Novel: my son is tied up, and my ex husband and I help each other

 Novel: my son is tied up, and my ex husband and I help each other

On his sons birthday, his parents always have to walk together to perfunctorily let him have a happy day.

When I got to the coffee shop, I saw Xiao Ming sitting there alone. I asked unexpectedly, what about your father?

He ran to make a phone call. Xiao Ming said, you are late.

Im not late, I sat down, took out my cigarette and lighter. Hes in a hurry. Hes charging for everything.

Xiaoming sighed, shook his head and said, you two are really bothered by the constant quarrel.

I couldnt help laughing, you dont need to be old there.

Xiaoming said, Im going to my mother-in-laws birthday party this afternoon. In the evening, you will accompany me to eat French food and watch the star adventure. How about that?

Very well. I said, what gift do you want?

He thought, a toy for electronic fighting monsters.

Its not going forward, I said. I thought youd want a set of outlaws.

Xiaoming smiles.

His father came back, frowning as usual. If I dont strike first, hell shoot me.

I said coldly, Why are you so anxious, barrister? Fifteen minutes late, you have to call to chase me?

His voice was colder than mine. Im afraid youll have to make a scene again. Ill forget my sons birthday when I get the notice. He sat beside Xiaoming.

I said, Im no longer an accessory of Su Geng Sheng. Xiao Ming, your mother is now free.

Xiao Ming cant help but hold his chin and look at his father.

He said to his son, son, look out, who calls your mother a big star?

Xiaoming shouts, you two are like children!

Im sorry. I apologize, Xiaoming, today is your birthday. What do you like to eat?

Banana boat, mom, have one with me, he said. I used to sit on your lap and eat banana boat with you.

Your moms on a diet - Okay, man, two banana boats, with chocolate juice, thicker. I winked at Xiaoming.

Xiaoming smiles.

I try to have a pleasant atmosphere and keep talking about trifles to amuse Xiao Ming, while Cheng Sheng doesnt say a word and listens to our chat.

Im aiming at rebirth. You must be free today? Give me face for my sons birthday! Dont let some gorgeous girl call you.

He simply said, Im free today. You dont have to sneer.

I think its boring. How did the couple become like this? At the beginning of the fierce love, now the bleak end, I deeply sigh, if there is no Xiaoming, we are strangers.

Today is not much better, I think: this day must be forced to smile, with the best acting to deal with the past.

Xiao Ming wants to eat hot dogs after eating ice cream. I can only drink a glass of mineral water. Instead, he is a carnivore and calls bloody roast beef. In other peoples eyes, our family of three is not happy. How can other people know that?

Xiaoming Xu said: Zhang Debiao in the school, his mother sent him to school every day and picked him up from school, we laugh at his sissy. Liu Xuewen is not ambitious. He can only play ball. He failed in the test. Li Guodong bought a new bicycle with four gears. Its easy to climb the slope. Its great Zhao Laosi actually held a Tuke dance at home...

I smiled and asked, is that right? Are they invited today?

Yes, and ask them to bring their girlfriends. Xiao Ming is very impressive.

Do you have a girlfriend? I asked with a smile.

Rebirth nodded, ordinary girlfriend.

Im curious, who? How do you look? How old is it?

Xiaoming blinked. You can see it later. Dont worry.

I laugh and laugh.


After Im full, I stretch out. Its rare that I dont need to make a movie one day. Ill talk and laugh with Xiao Ming. This is a kind of happiness.

Xiaoming! I said, would you like to live with me?

I asked, what if I dont do it?

He sneered, how can you give up your great career?

First of all, you should cultivate yourself, and then others. He is stubborn. Xiaoming said, shall we go out for a walk? Or let me see my mother-in-law first. Maybe she needs help.

All right. I said, this meal, please.

He said, no, I can afford it. Its just a small idea. I dont know if you earn more than me. You dont have to show off in a small place.

I want to refute. Xiaomings pleading eyes soften me and make me shut up.

We got on the reincarnation car and drove to my mothers house. Xiao Ming was worried about the size and distribution of the cake along the way.

I said, its sneaky. Dont tell us to wait too long in the parking lot.

No. He jumped in and pressed the elevator.

I look at my watch. I lie by the window. I look at the scenery on the road.

