What are the boys talking about when they secretly make phone calls?

 What are the boys talking about when they secretly make phone calls?

At that time, when they were poor and had no money in their pockets at the end of the month, if anyone had ten yuan left in their pocket, they would buy two buckets of instant noodles and eat them separately. If there was only one left in the cigarette box, they would smoke half by themselves. Every time my girlfriend is in a hurry for money, they will help each other. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, boys are very proud. They cant lose face in front of their girlfriend, but they can do it in front of their real brothers.

There is a deposit box at the head of brother Gous bed. We usually put all the coins left by the subway in it. We taunt each other that if our girlfriend gets pregnant accidentally, the money is an emergency fund. Of course, we are so poor that we basically have no money to go out with our girlfriend to stay in a hotel. We usually engage in online love. No one has touched the money until graduation.

When I graduated, I took out the piggy bank, which was full of 500 yuan. Naturally, I took it to drink, but later I knew that it was even a casual drink. At that time, I was drunk and said that when the work was settled, I would rent a house at the midpoint of the two companies. After four years of living together, I knew each other well. When we wake up after drinking, we check the map and find that the middle of our company is almost in the area of Changan Street. We cant afford a single room even if our internship salary is collected together.

Since then, they have their own life track, and gradually no longer contact each other. There seems to be no special reason for this alienation, as if life is like this. Each stage has friends at each stage, and they have a very good relationship with this person for several years. In a few years, they feel that the person, along with their seventeen or eighteen years old, has become very far away.

As Wang Xiaobo said: we are like at the bottom of a pond, from one moon to another.

The road of life is long and lonely.

Life is also like walking on the night road, passing the range of light that a street lamp can reach, and once again stepping into the shadow of the night, as for the next road lamp which intersection will light up?

I think I dont know you are alone at the moment.

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