U.S. stocks closed higher on Monday, while Alibaba Jingdong pinduoduo group rose sharply

 U.S. stocks closed higher on Monday, while Alibaba Jingdong pinduoduo group rose sharply

The Dow Jones index closed at 24597.37, up 911.95, or 3.85%; the standard & Poors 500 index closed at 2953.91, up 3.15%; and the NASDAQ at 9234.83, up 2.44%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the standard & Poors 500 index both recorded their biggest one-day gains since April 8, while the NASDAQ index recorded their biggest one-day gains since April 29.

In Mondays trading in the US stock market, leading technology stocks generally rose, with Apples share price rising 2.36% to $314.96; alphabet, the parent company of Google, rose 0.78% to $1383.94; Amazon, up 0.68% to $2426.26; Microsoft, up 0.96% to $184.91; Facebook, up 1.10% to $213.19; Oracle, up 53.15, Up 0.43%; IBM up 3.92% to $121.56; Netflix down 0.35% to $452.58; Tesla down 1.81% to $813.63; Uber up 3.54%; LYFT up 8.10%.

Chip leaders in US stocks generally rose, with Intel up 2.81% to US $59.92, NVIDIA up 3.06% to US $350.01, Broadcom up 5.04% to US $273.53, Texas Instruments up 5.71% to US $114.42, Qualcomm up 5.50% to US $79.94, amd up 0.74% to US $54.60, micron technology up 3.40%, applied materials The company rose 4.46%.

Chinese stocks listed in the United States rose and fell in different ways, with Netease closing at $381.88, up 2.00%; Alibaba closing at $215.28, up 5.70%; Baidu closing at $107.59, up 7.74%; Jingdong closing at $55.53, up 9.20%; pinduoduo closing at $66.46, up 8.42%; bilibeli closing at $33.66, up 9.00%; tal closing at $55.01, up Iqiyi rose 1.87%; iqiyi closed at $18.33, up 2.12%; learn from who to close at $32.84, down 7.31%; Weibo closed at $36.60, up 4.39%; Sina rose 2.92%; Sohu rose 1.63%; Sogou fell 1.14%; Ctrip rose 6.38%; 51job rose 3.59%; car home rose 1.45%; Yulai rose 7.12%; jinshanyun fell 0.35%.

The shares fell 7.31% and were down more than 16% at one point in the session due to the short report issued by muddy water. Jingdong and bilibilibili share prices have reached record highs.

Modena shares closed up 19.96% at $80.00. The company has released positive results for the first phase of a possible new coronavirus vaccine. After two injections, all 45 participants developed antibodies to the new coronavirus, the company said.

Christian fromhertz, chief executive of investment bank Tribeca trade group, said: this information from Modena has reduced some unknown factors in the market.

The Fed chairmans comments also added to optimism in the market.

In helping the economy, theres a lot more we can do, said Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on television. Weve done everything we can, but I want to say that were far from running out of ammunition.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia also said Powell was highly confident that the US economy would recover from the current recession, but warned that the US economy might not recover completely until the new crown vaccine is completed.

Last week, the NASDAQ and the S & P 500 fell 1.1% and 2.2%, respectively, the largest weekly decline since March. The Dow closed down 2.65% last week, the third week of losses in the past four weeks and the worst week since April 3.

Senior Wall Street investors said the stock market shock is unlikely to end until it is determined that the governments decision to restart the economy does not lead to a significant increase in new crown cases. By the end of this week, most states in the United States will have partially or completely ended the blockade.

Quincy krosby, chief market strategist at Prudential Financial Group, said: the focus in the future will be on economic restart, as well as the speed and security of restart. This is why what novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment methods and vaccines are important is. (Liu Chun)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NT2541