Hunan reported fake milk powder incident: two officials were exempted from false propaganda in the mother and baby shop

 Hunan reported fake milk powder incident: two officials were exempted from false propaganda in the mother and baby shop

After investigation and verification, betamamine is a kind of protein solid beverage produced by Tianjin Deheng science and Technology Co., Ltd. entrusted by Hunan weileke Health Industry Co., Ltd. the products involved are all provided with the inspection qualification report issued by the manufacturer, and attached with the supervision and random inspection qualification report issued by Guangdong quality supervision food inspection station. During the sales process, the aiyingfang mother and baby shop in Yongxing County, operated by Liao and his wife, claimed that the betamethasone protein solid beverage was sold as formula food for special medical purposes, suspected of false publicity.

According to Article 8 of the Anti Unfair Competition Law of the peoples Republic of China, Liao Xijun, the operator of aiyingfang mother and infant store in Yongxing County, the party concerned, has been suspected of the illegal act of making false or misleading commercial propaganda on its commodities. At present, the mother and child shop of aiyingfang in Yongxing County has been closed. The investigation team will further investigate and deal with the concerned parties strictly and seriously according to law.

The local Party committee and government attached great importance to and actively dealt with 5 parents who reported that their childrens health was abnormal due to taking betamethasone, and arranged Chenzhou top three hospital to carry out free medical examination for 5 children. According to the comprehensive evaluation of municipal medical experts, 5 children were found to be malnourished, underweight, short in height, and deficient in vitamin D3 in different degrees, but their head circumference was within the normal range. For children and parents who drink betamethasone protein solid beverage, local relevant departments continue to carry out one-to-one humanistic care and nutrition guidance.

Chenzhou Municipal Commission of discipline inspection and municipal supervision led the investigation on the performance of relevant functional departments and national public officials. At present, Yongxing County has removed Li Jianjuns position as member of the Party group and deputy director of the county market supervision and Administration Bureau, and Cao ShiShuns position as chief of the market order supervision and administration unit. Chenzhou City will draw lessons from the past, strengthen the publicity of food safety, carry out in-depth special rectification actions in the field of food safety, effectively regulate business and sales activities, and resolutely crack down on and seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations.

Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau said that peoples health and life safety should be put in the first place, food and drug safety should be firmly maintained, and illegal acts in the field of food and drug should be severely punished according to law. At the same time, it reminds consumers that infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical purposes belong to special food. In China, strict registration management and factory batch inspection are carried out to ensure the quality and safety. When purchasing infant food, consumers should pay attention to check the label and choose the right products. Betamethasone protein solid beverage is a common food, not milk powder, not infant formula milk powder, nor formula food for special medical use, its protein and nutrient content is far lower than infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical use.

If consumers find that businesses cheat consumers, they can call 12315 to report and complain, and the market supervision department will seriously investigate and punish according to the law.

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