Novel coronavirus pneumonia death in US exceeds 90 thousand cases, exceeding 1 million 500 thousand cases.

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia death in US exceeds 90 thousand cases, exceeding 1 million 500 thousand cases.

According to @ daily economic news: trump said he is currently taking the anti malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which he vigorously promoted to treat the new coronavirus. Trump said it was a personal decision, and he thought the drug was likely to work. However, medical experts have warned that hydroxychloroquine should not be taken because its efficacy in the treatment of the new coronavirus has not been verified and may cause serious side effects on health.

Governor of California: plans to restart state wide sports events in June

In a May 18 news conference on the new crown epidemic, California governor Nathan said that professional sports events may return to California from the first week of June, and disclosed that these sports events will be held without audience. Newson also pointed out that only when the state can control the spread of the new coronavirus stably and reduce the infection rate, will the state restart the race to return to the program.

Nearly half of Californias counties (24 out of 58 counties) are entering the second stage of economic reopening, Newson said at a news conference on the same day. These counties have reached the standard of reopening, including no more than 5% increase in hospitalization rate in a week, less than 25 newly diagnosed patients in every 100000 residents, etc.

South Sudans vice president and his wife are infected with the virus

On May 18 local time, vice president of South Sudan mashar and his wife said in a statement that their new coronavirus test results were positive.

Mashar, the former leader of the largest opposition in South Sudan, was sworn in as the first vice president of the transitional united government of South Sudan on January 22 this year.

Turkey has more than 150000 confirmed cases of religious festivals, forbidding people to go out

On the evening of May 18 local time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a televised speech in Istanbul, announcing the religious holiday of Eid al Fitr within four days, i.e. may 23-26 local time. 81 provinces in Turkey prohibit people from going out.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 150593 cases in Turkey on the night of May 18th local time, 4171 cases died and 111577 cases were cured.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the announcement on the evening of May 18th, as of 18, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia reached 142903 in France, up 492 cases from the previous day. A total of 28239 deaths were reported, an increase of 131 over the previous day; a total of 17589 hospital deaths, 10650 deaths in elderly care institutions and other social institutions. Among the confirmed cases, 19015 were hospitalized for treatment; 1998 were receiving intensive care, 89 fewer than the previous day, which was the 40th consecutive day of decline in intensive care cases; 61728 were cured and discharged.

451 new confirmed cases in Italy 225886 cases in total

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified in 225886 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to the data released by the Civil Protection Department of Italy in May 18th at 18 hours, and 225886 cases were diagnosed in the past 24 hours. 99 cases of death cases were added, the number dropped to two figures for the first time since March 10th, 32007 cases were cumulative, 2150 cases were cured, 127326 cases were cured.

There were 66553 confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy, 1798 cases were reduced compared with the previous day, 749 cases were severe cases, 10207 cases were non severe cases in hospital, 55597 cases were mild or asymptomatic.

2684 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United Kingdom, 246406 cases.

Portugal has 173 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases, 29209 cases were diagnosed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Portugal has 29209 cases and 1231 deaths, according to data from Portugals Ministry of health 18. 173 new confirmed cases and 13 new deaths were found in 24 hours.

85 newly diagnosed cases in Indias largest slum 1327 cases in total

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 85 cases in Tallawy slums in Mumbai in May 18th, according to India media reports. The total number of confirmed cases rose to 1327 cases, and 56 cases died.

Tarawi slum is the largest slum in India and one of the largest slums in Asia. In April 1st, novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Tallawy, and confirmed cases were rising steadily. Due to the large population density and poor health conditions, tarawi epidemic caused widespread concern of local public opinion.

(function(){(window.slotbydup=window.slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_5811557,async:true});})(); Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the US meat processing industry week production dropped 36% over 10 thousand workers infected with the disease. About two thousand employees of a US Food Company infected with the new crown. Some factories have closed the CDC. At least 4893 prisoners in the United States have been infected with new crown pneumonia. The source: CCTV news client responsibility editor: Wang Ning _NB12468