After a while, I doubted: it seems that there are 20 minutes? This child must be what his mother-in-law keeps him eating. I pushed the door open. Ill go to the management office and make a phone call, or ask him to come down, or lets go up.

Mother came to answer the phone, she said: everything is ready - when will you come?

Im impatient. Call Xiao Ming.

Xiaoming? His mother was baffled. Hes not here.

I dont think so. What? I went upstairs with Geng Sheng. Is he not there? Where did he go?

What? Hello! Mother also surprised, Xiaomings people! Where are you and rebirth?

Well be right here. Dont move. I hung up the phone and ran to rehab.

About my face changed. He asked me, whats the matter?

Xiaoming, I said, hes gone.

I said it in a hurry.

Stop here. He said, Ill accompany you upstairs. Hurry up!

I took my handbag and took the elevator to my mothers apartment. She opened the door and waited. Her face was brown.

Look at this! She handed in a letter, just delivered, Ill open the door and wait for you. This letter is stuffed in the crack of the door.

Geng Sheng opened the letter and put it in his pocket. His face was livid: call the police, hurry up.

What is it? I asked hurriedly, can you tell me? Yes? What happened to my son?

Sit down. Rebirth orders me.

What is it? I jumped at him. I wont let you call the police. What happened to Xiao Ming? I screamed.

His mother trembled. Xiaoming was captured, and the kidnappers wanted a ransom of 500000 yuan.

The two of us cant deal with it, said Geng

They will contact us as soon as possible, wait a moment, change, please, the police will not have a clue, I have money, I have cash, I hold on to change, you give them a chance.

Rebirth, said the mother, is not the time for great reason.

Im in favor of calling the police. Time is precious. We should strive for it.

I asked, why Xiao Ming? Why? I was flustered and confused. Its his birthday today, my day. I covered my face.

Rebirth swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The phone rang and I answered.

Hello! Hello! My name is: wheres my son?

Big star, your son is very good, chuckled chuckles. Dont call the police. Half a million is just a small amount. You can take it out. Xiao Mings voice came out of the phone: Mom, mom!

I hissed and cried, Xiaoming -

I blushed and asked, your good job! Is it your enemy? Isnt it?

Mother cried, at this time, you still have to quarrel! Are you finished?

Mom! Im sorry. Mom!

Quiet, quiet. You help your mother into the room and lie down first, said Geng Sheng

I helped my mother to bed, and she cried, Xiaoming, my Xiaoming.

I said, it doesnt matter, mom. They want money. I have money.

She cried.

I said, Mom, Im going to discuss with Geng Sheng. Dont worry. I took out the sedative for her.

Regeneration -

He pulled me to a corner.

Rebirth, you wait for the phone here, Ill go to cash. I said.

I have money, too. He said.

Youre not right, he said. Youre conniving kidnappers to rob - you can extort money from any child.

Will they let Xiao Ming out? Maybe half a million isnt enough. A million?

I said wearily, rebirth, please wait until ten oclock tomorrow.

When the doorbell rang, he went to open the door. Several children came to attend the birthday party.

Im sorry, he said softly. Xiao Ming is ill. The party is cancelled.

The children quarreled. I sent out the gifts that were ready on the table, sent them away and closed the door.

I said, the bank will close soon. I want to get the money.

Ill go with you. He said.

No more. I said.

Mom can listen to the phone.

I went in and patted my mother sobbing. Lets go out for a while. Tomorrow, Xiao Ming will come back. I said.


I drove to the bank, and we successfully got a small stack, which was put in a long envelope. When he came out, he put a ticket on the water and said, my son is in the hands of the kidnappers, but they park illegally.

I wry smile, can not walk two steps, foot a soft, almost wrestle, help me. I have a look at him.

When we drove back, Geng Sheng murmured: big money, easy to carry, good way, if you want to register the number, ten yuan bill is the same. We wont call the police if theyre dead.

I tearfully said, please forgive me this time, until tomorrow at ten oclock.

He nodded. Are you hungry? Something to eat? he asked

I cant eat it.

Its better to eat a little, so as not to see Xiao Ming tomorrow and hold him up.

I lowered my head. Xiaoming, where is he now? Will they hit him? Xiaomings mouth is the third and the fourth My hair is bristling.

I said, just now, if only I could accompany him to the elevator...

