional supervision and behavior supervision, and formulate cross financial product supervision rules. Strengthen the construction of weak link financial supervision system, eliminate the supervision gap, and keep the bottom line of no systemic financial risk. According to laws and regulations, define the power and responsibility division of central and local financial supervision, and strengthen the financial supervision responsibility and risk disposal responsibility of local governments. Establish and improve the basic system of financial consumer protection. In order to realize the convertibility of RMB capital account and steadily promote the internationalization of RMB.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued opinions on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system in the new era. The opinion points out that we should improve the mechanism for ensuring high-level opening policies. We will run the China International Import Expo well, increase the import of goods and services on a larger scale, reduce the general level of tariffs, strive to eliminate non-tariff trade barriers, significantly reduce the institutional costs of import and export, and promote balanced development of trade. We will expand the opening-up of manufacturing, services and agriculture, allow foreign capital to hold shares or operate solely in more areas, and eliminate all restrictions on foreign investment from the negative list.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council: promoting the legislation of real estate tax

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued opinions on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system in the new era. It is pointed out that we should speed up the establishment of a modern financial and tax system. We will clean up and standardize local financing platform companies and divest government financing functions. We will deepen the reform of the tax system, improve the direct tax system and gradually increase its proportion. In this study, the collection of consumption tax for some items will be moved backward. Establish and improve the personal income tax system that combines comprehensive and classification. We will steadily promote legislation on real estate taxes. We will improve the local tax system, adjust and improve the local tax system, cultivate and expand local tax sources, and steadily expand local tax management power.

Tariff Committee of the State Council: imposing anti-dumping duties on imported barley originating in Australia

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: the implementation period of the policy will be extended appropriately according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control

The central bank released the operation of financial market in April 2020. In April, the daily average trading volume of Shanghai stock market was 241.511 billion yuan, down 29.31% month on month, while that of Shenzhen stock market was 386.289 billion yuan, down 26.64% month on month.

Ministry of Finance: from January to April, stamp duty on securities transactions increased by 20.1% year on year

The Ministry of Finance announced that from January to April, the national general public budget revenue was 6213.3 billion yuan, down 14.5% year on year. Stamp duty was 106.9 billion yuan, up 9.2% year on year. Among them, the stamp duty on securities trading was 64.9 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1% year on year.

Multiple ministries and commissions: it is planned to give researchers the title of ownership or long-term use right of scientific and technological achievements

The third session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee decided to be held on May 21

The 10th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference held on May 18 decided that the third meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference would be held in Beijing on May 21, 2020. The main agenda of the proposal meeting is to listen to and deliberate on the work report of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference and the report on the work of proposals since the second session of the 13th National Peoples Political Consultative Conference; attend the third session of the 13th National Peoples Congress of the peoples Republic of China as nonvoting delegates, listen to and discuss the work report of the government and other relevant reports, and discuss the civil code Draft. (peoples daily)

On May 15, the peoples Bank of China and the foreign exchange bureau held a video conference on overall strict party governance and discipline inspection and supervision in 2020. Guo Shuqing pointed out that in response to the current situation, we must deal with three relations: first, the relationship between maintaining normal monetary policy and increasing counter cyclical adjustment; second, the relationship between stabilizing growth, ensuring employment, preventing risks and adjusting structure; third, the relationship between domestic economic cycle and foreign economic balance. Therefore, we must be very careful to grasp the pace and strength of financial regulation and control, more creatively implement monetary policy and macro Prudential policy, more accurately and effectively implement various measures of macro-economic management in the extraordinary period, take six guarantees as the focus of six stability work in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, stabilize the basic economic structure, and ensure the stability of enterprises Industry plays a greater role.

Shanghai bancassurance bureau carries out self inspection and self correction supervision on fund utilization irregularities of insurance institutions

Shanghai bancassurance Bureau issued the notice on supervision of self inspection and self correction of fund utilization violations and risk investigation of insurance institutions to Shanghai insurance company. According to the notice of the general office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on self inspection and self rectification and risk investigation of fund utilization violations of insurance institutions, in order to urge insurance institutions in Shanghai to do a good job in self inspection and timely grasp the promotion situation, the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission decided to carry out self inspection and self rectification supervision. The supervision and inspection is from now until June 30.

