First job at the public stage: Zhu Zhuzhu loves Creation Camp 2020 and has a sweet first love

 First job at the public stage: Zhu Zhuzhu loves Creation Camp 2020 and has a sweet first love

Zhu Zhuai presents a super eye-catching stage and takes the position of C

Zhu zhuzhuai, who has a high degree of completion in all aspects, was selected as the C position by the team members. At the beginning of her C position, she withstood the pressure of the team leader and won the group with except spring love and cherry blossom. Zhu zhuzhuai was also praised as sister is sweet, which is sweeter than spring, love and cherry blossom!

Zhu Zhu, who is famous for a piece of miss you so much, has received a lot of attention before the program started. Although she has rich stage experience, the environment of the womens groups collective life is really strange to her. In the process of training, Zhu Zhuai is also widely discussed because of his lack of communication and being pointed out by his teammates that he is not gregarious enough. Many netizens said that its a process of adaptation. Zhu Zhu loves to overcome his problems when he knows it. Its great.. It can be seen from the content of the training room that Zhu Zhuai, on the one hand, strengthens the training of professional ability, on the other hand, actively integrates into the environment of the womens League, takes on the responsibility of the team leader, warmheartedly encourages the team members and makes great progress.

This year is also a breakthrough year for Zhu Zhuai. Her global brokerage is about to sign into a new mainland brokerage company, and her career focus is also adjusted accordingly. She bravely jumped out of the comfort circle again six years after her debut. After the decision to participate in the Creation Camp 2020, Zhu also faced up to his lack of dance ability, immediately contacted the teacher for training, and even practiced muscle strain, to achieve the best in a limited time.

With the broadcast of the program, many netizens impression of Zhu Zhuai is not only sweet vocal, but also her female League model is gradually recognized. Her creative ability, dancing level and expression management level have also attracted attention. Creation Camp 2020 is on the air. What kind of growth and transformation will Zhu zhuzhuai have? Look forward to more highlights.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie