Journey of Zhou pays homage to Jay Chou, the hero behind the concert

 Journey of Zhou pays homage to Jay Chou, the hero behind the concert

Recently, Jay Chou was praised by netizens for kneeling at the opening when he was singing in tribute to the public cloud concert of angels in white and swiping the screen on various social platforms. In this issue, Jay Chou, the j-trip in Shenzhen, leads us to cloud to explore the backstage of Carnival concert. After the broadcast of the program, the audience rating of 1.284 set a new record for the program, and won six consecutive titles at the same time. There are several lists in journey of the week such as the powerful Weibo topic variety list, Guduo hot search variety list, cats eye hot variety list, cloud data hot search variety list, etc. the topic Lang Lang recalls meeting with Gina for the first time. The tacit understanding of Jay Chous team is too good. Lang Lang Lang confesses that he has been Dads Tucao not make complaints about fire, but also triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Behind a successful concert, there is not only a rigorous music commander, but also a tacit team. At the scene, Jay Chou and Huang YuXun guessed the sound they wanted from a long distance. The smart piano playing technology made netizens puzzled, calling out too tacit understanding. Lang Lang Lang, who was watching, was even dumbfounded and said with a smile: your team is just too scary. As the program copywriter said, there is a kind of brilliance in front of the stage, and a kind of moving behind the scenes. The tacit understanding between Jay Chous teams and the success of the concert can not be separated from the hard work of their repetitive rehearsal. Many audience sighed: its not easy to pay homage to the heroes behind the scenes!

Jay Chou and Lang langxiu: Apple playing musical style, friendly interaction, amazing netizens

In the last issue, the artistic collision of the four hands of Jay Chou and Lang Lang, the most powerful music combination on the earths surface, won the praise of the audience for their cooperation between gods and immortals and their talents mutual affection. When they came to Jay Chous Shenzhen Carnival concert, they also discussed various alternative ways of playing the piano and played the piano with apple. At the scene, Jay Chou and Lang Lang played the beautiful Black Key Etude on the piano with apple instead of fingers. The difficult playing skills were praised by the audience: the operation of Tianxiu, this performance is amazing.

In addition, on the music bus leading to the Shenzhen Carnival concert, the two recalled the past. Make complaints about the romantic encounter between Gina and his wife at the Berlin concert. They also broke the news that their father had not heard the fire, and some netizens had left a message: no doubt father is straight, and one family can love him. Jay Chou confessed that his experience of playing popular love songs in the piano room to attract girls made the audience laugh: its so funny. I never let go of the chance to show my charm.

After the wonderful trip to Shenzhen, what kind of journey will Jay Chou and his friends have next? For more highlights, please look forward to the ninth episode of journey of the week broadcast on Zhejiang satellite TV at 22:00 on May 23 (Saturday). In addition, the program will be broadcast on Mango TV network at 22:30 every Saturday.