Daily easy to start: since we picked up the girl, we have suddenly learned to stop

 Daily easy to start: since we picked up the girl, we have suddenly learned to stop

God: I will be late for work soon, so I have to take a shortcut! Its just that the legs didnt separate. Its not the end we want to see.

Some netizens say its not late at night...

Its also polite to pedestrians. The driver said it was a bit extreme. He hit the next direction to stop the motorcycle coming from behind... How to divide the responsibility of this matter?

Since pulling on this young lady, we have suddenly learned to stop.

Compared with motorcycles, this flying carpet is more windy. I really want to sit on it and experience it...

Thunder, rain, monsters also appear!!! Van driver: I was so scared in the car.

The legendary driving class of Lanxiang evil spirit graduated from the old driver of cyberpunk...

In the early morning of May 14, a woman in an apartment in Yuhang, Hangzhou, took her boyfriends mobile phone and looked it over when she suspected her boyfriend had cheated. They had a dispute.

After that, the woman threatened to use the kitchen knife and threw it down from the 40th floor. When the kitchen knife fell, it broke the roof of a Land Rover downstairs.

The owner said the value was 1.76 million, and the 4S stores maintenance estimate was about 130000. At present, the woman is in criminal detention on suspicion of endangering public safety by dangerous means.

According to the Internet, Dalian left group to purchase seafood in the supermarket and let it go. Netizens said its no surprise that they have seen poisonous snakes and mineral water.

After the traffic police arrived, a mysterious man in black appeared, claiming to be an old mans friend, warning the old man not to get up, and stepping on the old mans chest to threaten the old lady: do you dare to get up? If you want money, just lie down!

The man with bad legs and feet suddenly stood up, which may be caused by a mysterious force.

The little sister of the bridesmaid said that she was ready to torture the best man group.

Take a look at the manual assisted drift configuration of Lexus. Dont you know if you have a choice?

Finally understand why Cadillacs steering wheel always turns to the bath center...

Finally understand why the Cadillac owners steering wheel turned to the bath center! (source: Netease automobile comprehensive)

Todays car guessing:


1. Open station B, search and pay attention to demon green mountain vehicle God

2. Leave a message in the video comment area of this issue: see BMW 8 series

3. The person who likes the most will get the prize

The deadline is 12:00 p.m. on May 19, and the screenshot will be taken as evidence! The winner will receive a private message. Please check the message after the prize!