Apple supports Android phones to trade in! Huawei P30 is up to 1600 yuan

 Apple supports Android phones to trade in! Huawei P30 is up to 1600 yuan

According to Apples latest replacement plan, Android phones that can be used and replaced include popular models from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and many other mobile phone manufacturers. Among them, Huawei P30 / p30pro can be reduced to 1600 yuan and 1700 yuan at most, Huawei P20 / p20pro can be reduced to 550 yuan and 800 yuan at most, and Huawei mate20pro can be reduced to 1100 yuan at most.

Oppor11 / r11s can be reduced to 350 yuan at most, and R15 can be reduced to 450 yuan at most. Millet 6 is up to 450 yuan, millet 8 is up to 750 yuan. The maximum value of vivo 7 is 200 yuan, and that of vivo 9 is 350 yuan.

At present, the highest deductible price of Apples own devices is iPhone xsmax, which can be up to 3750 yuan, iPhone x r which can be up to 2350 yuan, iPhone 8 which can be up to 1500 yuan, and iPhone 6S which can be up to 600 yuan.

Apple officials say the actual discounted value will depend on the condition, configuration and year of manufacture of the device.

How to change? Apple officials said it could assess the amount of the smartphone discount online, provide on-site service to collect the device, and return the discount after verification.

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