The anti epidemic hero in commanders eyes

 The anti epidemic hero in commanders eyes

Taizhou Central Hospital

A female nurse in the Department of critical medicine

It is also one of the first medical teams to assist Hubei in Zhejiang Province

The youngest player

I want to eat the dumpling cone made by my mother

(a special food in Tiantai County, Taizhou)

Mothers Dumpling cone for her

After eating half of it, I set off in a hurry


Entire period

War epidemic

This appetite has been hanging

The mother saw her daughter return triumphantly

The heart is happy:

Thats the wish,

What can I do for my mother?

Mother quickly made the dumpling cone

The joy of being happy

I cant express it in words

Mother asked about the process of aiding Hubei

Xia Xiaoyas talk boxu2014u2014

Take part in the anti epidemic battle in Wuhan

I suddenly seem to have grown up

When I left home

Be sure to pay attention to safety

I dare not look back at your tears

Now there are really new changes

Remember to give the patient an injection for the first time

Its not possible to draw blood for the first time

My hands are shaking. Im really scared

The first time I saw the scene of life and death

Let me witness the fragility of life

The helpless departure of a grandmother

Let me think about her for days

At least 7 hours a day

Its not just psychological

And Im so tired that my limbs are numb

Viruses never recognize you as young or old

Everyone has to fight

Thanks to all of you

The first medical team in Zhejiang Province

293 patients

252 people have been cured and discharged

We have handed over qualified answers to the party and the people

And won the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control

Entrusted by all members of the medical team

From me to Che Jun, Secretary of the provincial Party committee

Also highly praised

My understanding of the party has deepened

Has become an active member of the party

Listen to my daughters battle growth report

My mother is very pleased and proud:

Should see the world through wind and rain in practice

Especially through major events,

Its not hard to imagine

The foundation of the accumulated Teaching

Its impossible for Xia Xiaoya

It becomes Xia Xiaoya

It was the great mother who brought it up

Its a sudden crisis

Forged thousands of Xia Xiaoya

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Sun Kui, a member of the Communist Party of China, former director of the military (Policy) Research Office of the armed police headquarters, former deputy commander of the Gansu Provincial Corps, secretary and vice president of the Party branch of the Chinese Society for life sciences, deputy to the 12th National Peoples Congress of Gansu Province, director of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, well-known figures of the armed police, military writers, visiting professors of many universities; 40 years in the military, insisting on practicing martial arts with guns in one hand, won the third prize in six times He has organized and participated in the drafting of the law of the peoples Armed Police of China and the compilation of two volumes of the armed police of the Encyclopedia of Chinese military as the deputy editor in chief. He has written millions of words of theoretical works, literary and art works and news works, and has repeatedly won various excellent results selection and award-winning essay solicitation awards. In 2016, he published mother love accompanies us, following the famous writer Zhang After Jies long prose the one who loves me the most in the world has gone, another single author uses a collection of essays to praise the great mothers masterpiece. Since 2017, he has carried out the national public welfare tour on the theme of gratitude for mothers love and filial piety to the world, which has delivered more than 120 speeches in 19 provinces, regions and cities, winning high praise and general welcome from a wide range of audience groups, as well as many multimedia and network platforms They reported one after another.

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