Read the ten thousand word document quickly! The central government pushes the reform of market economy system

 Read the ten thousand word document quickly! The central government pushes the reform of market economy system

What are the specific reform contents involved? The reporter of Shanghai Securities News interviewed experts in various fields for the first time, and made key points for everyone:

Significance of documents

Therefore, we must further emancipate our minds, unswervingly, deepen market-oriented reform, expand high-level opening-up, constantly break through and innovate in key fundamental major reforms, and remove these institutional and institutional obstacles by accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system.

The opinions will provide a program of action for accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system at present and in the future. It will further promote the straightening out of the relationship between the government and the market, and provide important institutional guarantee and power support for promoting high-quality development and building a socialist modern country.

Highlight key areas and key links of reform

One of the major features of this document is to highlight the problem orientation, focus on key areas and key links of reform, and put forward targeted reform measures.

Experts pointed out that the opinions focuses on promoting the core reform links that play a decisive role in the system construction. It has launched a number of reform measures in the important fields such as state-owned enterprises, monopoly industries, fair competition, market-oriented allocation of factors, macroeconomic governance, institutional opening and so on, which can lead to a whole body of reform initiatives, with the breakthrough of key link system innovation to drive the continuous progress of reform in key fields.

1. State owned enterprises

According to the opinion, for the state-owned economy in the field of full competition, we should optimize the allocation of state-owned capital by means of capitalization and securitization, and improve the return of state-owned capital. We will further improve and strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets, effectively play the role of state-owned capital investment and operating companies, adhere to the principle of one enterprise, one policy, one promotion for maturity, one success for operation, activate the existing state-owned capital, and promote the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets.

According to the opinions, for the state-owned enterprises and state-owned capital operation companies in the field of full competition, we should explore the transformation of some state-owned shares into preferred shares and strengthen the function of state-owned capital returns. Support qualified enterprises with mixed ownership to establish medium and long-term incentive mechanisms such as key employee stock ownership, equity incentive of listed companies, equity and dividend incentive of technology-based enterprises.

2. Monopoly industry

According to the opinions, we will steadily promote the reform of natural monopoly industries.

It includes: building an effective competitive power market, orderly developing power consumption plan and competitive link electricity price, and improving the marketization degree of power trading. We will promote the fair opening of the oil and gas pipeline network to market entities, timely liberalize natural gas sources and sales prices, and improve the competitive oil and gas distribution market. We will deepen the reform of the railway industry and promote the diversification and moderate competition of the main bodies of the railway transportation market. Realize the separate operation of universal postal service business and competitive business. We will improve the tobacco monopoly system and build a new mechanism for moderate competition.

In this regard, Zhou Lisa, a researcher at the research center of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, believes that the opinions clearly need to promote more investment of state-owned capital in key areas related to the national economy and the peoples livelihood and the lifeline of the national economy.

3. Fair competition

According to the opinions, the negative list system of market access and the fair competition review system should be fully implemented.

Among them, the negative list system of market access includes:

Carry out the management mode of one list in China, and maintain the unity and authority of the list. We will establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the negative list of market access and a third-party evaluation mechanism, and further relax access restrictions with the service sector as a key pilot. Establish a unified list code system to closely link and match the list items with the administrative approval system. Establish the information disclosure mechanism of the negative list of market access, improve the transparency of access policies and the convenience of using the negative list. We will establish a market access evaluation system, regularly evaluate, investigate and clean up all kinds of explicit and implicit barriers, and promote the universal implementation of non prohibited access. Reform the production license system.

4. Marketing allocation of factors

According to the opinions, we should establish and improve a unified and open factor market.

Accelerate the construction of a unified construction land market in urban and rural areas, and establish a rural collective operating construction land market system with the same rights and prices, smooth circulation and revenue sharing. We will explore the separation of ownership, qualification and use rights of rural homestead, and deepen the pilot reform of rural homestead. We will deepen the reform of the household registration system, liberalize the restrictions on settling down in cities other than some super cities, and explore the implementation of the system of universal transfer of household registration and mutual recognition of residence permits in urban agglomerations. We will promote the transformation of public resources from the allocation of urban administrative levels to the allocation of population under actual service management.

We will accelerate the establishment of a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient capital market, strengthen the basic system of the capital market, promote the reform of the registration system of stock issuance with information disclosure as the core, improve the compulsory delisting and active delisting systems, improve the quality of listed companies, and strengthen investor protection.

The opinions pointed out that we should deepen the market-oriented reform of interest rates, improve the benchmark interest rate and market-oriented interest rate system, better play the benchmark role of treasury bond yield curve pricing, and improve the independent pricing ability of financial institutions. We will improve the market-oriented mechanism for the exchange rate of RMB and increase the two-way floating flexibility.

To explore the implementation of the companys credit bond issuance registration management system. Build a multi-level, wide coverage and different banking system that is suitable for the real economic structure and financing needs. Speed up the cultivation and development of data element market, establish a data resource list management mechanism, improve the standards and measures of data ownership definition, open sharing, transaction and circulation, and give play to the value of social data resources. Promote the construction of digital government, strengthen the orderly sharing of data, and protect personal information according to law.

The opinions put forward to speed up the establishment of a modern financial and tax system.

Among them, the content of real estate tax legislation has attracted market attention. Recently, in an interview with the media, the relevant person in charge of the law working committee of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress said that according to the arrangement of the legislative planning of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, relevant parties are studying and drafting the real estate tax law draft, and relevant work is steadily advancing.

6. Institutional opening

Organization and Implementation

In addition, the national development and Reform Commission will also strengthen the tracking and supervision of the implementation of various reform measures, carry out the evaluation of the reform effect, and adjust the reform policy in a timely manner according to the evaluation.