The CBRC said that since the issuance and implementation of the new regulations on asset management and financial management, the banks financial management business has been adjusted in an orderly manner in accordance with the regulatory guidance, showing a more stable and sustainable development trend. The CBRC always requires banks to strictly implement the new regulations on asset management and financial management, standardize the issuance of financial products that meet the requirements of the new regulations, strictly formulate rectification plans for stock businesses, and steadily and orderly promote the rectification according to the progress.

Nine departments: the pilot project endows scientific research personnel with the title of scientific and technological achievements

Ministry of industry and information technology: pilot value-added telecom business in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

The Ministry of industry and information technology issued a notice on relevant matters concerning the pilot opening of value-added telecommunication services in Shanghai pilot free trade zone. The open business includes: the registration place and service facilities of foreign-funded enterprises applying for pilot business shall be located in the free trade pilot area; it is allowed to set up business-related acceleration server nodes nationwide, but only limited to providing acceleration for their own services, not operating content distribution network business; Internet access service (providing Internet access service for Internet users) The scope of services for other businesses can be nationwide.

Shanghai: carry out the action plan of Gongfu Shanghai to promote high quality development

Germany and France jointly launched a 500 billion euro economic plan to bail out the European economy

The Hang Seng Index announced Tuesday that, with the support of more than 90% of respondents, the same share companies with different rights and the second listed companies from Greater China (i.e. Hong Kong, mainland, Macao and Taiwan) will be included in the stock selection of Hang Seng Index and Hang Seng China enterprise index.

CME reduced the margin requirement for WTI crude oil June futures contracts from $12000 / contract by 25% to $9000 / contract.

Hunan solid drink counterfeiting milk powder incident: two people were removed from their posts and severely punished

CCTV reporters learned from the joint investigation team of the protein solid drink incident in Yongxing County, Hunan Province: the investigation found that the mother and baby shop in aiyingfang, Yongxing County, operated by Liao and his wife, was suspected of false propaganda. At present, the mother and child shop of aiyingfang in Yongxing County has been closed. The investigation team will further investigate and deal with the concerned parties strictly and seriously according to law. Chenzhou Municipal Commission of discipline inspection and municipal supervision led the investigation on the performance of relevant functional departments and national public officials. At present, Yongxing County has removed Li Jianjuns position as member of the Party group and deputy director of the county market supervision and Administration Bureau, and Cao ShiShuns position as chief of the market order supervision and administration unit.

Guizhou Maotai gets net purchase of northbound funds six point two nine 100 million yuan

On May 18, all day net inflow of northbound funds thirty-four point zero four Billion yuan. In terms of individual stocks, huiding technology, Gree Electric Appliance and new hope ranked first in net sales, respectively three point four nine Billion yuan two point six three Billion yuan and two point one six The net purchases of Guizhou Maotai, Vanke A and Shandong gold were the highest, respectively six point two nine Billion yuan five point eight five Billion yuan and three point nine nine Billion yuan.

Net outflow of equity ETFs in two weeks of May 20 billion

Data shows that as of May 15, the net outflow of ETF in the current week was 13.7 billion yuan. In the first two weeks since May, the total net outflow of ETF exceeded 20 billion yuan. Among them, technology ETFs, China Securities 500etfs and other indexes with the highest recent increase have more net redemptions, while securities companies, consumer, Hang Seng ETFs and other relatively stagnant indexes have obtained net purchase of funds.

17 new IPO applicants last week

Exchange news, last week (May 11 - May 17) 17 new IPO declaration enterprises (1 main board, 16 science and technology innovation board). As of May 17, there were 134 new IPO applicants this year.

Equity fund sales boom again

In the first quarter of this year, affected by the epidemic, the market experienced extreme market conditions, but the new fund is still being sought after by funds, and the pop-up products continue to appear. After a period of silence, a fund invested in the issuance yesterday ignited the issuance channel again, attracting more than 5 billion yuan a day. According to the data, thanks to the excellent sales performance of equity funds in the first two months of the year, the performance of partial share fund raising has been gratifying since this year, with a total amount of more than 450 billion yuan.