Dont blame yourself. Theyll do it. Theyll do it.

I said, Im afraid.

Im afraid, too. What can I do? He comforted me. We have to try to get through this day.

I wish they didnt have to do anything else, I said. As long as I get Xiaoming back, Im the happiest person in the world.

He didnt ring. We rushed home and mother opened the door.

I nodded. Big bill, half a million. I put the envelope on the table.

Thats just a little bit of 500000? Asked the mother.

I said, yes.

I look at the pile of notes.

Im paid 500000 yuan for a film. What do I make so much money for? Xiaoming, all I want is Xiaoming. Now I know how important he is to me, but I dont know how to cherish him. I wont even spend more time with him.

Ah, my worst mother in the world.

I sobbed. I vowed to stop working as soon as I saw Xiaoming tomorrow, and then I would quit the movie world without me. I will send him to school every day, pick him up from school, accompany him to do his homework, and live with him.


I fell on the table.

The phone rang again, and Geng Sheng rushed to listen.

Yes, he said, the money is ready. No, we didnt call the police. I hope you will keep your promise. At ten oclock tomorrow morning, hongkan railway station, let me listen to my sons voice. After a while, I listened to Xiao Mings voice, and Geng Sheng said calmly, Xiao Ming, dont be afraid. Sleep well at night. Tomorrow morning, my father will pick you up and listen to my uncle. He offered to hang up.

Now I cant help admiring the calmness and courage of rebirth, which is much better than me.

The mother brought out the food and said, lets eat some.

My mother and I didnt know the taste of the food and said, Mom, you forgot to put salt.

I smiled bitterly and gave him salt.

I look up at the balloon hanging from the ceiling, and my heart aches. These ten hours are also the most difficult time in my life. What if he doesnt come back? I shudder. No, no, I cant.

Come on, cheer up, big star, he whispered


At that time, when he pursued me, he called me that, half joking and half proud. We didnt have a long time: I promised him to take a picture, but I kept shooting one. He felt very tired, because he could not see the hostess at home, and began to develop towards the outside world. I seized the evidence and wanted to divorce

Why should I be willful and always try to win the wind? Why should I succeed in these years? Now as long as Xiao Ming returns to me safely, I am a new person and start from scratch.

Ill make some coffee! It seems that no one is going to sleep. Its better to simply refresh yourself.

When we were in love, he always made coffee for me. He was a very elegant prop, which was well prepared. He was a man with interest.

My mother said, look at rebirth. Its really dangerous. Pity me. I dont know where my heart has gone.

He brought me coffee and a glass of it. Still on a diet? Without sugar?

Im slouched. Save your breath. Four sugars were added.

He laughed. Why, I havent laughed like that for a long time. He said.

Dont worry, Im confident. Tomorrow, now, well make up for Xiao Mings birthday, unless youre going to the factory to make a film.

I cried, take a picture. Ill never make a picture again. You dont have to take advantage of the fire and rob. Say something like this!

Whats the matter, whats the matter? He patted me on the shoulder. Shhh, dont scare mom. I was wrong. I didnt mean it.

I know Im not right, I cried. Im always on the set, always on the stage, but Ill take another half of the shot tomorrow. Ill have to die. Ill refund the deposit. Ill quit.

Why, said the mother, say that.

I really dont do it. I said.

Good, good, said Geng. If you dont shoot, you dont shoot -

You dont have a slick accent. I pushed him away.

Its hard to be human, he said

When the phone rang again, I rushed to listen, but the child was looking for Xiaoming, and I was exhausted after dealing with the child.

I yawned and murmured, strange, suddenly tired.

The eyelids became heavy. I saw rebirth and looked at me like a smile.

You devil, I slapped him, you put heavy medicine in your coffee.

I tearfully: rebirth, you havent been so kind to me for a long time.

Regeneration -

Just lie on the sofa.

Xiaoming he -

Dont worry.

Sleep. He held my hand tightly. Rebirth, we -

He patted me on the back, and I fell into the dark sweet country.

Im not sure how long Ive slept. When I wake up, the first thing is to collect memories, and then cry Xiaoming heartbreaking!

What time?

Its almost dawn. He said.

He was lying on the sofa. Your brother-in-law came to pick up mom and left. Its better to have another group of people with her.

Thank you, rebirth.

