Wing outfit flying girl once said live for yourself and never regret her friend wrote mourning

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Suspected female college students with flying wings in Tianmen Mountain were found to like extreme challenges (source: ~)

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Results of search and rescue reported in the scenic spot: the parachute of the female pilot who lost contact in Tianmen Mountain was not opened (source: ~)

After 95, a girl left and took her away. Its called the craziest extreme sport in the world To this day, her mother did not speak about it because of her grief.

At 21:28 p.m. on May 18, the blue sky rescue team of Zhangjiajie issued a report on the search and rescue results of Anan (pseudonym), a girl flying without wings, saying that the search and rescue work was over and that the girl had no vital signs at the time of discovery, and the relevant aftermath was in order.

According to the public data, the place of the girls crash, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, occurred a wing outfit flight death event as early as October 8, 2013. During the second world wing outfit flight World Championships, Victor Kovac of Hungary failed to open his parachute before landing in the Tianmen Mountain Forest Park, Zhangjiajie, and he was killed in the crash.

Figure from network.

Friend: may you be a bird

On May 12, a cultural media company in Beijing filmed a short extreme sports documentary in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. Two wing mounted pilots took off from a helicopter with a flight height of about 2500 meters to fly high-altitude wing mounted. One of them, Anan, a female wing mounted pilot, was suspected of losing contact due to deviation from the planned route during the flight. After the incident, the search and rescue work has continued.

At about 11:00 a.m. on May 18, the cover reporter learned from the rescuers of the blue sky rescue team in Zhangjiajie that Anan, a female college student, was found an hour ago when she lost contact with the flying wing of Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, but the specific situation was inconvenient to disclose, please understand, and said that all follow-up news please pay attention to the official announcement of the headquarters.

As soon as the news of the discovery of Anans body came out, friends in the circle all expressed regret for her leaving.

In the afternoon, many friends of Anan were mourning on Weibo. One of them wrote: may you become a bird and fly in the vast sky... And six photos of Anan before he died.

At about 20 p.m., Xu Kai, the first person of Chinas wing mounted ultimate parachute jump, made a voice in the circle of friends, regretted the departure of Anan, and please let her leave quietly... He said that although he didnt have the chance to meet this girl, he knew that she really loved wing outfit flying.

Rescue team: parachute not open

On May 18, media reported that the staff of Zhangjiajie Emergency Management Bureau said that the body was first found by local villagers. The members of Lantian rescue team confirmed to the missing woman coach that the body was basically identified as a missing woman through flight equipment. Zhangjiajie police had rushed to the site where the body was found.

At 21:28 p.m. Tuesday, the blue sky rescue team of Zhangjiajie issued a search and rescue results report, confirming the tragic death of Anan:

On the morning of May 18, the search and rescue team received a report from the local villagers during the search process that suspected missing persons were found in a dense forest in the unmanned area under the north side of Yuhu peak in Tianmen Mountain. After knowing the situation, the search and rescue team rushed to the scene immediately. After field verification, it was determined that the female wing mounted pilot who lost contact on the morning of May 12 had no vital signs and the parachute of the lost contact had not been opened. The remains were found at an altitude of about 900 meters, a straight-line distance of about 2000 meters and a relative drop of about 1600 meters.

Since the female wingsuit pilot lost contact on the morning of May 12, Zhangjiajie City attached great importance to it. The relevant departments arrived at the scene at the first time, started the emergency search and rescue quickly, organized the fire brigade, Zhangjiajie blue sky rescue team, a number of professional rescue teams from other places, workers of relevant units and local villagers familiar with the terrain to form a joint search and rescue team, through helicopters, unmanned Aircraft, thermal imaging and other professional equipment continue to carry out aerial observation, and multiple groups of personnel divide their work into regions to carry out large-area ground search. It is very difficult to search and rescue because of the inaccuracy of locating the search target, the precipitous and complex terrain, dense vegetation, rainy and foggy weather and other factors.

At present, the search and rescue work is over, and the related rehabilitation is in order.

The winged pilots have flight test training in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. Data map.

Once she: live for yourself, dont regret

The cover reporter saw on the social network platform of Anan that she was a post-95 girl with a lively personality and a passion for life. She has been to many cities at home and abroad and likes extreme sports. She used to ride horses in Beijing, drive mountains and cross-country, shoot live ammunition in the Philippines and dive in Cebu.

On April 25, 2019, Ann updated a video about her extreme journey as a sports enthusiast:

At the age of 18, Ann began to learn snowboarding. She fell a lot and suffered a lot. But in order to ski, she lived in Chongli for half a year, drove the first cable car up the mountain and ended up in the sunset.

At the age of 19, Ann studied scuba diving in Bali. She will never forget the tension and excitement of the first time when she went into the water with diving equipment on her back. Later, she took the ow and AOW test and went to many countries.

At the age of 20, Ann decided to learn to dive and surf freely. She lived at the seaside for several months. When the wind was strong, she surfed. When the wind was small, she dived. Occasionally she went out to sea with friends to fish. Now she baked and ate. She lived a life of rising from the sun to the sunset, and finished the AIDA four-star exam.

At the age of 21, Anan began to learn wind tunnel and parachute jumping, and completed alilicense certification and 200 independent parachutes.

At the age of 22, Anan began to learn wings, took part in the national wind tunnel championship and won the third place. Since then, she began to live in two Frontlines of skydiving bases in Russia and Dubai.

At the end of the video, she said optimistically, I live for myself, I dont regret my choice, I will stick to the path I choose.

The winged pilots have flight test training in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. Data chart

Danger: 30% mortality

According to public information, wing mounted flight was born in the 1990s and evolved from extreme parachute jumping.

According to statistics, the number of people participating in this sport is about 600 in the world, and the death rate of wing flight is up to 30%.

Since 2012, Tianmen Mountain has held eight times wing mounted flight World Championships. Every year, a group of challengers will be invited to participate in the event, which makes it a holy place for wing mounted flight enthusiasts in the world.

Victor Kovacs last image

In October 2013, Viktor KOV u00e1 ts, the 40 year old Hungarian wingsuit champion, fell and died in the test flight of the second world wingsuit World Championships held here. According to the Zhangjiajie Municipal government and the organizers of the event, the cause of the accident may be related to technical errors in the flight test process.

In January 2017, Graham Dickinson, a 28 year old Canadian wingsuit pilot, was killed in the same accidental fall during his solo training in Tianmen Mountain. After forensic identification and video monitoring of the scenic spot, the public security department preliminarily determined that the dead died in the wingsuit flight training alone on the glass plank road of the east line of Tianmen.

(function(){(window.slotbydup=window.slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_5811557,async:true});})(); Relevant recommended scenic spots report the death of wing mounted flying girl: parachute is not opened wing mounted flying girl is dead: once signed an exemption agreement, her friend said that she is very good at technology, Zhangjiajie wing mounted flying lost contact female college students were found and died unfortunately. Source: cover news editor: Wang ning_nb12468