Scarce investment targets in the world

With the major central banks in the world launching interest rate reduction and quantitative easing policies, the investable targets in the global market are increasingly scarce. According to statistics, the global scale of negative interest rate assets is close to 14 trillion US dollars. In this context, the motivation of all kinds of funds to seek more attractive assets has increased significantly. According to statistics, since April, the total net inflow of northward funds has reached 64.7 billion yuan, close to the total net outflow in March. A number of insiders believe that considering the relatively low valuation level of a shares in the global market and Chinas economic growth prospects, foreign capital will continue to flow into the A-share market on a large scale in the future, and some high-quality core assets will become the target of pursuit.

[market situation

U.S. stocks closed sharply higher, with the Dow up more than 900 points

International crude oil futures closed higher US oil rose more than 8%

WTI crude oil futures rose in June two point three nine Dollar, up 8.12% , newspaper thirty-one point eight two USD / barrel, continuing last weeks gains of nearly 19%. Brent crude oil futures rose in July two point three one Dollar, up 7.11% , newspaper thirty-four point eight one USD / barrel.

Europes three major stock indexes rallied, with Germanys DAX30 index up 5.67% to 11058.87, Frances CAC40 index up 5.16% to 4498.34, and Britains FTSE 100 index up 4.29% to 6048.59.

COMEX gold futures fell more than 1% in June

Closing comments: Shanghai index up 0.24% gold concept strong technology stocks all correction

At one time, the two markets fell, with the growth enterprise market index down more than 1%. Subsequently, it continued to rise, and the three major stock indexes turned red. In the afternoon, the two cities fell in shock, and the gem index turned green again. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was up 0.24%, the Shenzhen composite index was down 0.4%, and the gem index was down 0.44%. On the market, agriculture, gold, rare earth permanent magnet and other sectors were the top gainers; consumer electronics, digital currency, apple concept, 5g concept, Huawei concept were the top losers.

Hang Seng Index rose 0.58% led by three barrels of oil

[industry news

The Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) issued a notice on August 18, requesting that relevant matters concerning the pilot opening of value-added telecommunication services be done well in the pilot free trade zone. The scope of application is the pilot free trade zone approved by the State Council, and the open business is the pilot business in the original area of Shanghai pilot free trade zone (28.8 square kilometers).

The first Department of equipment industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology investigates the production of creative ventilator

According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, on May 16, the first division of equipment industry, together with Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, went to Beijing Yian Medical System Co., Ltd. to investigate the production of innovative respirators, help enterprises to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in stable production expansion, parts supply and other aspects, and exchanged views on strengthening product quality and safety control and after-sales service system construction.

Strong rise of domestic steel market this week is expected to peak and fall back

On May 18, the domestic steel market rose strongly. Since May, steel inventory has continued to decline rapidly, mainly due to better steel demand performance and further boost of market confidence. Recently, the prices of iron ore, scrap steel, coke and other raw materials have been rising. Last weekend, steel billets rose by 70%, and the rising cost also supported steel prices. This week, steel production will continue to increase. After the spot price rises rapidly, the disk price will fall back. From the perspective of various varieties, the basic level of iron ore remains good, and it will continue to rise in the short term. There is little space for thread and hot coil to be punched.

Global nonfat milk powder boom companies expected to benefit

5g plus local version of industrial Internet construction drawing becoming clear

665 M & A plans helped listed companies transform and upgrade in the year

According to the data of Ifind of tonghuashun, as of May 17, calculated by the first announcement date, 564 listed companies issued 665 merger and reorganization plans in the year, involving about 181.7 billion yuan. He Nanye, a special researcher of Suning Financial Research Institute, said that the improvement of the companys quality by M & A and reorganization is reflected in the fact that the enterprises with good operation can further grow and strengthen through M & A, and extend the service dimension and service radius; on the other hand, the enterprises with poor operation can realize the substantial improvement of business transformation or performance by injecting high-quality assets through restructuring.

In recent years, the amount of IPO in the western region has increased year by year. According to the statistics of Dongfang wealth choice, from 2017 to 2019, the amount of IPO is RMB 15.055 billion, RMB 16.083 billion and RMB 33.697 billion respectively. Since the beginning of this year, six enterprises in the western region have entered the A-share market, raising a total of 3.638 billion yuan. As of May 18, there were 500 listed companies in the western region (including Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other 12 provinces, cities and autonomous regions), raising a total of 282.79 billion yuan.

