Tesla China Vice President: Shanghai Super factory is expected to refresh Tesla speed

 Tesla China Vice President: Shanghai Super factory is expected to refresh Tesla speed

Tesla Shanghai Super factory is located in the new area near the port of Shanghai free trade zone. It is the first wholly foreign-owned automobile factory after China liberalizes foreign investment in the automobile industry. In 2019, the plant ran out of the Tesla speed of the year when it was started, put into production and delivered.

Tesla Shanghai Super factory is also one of the earliest automobile manufacturing factories in China. Tao Lin said that the factory is now producing smoothly, and it is expected to achieve the goal of producing 4000 vehicles a week in June this year, which means that the actual output will exceed the design capacity of the first stage super factory with an annual output of 150000 units.

Taolin said that the second phase of the super plant is also progressing smoothly. It is expected that the construction will be completed by the end of this year and the model Y model production is expected to be realized in the first quarter of next year. This is more than a year since Tesla founder mask announced the launch of the model y manufacturing project in Shanghai on January 7 this year, once again refreshing the Tesla speed.

How to isolate the returned employees? How can employees reduce close contacts while completing the work? These experiences have been written into Teslas China operation manual and are based on localization in the United States to support better resumption of production in the United States. Tao Lin said.

According to Tao Lin, Tesla has a strong Internet gene, and its test drive, sales and other links are accelerating online. In contrast, offline experience center carries more experience functions of new products and new ideas. In the next step, Teslas experience center will move to more new cities according to the expansion of customer groups in different cities.