Exposed that Messi himself called lautaro to join the mentor: he is better than Aguero

 Exposed that Messi himself called lautaro to join the mentor: he is better than Aguero

When lautaro was still playing for the youth team, Real Madrid sent an offer, which was confirmed by coach Adrian. He said, we told lautaro that the most important thing for him is to be with us, then get the first show in the competitive team, and then play in the Argentine first division. Fortunately, he listened to our advice and won the championship for the first time on October 31, 2015.

Barcelona are pursuing lautaro, and according to Adrian, Messi himself solicits lautaro to join. There is no doubt that Messi called him and hoped that he would come to him soon. Therefore, Barcelona must be operating the transfer of lautaro. I also know that in the future in Barcelona, everything will be very good. Lautaro will be the perfect successor of Suarez People, he has excellent conditions, and after joining Barcelona, he will improve in terms of professional players and people

In coach Adrians opinion, lautaros joining Barcelona will also help Argentinas national team, because Messi and lautaro will establish a tacit understanding on the court, to be Messis teammate in Barcelona will help improve his strength and help them to establish a perfect relationship in Argentina. Lautaro and Messi can understand each other in the best way on the court.

Lautaros mentor also said, he has similar talent with Aguero, I also think Aguero is his template, and even said that lautaros head ball and left foot ability is stronger, over time, he will prove this, I hope I am right.

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