According to the reporters statistics, as of the time of publication, 104 companies have successfully landed on the science and technology innovation board. 34 other subsidiaries of securities companies participated in the follow-up investment, with a total floating profit of 6.433 billion yuan. Since 2019, the securities companies have been increasing the number of alternative investment subsidiaries. In addition to preparing for the new establishment, many securities companies have increased the capital of alternative investment subsidiaries. This year is no exception. Two securities companies have made new moves this year.

After going through the initial listing tide, the bank shares ushered in the intensive lifting of the ban this year. According to wind data statistics, in the week of May 20-26, the initial shares of three listed banks, namely bank of Qingdao, Bank of Hangzhou and Zhejiang Commercial Bank, ushered in the wave of lifting the ban, involving a market value of 3.254 billion yuan and a longer time line. In the first half of this year alone, 10 banks joined the wave of lifting the ban. At the same time of the pressure of lifting the ban, a large area of breaking the net of bank stocks is still continuing. At present, more than 80% of listed bank stocks are in a breaking the net state, and the performance of bank stocks in the future is to be tested.

29 listed securities companies plan to allocate 28.3 billion yuan

According to the statistics of the reporter, as of May 18, a total of 29 listed securities companies have yet to implement their profit distribution plan in 2019, with a total planned cash dividend of 28.283 billion yuan. In addition to the three securities companies that have completed the cash dividend, the total cumulative dividend of listed securities companies in 2019 will exceed 30 billion yuan. (China Securities News)

Prosperity and domestic demand are expected to rise

On May 18, affected by the good news, the infrastructure, food and beverage sectors in the A-share market performed strongly. Since the end of March, A-share has rebounded for more than a month, but the turnover has not been significantly enlarged. In addition, external factors have increased in recent period, and the market mentality is cautious. However, it is generally believed that in the future, the A-share ratio will break away from the external disturbance, internal based, and it is recommended to grasp the industries with improved prosperity and enterprises with short-term profit restoration.

[announcement summary

Three board Yaxiang integration: the companys revenue share of projects undertaken by SMIC is relatively small

Xinlaiyingcai: neither SMIC nor Changjiang storage are among the top five customers of the company

Yuantong Express: the revenue of express products in April was 2.21 billion yuan, up 6.48% year on year

Shenzhen Airport: passenger throughput in April decreased by 56% year on year

Shunfeng holding: year on year growth of express logistics business revenue in April 48.91%

Lisheng racing: Su Weifengs reduction 2.43% Shares are no longer shareholders holding more than 5%

Kaizhong precision: the total shares to be reduced by the controlling shareholders shall not exceed 3.46%

Jinyu Medical Co., Ltd.: shareholders planned reduction is not more than 2.62% shares

Jinyi Technology: eight shareholders including the actual controller plan to reduce the total shares by no more than 11.29%

Base egg biology: shareholders proposed reduction is not more than 6.5% shares

Bo Chuang Technology: the shareholders plan to reduce their shares by no more than 2%

CRCC: won the bid for 20.4 billion yuan project

Chengdu Road and Bridge: the project of 464 million yuan won in advance

CNNC: the newly signed contract value in the first four months was 26.4 billion yuan, down 0.7% year on year

Holding shares: Winning 94.75 million yuan project

Jieshun Technology: won the bid for the construction project of intelligent parking management system in Bishan District, Chongqing

Jinghan Co., Ltd.: Aoyuan scientific star premium 21% transferee company 29.3% Shares will become controlling shareholders

Hesheng silicon industry: no more than 2.5 billion yuan is proposed to be raised

Tuopu group: it is proposed to raise no more than 2 billion yuan for automobile lightweight chassis system project

Huamai Technology: it is proposed to raise no more than 396 million yuan for WiFi 6 + 5g wireless network equipment R & D and industrialization projects

New territories pump industry: restructuring matters may 19, last meeting stock suspension

Haizheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: makotol ester capsule passed the consistency evaluation of generic drugs

Zoelli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: a joint-stock company has been approved by FDA clinical trial

Mike biology: new coronavirus chemiluminescence detection product obtained registration certificate

Jincheng medicine: approval for re registration of hypertension treatment drugs

Yian Technology: CE certificate for degradable magnesium bone internal fixation screw