How to take off the mask to improve the personality

 How to take off the mask to improve the personality

During the three-month long vacation, many students gained weight and lost physical fitness, but they didnt take proper and systematic exercise for a long time, and they were prone to various physical problems when they returned to the playground.

Students measure heart rate.

OK, now we stand in a good position, keep a distance, and measure our pulse again. In the physical education class of Fenghua junior high school, every physical education teacher will ask students to take such a heart rate test.

It has always been the characteristic tradition of physical education in Fenghua junior middle school to judge students feedback on training intensity by measuring heart rate. Under the epidemic situation, the real-time detection method of students physical condition in the physical education class becomes more important.

The weight gain and physical fitness level drop are actually what our sports teaching and research group expected. After all, the students have been in a relatively quiet state for almost three months. Mr. Shen Hongwen told the surging news reporter that when the schools sports team learned the clear resumption time, it immediately carried out a collective lesson preparation, the most important part of which is how to help students return to reality from the network.

In the past two months, the air class in Shanghai has developed corresponding online learning courses for students of all grades, including physical education. But as Xu Yabo, the head of the sports teaching and research group of Kongjiang middle school, said in an interview with Jiefang Daily, only 30% of the students exercise 40 minutes a day.

The situation of Fenghua junior middle school is relatively better - in the first week of the air class, the sports teaching and research group designed a variety of home-based training content, let students first choose items according to the space situation of the home and their own sports preferences, and then set short-term goal, long-term goal and family competition to help students improve the fun of home-based sports.

The school offers courses step by step.

We played down the concept of sports operation at the beginning, and told them to exercise during the epidemic period so as to enhance their resistance and not easily infect the virus. When talking about the situation that students complete home-based physical exercise, Mr. Shen Hongwen was quite satisfied, as far as our school is concerned, about 90% of the students can complete home-based exercise.

However, compared with the physical education and after-school sports, the intensity and time of home-based exercise are still different. For this reason, one week before each grade returned to school, the PE teachers of Fenghua junior high school have started to help students return to reality in ideology.

We will first teach students how to measure BMI (body mass index) in the online class, and then let them know their physical condition and the original gap. Mr. Shen Hongwen recalled that many students were afraid to measure BMI when they knew they were fat. But we will tell them that if they want to recover a good physical condition, they need to step by step, first set a goal to reduce one or two kilograms.

When each grade returns to school gradually, the physical education teachers of Fenghua junior middle school will understand the decline of students physical condition through some simple items and sweating after sports, and then arrange physical education classes of different intensities.

Octagonal trainers are set up in physical education to exercise the explosive power, sensitivity and coordination of lower limbs, and help students gradually recover.

Dont wear a mask to go to physical education class, also need safety premise

A week ago, novel coronavirus pneumonia, a director of the office of the leading group of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of sports health and arts education, stressed that the Ministry of education should not wear N95 masks because of its poor ventilation, and even if there were no accidents, it would cause harm to the body.

However, under the epidemic situation, to implement the suggestion that physical education class does not allow wearing masks, it is not just a simple act of taking off masks.

We set the first PE class indoors after the resumption. Shen Hongwen introduced that the reason why Fenghua junior middle school set up the first physical education class after resumption of school is to consider safety first.

We need to infiltrate rule education into physical education, so that students can know how to abide by discipline and keep a safe distance between them. Only after students know how to protect themselves and others, can we rest assured that they can take off their masks.

From April 26 to May 6, the students return to school, and then to May 18, the pre-school and the first day of the middle school, including Fenghua junior high school and other middle schools in Shanghai, all of them strictly implement the important principles of adjusting the content, disinfecting the equipment and mistaking the time and the peak.

There shouldnt be any gathering sports and competitions in the whole school or the whole grade this semester. Shen Hongwen told the surging news reporter that the sports meeting has always been one of the collective activities that students like very much, but in a special period, physical contact and confrontation sports need to be avoided.

Our teaching and research group is also considering whether there is any new way to replace the sports meeting, so that students still have enthusiasm for sports.

In addition, wrong time and wrong peak are equally important.

Our current playground could accommodate 4-5 classes to attend physical education together, but now in order to ensure the safe distance between students, we can arrange at most three classes to attend together at this stage. Generally, there are almost two classes.

That is to say, on the premise of ensuring the safety of students, PE teachers reassured students to remove masks in class, but every PE teacher would remind students from time to time, keep distance, jog out of a track and remember to drink a small amount of water many times after class

Before the beginning of physical education, students still wear masks, until all the preparatory work is finished, they can take off the masks.

Complete personality, first in sports

Although the epidemic situation in China has gradually improved, it has also had a series of impacts on the whole society - the value of physical education and whether the physical examination continues have attracted many doubts.

At this point, Fenghua junior high school has always been very positive about the value of physical education class with physical education people. After the physical examination, the school will still retain all physical education classes, and will not reduce the time of students exercise and sports at will. At the same time, it also shows the significance of physical education teachers in teaching in their unique way, that is to arrange physical education teachers as class teachers.

Physical education teachers have their own advantages as class teachers. In addition to having more time to pay attention to the situation of class students, they can better integrate with students through physical education.

Wu Ping, who has been a teacher in charge of the class for five years, has just welcomed back her students from the middle and early grades. During the epidemic, I kept in touch with the parents to urge them to finish some home-based exercises, so by the time of resumption, the physical condition of the children in our class was ideal and stable.

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the physical education class in this special period has shown more worthy recognition in the special period of Wu Ping and Shen Hongwen.

After the resumption of classes, appropriate physical exercise can effectively improve the physical quality of students and improve their immunity. Mr. Shen Hongwen emphasized the viewpoint of complete personality, first in physical education, that in special period, full physical exercise is more helpful for students to release pressure and relieve pressure.

Im very happy to have PE class. Its getting hotter and hotter. In the process of visiting and understanding the situation of secondary school resumption, childrens smiles in sports are enough to explain everything.