Dear, please relax is on air

 Dear, please relax is on air

Tong Liya reveals the behind the scenes of Spring Festival Gala host

The pressure is so high that explosion in place

Tong Liya firmly believes that the hardest thing is the heart. She always has the strong independence of son Doll. She has always insisted on herself, not afraid of difficulties, dare to think and dare to do. Sometimes, she is desperate to try. because she always has a dream in her heart, she continued to challenge. Last year, she completed her own dance performance at the National Grand Theatre.

Zhang dada and Tong Liya have known each other for 9 years. They are warm companions. When Zhang dada encounters cyber violence, Ya Ya always encourages her, because you know that you are a very hard-working and lovely person, and I believe you can see it. trust makes friendship precious. The two people who are familiar with each other on that day are also happy and relaxed. Tong Liya teaches Zhang dada the secret of reducing his double chin, while Zhang dada calls for help when he stands upside down.

A good friend can cry with you and smile with you. As Zhang dada said, more important than a gift is to have a friend like a gift. The friendship between Tong Liya and Zhang dada has also witnessed what a true friend is. And such a small and beautiful program, that is, warm healing, also allows people to get full energy in the busy, continue to carry the dream forward.