Pain! Liuzhou woman and her 4-year-old daughter left home in the early morning and died in the car

 Pain! Liuzhou woman and her 4-year-old daughter left home in the early morning and died in the car

Medical staff come to the scene

Iron basin and black material found at the scene of the incident

After the mother and daughters family broke the window and rescued the two, the ambulance came to the scene, but the medical staff found that both had no vital signs. Meanwhile, police found an iron basin in the trunk of the car. There were unburned substances in the basin and the ashes left after the combustion.

There are several police cars parked near the site of the accident

When the reporter came to the scene, he saw that the warning line had been set up around the parking lot, there were many police cars parked on the roadside, and many families of the dead had also come to the scene. The family members were very sad.

The scene of the incident has been cordoned off

The reporter noticed that there was a silver iron basin on the right side 5 meters away from the involved car, and there was black material on the ground, which was believed to be the ashes after the material burned.

It is understood that the female surname is Li, about 30 years old, and the childs surname is Luo, 4 years old. Ms. Li drove to the parking lot around 0 oclock this morning. After the family couldnt find Ms. Li, they came to the scene this morning by checking the surveillance video. They found that Ms. Lis door was locked tightly and they were unconscious in the car, so they immediately smashed the window to rescue them.

At present, the matter is still under further investigation.

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