Qing Pingle ended with tears from the best friend of King kaijunchen

 Qing Pingle ended with tears from the best friend of King kaijunchen

With the development of the plot, the love between the princess and HUAIJI has led to constant rumors inside and outside the court, and Han Qi has also revealed HUAIJIs real identity to Renzong. He is the descendants of Liang family who died because of Renzong. Han Qis words pierce the truth, bringing about Renzongs inner turmoil and guilt for HUAIJI. Finally, Emperor Renzong, Sima Guang and other courtiers played games in the court. Whether the officials or princesses could really break up their personal feelings and become ruthless puppets, or whether they were innocent and sincere in love. When the plot reaches its climax, the fate of the characters will end. In his later years, Zhao Zhen and his ministers will not regret the shackles and efforts of their whole lives. In tonights plot, when Renzong died of illness, Han Qi wept and sent him away. At the same time, he also shouldered the responsibility of killing and holding the throne, and accompanied the new king of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Yang Yus delicate performance and his classic new drama partner Liu Shishis expectation

Qingpingle spans song Renzongs life. The characters in the play range from high spirited in his youth to mature and stable in his later years, especially Han Qi played by Yang Zhen, whose age span is nearly 40 years. The sense of hierarchy of characters in different ages needs the study and accuracy of actors. Near the end of Han Qis life, Yang Yu shows the old style of the legendary minister to the audience with his exquisite acting skills. From the sharp and sharp eyes in the early stage, to the introverted and reserved eyes in his later years, from the outspoken and unyielding voice of Yan Zhijian to the humble and unyielding strategy, Yang Xuan revealed the steadiness and prime ministers posture of Han Qi in his behavior and eyes in his later years. Finally, the monarch and the minister are separated by Yin and Yang. Yang Yu, with his tearful, silent expression and eloquent voice over, takes the audience through Renjuns life in the Northern Song Dynasty, and makes Han Qi one corner become another classic on the screen, so as to truly enter the audience from the historical books.

From the handsome youth in big husband and little husband, to the youth chasing dreams in to youth, rush that year, and then to the prime ministers of the three dynasties in qingpingle, Yang Yu realized the free transformation between roles with his skillful acting skills. In the golden age, Yang Yu once again challenges the modern drama and plays with Liu Shishi to interpret the love of time. Yang Yu, who impressed the audience with his excellent works, bid farewell to Han Qi in qingpingle, and also made people expect more new roles behind him.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie