Want to die! Dont tell my son! 51 year old female nurse suffered from cancer and her intestines were bruised into ICU

 Want to die! Dont tell my son!  51 year old female nurse suffered from cancer and her intestines were bruised into ICU

Oh, so your doctor will be ill too!


Maybe you think its magical, but there are still people who thinku2014u2014

The medical staff are people who cherish life and health, so they will not get sick.

After all, no matter how sick

A kind of

Change the dressing and remove the thread by yourself

By the way, I also improved my medical skills

A kind of

They gave birth to babies and took a class

A kind of

Medical students are more miserable, see a disease

Minutes into a large examination site

Leave? Nonexistent

Leaders have 100 ways to let you go

After watching these Tucao, will you feel funny and make complaints about it?

High strength, high pressure to save lives, day and night reversed turn guard

Those doctors and nurses who never get sick are already covered with bruises.

The difference is, this time, no one can laugh.

51 year old female nurses intestines were swollen by tumor

Suddenly he said to the doctor, I want to die.

The emergency siren sounded and the 51 year old Yu was taken to the emergency department.

At the first sight of her, the little nurse was amazed by her appearance. Auntie is a little guilty.

Unfortunately, she got endometrial cancer.

Despite the operation, she was in a different state of healthu2014u2014

When they arrived at the hospital, they were still drawing thin.

The son was not surprised by the news.

He told the doctor that his mother had been ill for some time, but would not be admitted to the oncology department.

The doctor asked why, the son did not speak, just a helpless face.

Lying in bed, she seldom spoke, and began to ask for help from the doctor.

Its always painful, its not relieved...

Even began to be impatient, interrupting the doctors words.

One by one, the doctor comforted:

Painkillers can be given at any time, but the shock problem should be solved first. Theres a process

Unexpectedly, Ms. Yu was silent for a second and said:

Hard work.

In order to relax her, Cai wanna, a doctor of guipei, also stood by the bed from time to time to chat with her.

Is it better to rub your stomach like this?

Let your son rub it for you?

At the thought of troubling her son, Ms. Yu suddenly changed her tone:

It still hurts.

Cai wanna silently takes her hand back and helps her cover the quilt.

Perhaps feeling concerned, Ms. Yu gradually opened the conversation and talked about her past.

Cai wanna chuckles:

My feet hurt when I stand here. I walked more than 10000 steps yesterday...

Its a pity that the relaxed topic lasted for a long time, and the other party suddenly came out with a sentenceu2014u2014

Want to die.

As pan Zhenglong, her little friend and doctor guipei, said,

Its really hard to comfort a colleague.

In the face of death, she did not dare to see nor would she

In 2016, the doctor exchange platform medical library made a survey:

What disease do doctors fear most?

The main reasons are:


Because of the treatment effect and side effects of cancer, multiple metastases, and complex and diverse symptoms of metastases!

First of all, its the economic reason. Once you get this disease, your family cant afford it. Secondly, the treatment cycle of this disease is too long. I will endure myself and my family.

Maybe we have a better understanding of our peers,

When it comes to family, Ms. Yus dull eyes have some waves,

She turned hard and said:

Dont tell my son.

Perhaps her sons filial piety really made her unbearable and unable to be ruthless.

Can only surface cater to, silently bear the cancer cells in the back.

Whats the familys financial condition?

Not so.

When talking about the topic of her son, Ms. Yus tone was calm again.

Everyone took a breath:

The intestines are broken, the clothes are in a mess, and the Qi is all running to the abdomen.

Ordinary people cant stand the pain of gut piercing and stomach rotting.

But she never cried. She spoke clearly and concisely.

Except for that want to die, its hard to recognize the emotion in her words.

Later, Ms. Yu was sent to ICU for treatment and had not been discharged as of May 3.

But thankfully, she had a bilateral stoma and pleural effusion improved.

A 22-year-old female nurse found lung cancer after searching for a new crown

Afraid to squat in the clinic and cry for two or three hours

Chen Yong, a 40 year old thoracic surgeon, has been troubled by facial convulsions for 10 years.

This kind of brain nerve disease makes people look strange, but he has been afraid to do surgery to solve the root cause of the disease.

Because he knows that medicine is not a perfect science. In addition to technology and experience, sometimes it needs luck.

Liu Xiao, a 22-year-old nurse in Shenzhen, feels the same.

In January this year, her hospital screened medical staff for lung CT because of her new crown.

Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of pulmonary nodules, the higher the possibility of malignancy.

When the doctor advised her to have an operation and cut it off, she didnt lose heartu2014u2014

Will it recur?

Im scared to death by saying 70% on the Internet.

Then I will hand in the fake note with the hospital...

Wang guangsuo, chief of thoracic surgery, said like a consolation to children:

Early cancer is like a cold.

As long as they are found early, they can take off the hat to a large extent.

But until the moment before he went to the operating table, Liu was very nervous.

Even when the doctor asked her what operation she had done, she could not tell for half a day.

So skilled that even a straight man doctor can hardly see it.

Maybe in her subconscious, she still believesu2014u2014

But it turned out to be against her wishes. She was still diagnosed.

Fortunately, early carcinoma in situ or microinvasion can basically reach the cure standard.

After the operation, Wang guangsuo went to the ward to see her.

When telling her the good news, the nurse beside her also adjusted the atmosphere wisely:

I dont need to ask more about the good news, just know it!

If we look at this problem from the perspective of doctor-patient relationship, we should jump out of the individual,

Will there be different conclusions?

Bao Shiyun, director of hepatobiliary surgery of Shenzhen Peoples Hospital, once sent a circle of friends, which was a picture of him operating on a leg injury.

He said that those days were really tough, but also let him feel the pain and helplessness of patients.

Its not just him. More and more doctors thinku2014u2014

Maybe to see this, not long ago, thoracic surgery organized a fraternity.

On the green grass, the patients and doctors sat in rows, telling each other about their feelings and opinions on the disease.

I think disease is like a time bomb. I dont know when it will explode again.

Voldemorts English name is you know who. Its so terrible that I dare not speak his name. In fact, our disease is the same. The most important thing is to face it positively.

How to restore confidence, cheer up and keep fit,

Guo Yanhua, a doctor of guipei, also made a joke:

Pay more attention to living habits after being ill, and may live longer than those who are not ill...

Whether its medical staff or ordinary people,

Everyone is also the body of every child, there is no immunity to disease.

Of course, fear is understandable, but as long as we face it calmly, we will find that,