Ten billion level private equity group research technology shares to become hot cakes

 Ten billion level private equity group research technology shares to become hot cakes

Although the current market is still in a volatile situation, the layout enthusiasm of 10 billion private placement has not been reduced. According to the data of GESHANG financial management, in April, a total of 10 billion private equity companies set up new products. Among them, Gaoyi asset issued 12 products in the same month, and Jinglin asset also issued 4.

So, where is the investment research direction of the institution in the near future? According to choice data, as of May 17, 181 listed companies have received institutional research since May, including 11 listed companies that have attracted more than 100 institutions attention, many of which are technology companies.

Take DESAY Wei Wei, an example of intelligent driving, for example, since May, the company has been investigated by 406 organizations and become the most concerned company in May.

Figures show that Desai has risen by more than 50% since April. After the excellent first quarter report was released on April 30, the attention of the organization to Desai Xi Wei was further enhanced. From the record of investor relations activities, institutions pay particular attention to the companys progress in intelligent driving assistance products, business development in 2019 and R & D investment.

This is not the first time that Desai has been focused by the agency. Since this year, in addition to April, the company has many institutions to visit every month, a total of 750 institutions have left the footprints of research, ranking in the forefront of hot research companies.

In May, many 5g and semiconductor companies were swarmed with research from more than 100 institutions, which reflected that the public and private funds continued to be optimistic about the growth of science and technology.

For example, Jing Lin investment and star stone investment focused on the 5G concept stock, which has been accepted by 232 institutions since May. For example, this years semiconductor concept stock, nastar, which has undergone major adjustment, has been investigated by Panjing investment and Xingshi investment, and 28 public funds, such as Ruiyuan fund and Qianhai open source fund, have also paid attention to it.

According to the data, more than half of the top 10 listed companies surveyed by institutions this year are from the technology sector. Among them, Hikvision, Desai and Dahua have all welcomed more than 700 institutions to investigate this year.

For the sustainability of the technology stock market, some fund managers think it is not over yet, and the technology stock market is not just the semiconductor company market. During the outbreak, the growth rate of zoom active users set a historical record for non entertainment apps in the United States. Pan Ming, fund manager of Allianz fund, believes that the global economy will speed up to the cloud in the future, and the investment opportunities in cloud computing are worthy of attention.

Chen Ping, fund manager of HSBC Jinxin fund, is more optimistic about the future prospects of 5g industry. He said that some of the early industrial chains have seen initial performance, and subsequent base stations, terminals and applications are expected to see performance and growth in turn. In Chen Pings view, short-term emergencies only change the distribution of demand on the time axis, not the long-term value. Maintaining reasonable and sufficient liquidity is more conducive to growth stocks. In the next two to three years, TMT industry chain is expected to continue to move up.