My husband and wife, what are you doing with these words? His hand covers his forehead.

I put hot water in the bathroom for him to take a bath, sprinkle bath salt, and prepare soap and shaving moustache for him.

Regenerate, soak in hot water and then sleep.

Well? He jumped up. OK.

I prepare yogurt and juice for him, pour them into the blender and mix them.

I havent lived such a family life for a long time. This morning, chieftain dream is revisited, but its so miserable.

I poured the juice into a tall crystal glass and sat in the corner, waiting for him to come out of the bathroom.

He took a bath, the whole spirit of a lot of people, hair has also been washed, wet, while the towel hard to wipe.

He sat down and had a drink of juice. Its delicious.

I took out the hair dryer to dry his hair.

He suddenly took my hand and said, we are very happy, arent we? Suddenly turned around and hugged me.

I said, I only need you two now, husband and son. In the past few years, I really dont know how to live.

Dont worry, said Geng. You need everything. You cant escape.

Rebirth, youve always been so nice to me.

I should stop taking pictures. Anyway, I will never receive any more announcements.

You dont have to change yourself.

I volunteered. Im absolutely certain.

You dont have to feel guilty. I dont know why I used to force you to take a rest. Thats not right. You love your work so much. Maybe because I lack confidence, I want you to be happy now.

I dont know. Im stupid.

Its me.

Its me, said Geng. I got the most beautiful and famous woman, but I asked her to become another solid person for me.


I was very wrong. He sighed long.


The phone rang again and I answered.

There said, ten oclock sharp, remember.

I calmly said, bring the children, remember.

Good. See you then. Hang up.

You can lie down for a while. I said.

He nodded.

I didnt expect it to bring us together again. He said.

Would you like to start all over again? I asked.

Yes? He said, great.

Xiao Ming will stay with us again. Ive always wanted to open an antique shop. I can find a shop right away. I said.

You can still do it.

The old woman, theres no one to see. I said.


For six years, we havent chatted like this in the past six years, and now we feel infinitely warm. Gradually, it was full of light. There was a lot of noise. Cars came and went. The trumpet sounded directly. It seemed that he was asleep. His handsome face had infinite worries I hope that we can quickly break through this difficulty, and then walk a bright road from the beginning. Oh God, give me another chance.

At half past eight, I gave him a push. Regenerate, regenerate, get up.

He moaned and opened his eyes.

Im afraid of traffic. Wake up. Ill call him again.

Lets go. I said.

I changed into a clean suit and put the cash in my handbag. Suddenly, I was tired of the numerous hand ornaments on my opponent. I took off all the ring bracelets and put them on the table.

He took my hand and went out. I began to be afraid and sweating. I leaned on him closely and regarded him as the back of the mountain. There was no man at the critical moment. I didnt know what to do. Xiaoming, my son, if my heart was to jump out of my throat, I felt that if Xiaoming had an accident, I couldnt live.

I followed him to the railway station.

There was no one in the railway station. I took a quiet corner with Geng Sheng and sat down. Neither of them said a word.

I prayed in secret, my lips were dry.

I look down at my watch. Its half past nine. Its half an hour. There are only a few people walking slowly in the lobby. I cant help crying.

Calm down, endure for a while, and you will come soon, he said softly

I was shaking all over.

Suddenly, a man in the shape of a porter, carrying two large baskets, stopped not far away from us, put down the baskets and flat pans, and came to us. I stood up, sat down again, and looked at the man who was not amazing. The man sat next to us and whispered, wheres the money?

Children? asked the reincarnation

What? Is it safe? he asked

Im so scared that Ill jump over and catch me.

Is there any proof that the child is safe? Asked reincarnation.

You can come over and have a look, he said. The wife stays here to pay.

I went to hug Xiaoming and ignored everything.

Xiaoming. I cry and hug us again.

Xiaoming was sent to the hospital for rescue. He was shocked and drugged, but he recovered quickly, talking and crying.

We informed our mother that she smiled and saw her arriving at the hospital, lying next to her son exhausted, our hands firmly held together.

Thank God Xiao Ming is back. We will never be separated.

I am a lucky woman, I want to cherish all this. I buried my chin in my husbands arms.


Author: Yishu, formerly known as Ni Yishu, once worked as a TV writer, and now moves to Canada.