People, at all costs and scattered; heart, not really cold!

 People, at all costs and scattered; heart, not really cold!

But we have thought that all things have cause and effect, and all things have reason.

People who know each other again, if they dont cherish them well, they will leave. No matter how deep their feelings are, no matter how good their fate is, they will feel cool if they dont sincerely wait for them.

The so-called: people, at any cost and scattered; heart, because not really cool.

Some feelings, clearly have a good start, because there is no heart to treat each other, and finally end with no joy.

Some people, because they dont change their hearts, will never leave, the end of the world.

Some predestination, because did not cherish well, finally in the sea of people pass by, leaving only a sigh.

In fact, the way to get along with each other is the exchange of peoples hearts.

As the saying goes:

The relationship between people is just a bank deposit of reciprocity. Every time you pay a little for each other, the deposit will be more. Every time you hurt each other once, the deposit will be less.

Whether its a lover, a family member or a close friend, if you want to maintain a relationship for a long time, you cant do without cherishing each other.

If you want to maintain a long-term and stable relationship, you cant do without being honest, caring and warm.

So, dont because dont know how to cherish, the fate of the more pushed further, and dont because of not sincere, care about our people hurt thoroughly.

Some people, some things, once missed, this life will never come back.

People change peoples hearts, you are true to me, you are false to me to turn around!

I need to remember when I walk in my life,

There is one thing that cant be deceived, that is, peoples hearts, and we must be sincere.

If you are lucky to meet, please cherish.