Its a precious friendship (a friend in need is a friend in common)

 Its a precious friendship (a friend in need is a friend in common)

Every year during the picking season, the company needs 3000-4000 workers, mostly foreign workers, who are the key monitoring objects of the Thai government during the epidemic. To this end, the company set up an epidemic prevention and control team in early February to monitor the temperature of all employees entering the plant, and required to wear masks and take disinfection measures. Staff centralized meals instead of meals. In addition, we take the initiative to provide on-site services for customers, settle the payment for goods, sign contracts, and try to reduce the chance of foreign personnel entering the factory. Rao Zhigang, manager of the companys production department, said.

Ban Tong, a Cambodian employee, and some of his colleagues chose to stay after the outbreak and continue to work: we believe that the company will do well. As it turns out, our choice is right: none of our employees are infected, and the company has been paying us salaries and bonuses for several months as usual. During the outbreak, many factories were shut down and workers were unemployed. My family was very happy to have a stable job and income.

Guesat is the owner of a longan garden in jianzhuwen mansion. It has 800 longan trees with an annual output of 40-50 tons. The sudden outbreak caused some companies to close down and some orchards to throw away the longan picked. He was also worried about the sale of his own orchard. I didnt expect that the Chinese company not only helped us to pick, but also the price was based on the signed contract, which helped me and other fruit farmers through the difficulty..

Wei Qian, a fruit farmer at panon durian garden in jianzhuwen mansion, said most durians in this years jianzhuwen mansion have been booked by Chinese buyers. Chinas purchasers have a large number of purchases, and fruit farmers, purchasers and exporters have all earned money.

It is reported that in order to make Thai fruits more convenient to enter the Chinese market, China has introduced many convenient policies. Recently, Pingxiang railway port and Dongxing port have been newly added in Guangxi, China as entry ports for Thai fruits to be exported to China through a third country. In addition to the original friendship customs port, there are three ports for Thai fruits to be exported to China through a third country.

Tamana, Deputy Minister of agriculture of Thailand, told our reporter that the epidemic had a serious impact on Thailands economy. At this difficult time, Chinese enterprises and Thai fruit farmers will not abandon and overcome difficulties together, which is a precious friendship..

(Bangkok, May 17)