Jiang Shuyings response to empress Caos dispute over her talent

 Jiang Shuyings response to empress Caos dispute over her talent

The full text of Jiang Shuying is as follows:

The monologue of an actress who is not popular!

Tonight, qingpingle ended. The company said that I would write an official document. Although I have been stubborn that if there is no work that can be done, try to make as little noise as possible. But Just write it How can you be so headstrong.

In fact, I am self abased and pessimistic. Ive been sniped in these roles, and Im synonymous with anything thats hot or not. I admit that my talent is average. Every time I go out to perform, maybe others can easily achieve it. But I have a strong point, that is, I dont give up and dont give up. Clumsy birds fly first and diligence can make up for clumsiness have been recited in my heart countless times.

After the launch of qingpingle, I saw the comments on the Internet at first, saying that they all recognized empress Cao, and I was very happy. I also joked with my friends that, you see, empress Cao is more angry than me. When I say this, I am proud of myself, because I am proud to present such a role.

But I have no scruples to say that my ambition is to cooperate with the top production team and fight with the most powerful actors. But these opportunities are not my turn. If there is a measure: you are not good enough = you are not good enough. Once I draw an equal sign, thats right. Im an actress who wants to be red.

Qingpingle has been broadcast so far, with affirmation and controversy. I was once stabbed by a performance teachers comments, beating my chest in the hope that I could do it again. This time, I admit that I was hurt by some comments, and I had a moment to guess if they would just hate me.

I can accept all the questions, but when I am bombarded in my best field, I cant hide my embarrassment and depression. But sometimes I also stand in the position of the person who scolds me to treat, as if what I said is not all wrong

For this reason, I was bereaved for a while. The more lost and the more burning, to the dark moment, still retain desire, this desire is related to red, but it is not only red.

Tell Danshu goodbye! But she will always be around me like an old friend. Let me care, let me care.

Tomorrow is another day of breaking through the wind and waves.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027