Weight! Ten thousand words document is the key point of perfecting socialist market economy system

 Weight! Ten thousand words document is the key point of perfecting socialist market economy system

In addition, the opinions clearly and steadily promote the legislation of real estate tax.

Strengthen the construction of basic system of capital market

Improve the system of compulsory delisting and active delisting

Establish and improve a unified and open factor market. We will accelerate the establishment of a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient capital market, strengthen the basic system of the capital market, promote the reform of the registration system of stock issuance with information disclosure as the core, improve the compulsory delisting and active delisting systems, improve the quality of listed companies, and strengthen investor protection. To explore the implementation of the companys credit bond issuance registration management system. Build a multi-level, wide coverage and different banking system that is suitable for the real economic structure and financing needs.

Promoting the legislation of real estate tax

We will accelerate the establishment of a modern fiscal and taxation system. We should properly strengthen the central governments power in intellectual property protection, endowment insurance, cross regional ecological environment protection, and reduce and standardize the common power of the central government and local governments. We will deepen the reform of the tax system, improve the direct tax system and gradually increase its proportion. In this study, the collection of consumption tax for some items will be moved backward. Establish and improve the personal income tax system that combines comprehensive and classification. We will steadily promote legislation on real estate taxes.

After the second round of rural land contract expires

30 year extension policy

We will improve the system of property rights in an all-round way. We will implement the policy of 30 years extension after the second round of rural land contract expires, and improve the system of Three Rights Separation of rural contracted land. We will deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system, improve property rights and capabilities, quantify the conversion of operating assets into shares of members of collective economic organizations, innovate effective organizational forms and operational mechanisms of the rural collective economy, and improve the basic rural operating system. We will improve and refine the rules and regulations governing the creation, application, trading and protection of intellectual property rights, accelerate the establishment of a punitive compensation system for infringement of intellectual property rights, strengthen the protection of business secrets of enterprises, and improve the protection system for intellectual property rights in new fields and formats.

Improve the direct financing support system of private enterprises

Create a system environment to support the high-quality development of the non-public economy. We will improve the system for supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, increase the supply of financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises, and support the development of private banks, community banks and other small and medium-sized financial institutions. We will improve the financing and credit enhancement support system for private enterprises. We will improve the system of direct financing support for private enterprises. We will improve the long-term mechanism for clearing up and preventing defaulting on the accounts of small and medium-sized private enterprises, and create a market environment conducive to resolving the debt problems between private enterprises. We will improve the policy system for building a pro Qing government business relationship, establish standardized and institutionalized channels for government enterprise communication, and encourage private enterprises to participate in the implementation of major national strategies.

We will strengthen coordination among monetary policy, macro Prudential policy and financial supervision. We will build a modern central bank system, improve the central banks monetary policy-making mechanism, improve the basic monetary delivery mechanism, and promote the transformation of monetary policy from quantitative regulation to price regulation. Establish a modern financial supervision system, comprehensively strengthen macro Prudential Management, strengthen comprehensive supervision, highlight functional supervision and behavior supervision, and formulate cross financial product supervision rules. Establish and improve the basic system of financial consumer protection. In order to realize the convertibility of RMB capital account and steadily promote the internationalization of RMB.

Improve the benchmark interest rate and market-oriented interest rate system

We will promote market-oriented reform of factor prices. We will deepen the market-oriented reform of interest rates, improve the benchmark interest rate and market-oriented interest rate system, give better play to the benchmark role of treasury bond yield curve pricing, and improve the independent pricing ability of financial institutions. We will improve the market-oriented mechanism for the exchange rate of RMB and increase the two-way floating flexibility. Accelerate the construction of national technology trading platform, actively develop assets evaluation services such as scientific and technological achievements and patents, and promote the orderly flow of technological elements and the formation of reasonable prices.

Support private enterprises to participate in key areas of core technology innovation

We will improve the mechanism for the discovery, training and encouragement of scientific and technological talents, the scientific and technological management system and policy system that conform to the laws of scientific research, improve the scientific and technological evaluation system, and give scientific and technological researchers the ownership or long-term use right of their scientific and technological achievements.

Carry out business environment assessment nationwide at the right time

Vigorously develop commercial endowment insurance, etc

We will improve the basic endowment insurance system and the basic medical insurance system that balance urban and rural areas and are sustainable, and steadily improve the level of security. We will implement the central adjustment system for the basic endowment insurance fund for enterprise employees, realize the national overall planning of endowment insurance as soon as possible, and promote the long-term balance of the basic endowment insurance fund. We will comprehensively promote the transfer of some state-owned capital from the central and local governments to enrich social security funds. Vigorously develop enterprise annuity, occupational annuity, personal savings endowment insurance and commercial endowment insurance.

Deepening the reform of pilot Free Trade Zone

Replication and promotion of reform achievements in a larger scale

We will speed up the construction of pilot free trade zones, free trade ports and other open highlands. We will deepen the reform of the pilot Free Trade Zone, and replicate and promote the results of the reform in a larger scale. We will build a new port area of China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone, and give it greater authority for independent development, reform and innovation. Focus on Trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and steadily promote the construction of Hainan free trade port.

Improve the bankruptcy system

Promote personal bankruptcy legislation

We will improve the system of laws and regulations in the economic field. We will improve the legal systems related to property rights, such as property rights, creditors rights, and stock rights, and give private property and public property equal status and equal protection in legislation. We will improve the bankruptcy system, reform and improve the legal system for enterprise bankruptcy, promote individual bankruptcy legislation, establish and improve market-oriented exit laws and regulations for financial institutions, and achieve orderly exit of market players. We will revise the anti-monopoly law, promote the construction of social credit laws, and safeguard the market environment for fair competition.

Promote the fair opening of oil and gas pipeline network to market subjects

Timely release of natural gas source and sales price

We will steadily push forward the reform of natural monopoly industries. We will build an effective competitive power market, orderly develop power utilization plans and competitive link tariffs, and improve the marketization of power trading. We will promote the fair opening of the oil and gas pipeline network to market entities, timely liberalize natural gas sources and sales prices, and improve the competitive oil and gas distribution market. We will deepen the reform of the railway industry and promote the diversification and moderate competition of the main bodies of the railway transportation market.