A baby girl in Shaanxi Province falls into a wine pot, burns and loses 40percent of her blood volume

 A baby girl in Shaanxi Province falls into a wine pot, burns and loses 40percent of her blood volume

Passing death many times

Xinxin, from Shangluo Shanyang, is only one and a half years old. She has big eyes and is very attractive. However, her body below her head can only be wrapped with thick bandages, and her legs are all scars left after burns.

However, when her family found Xinxin falling into the hot water pot, her life was in danger.

Ms. Hu, Xinxins mother: when she picked it up, she was unconscious, her head was drooping and she was in shock.

Reporter: how much is the water in the pot?

Ms. Hu, Xinxins mother: its about 70 degrees.

Ms. Hu, Xinxins mother: well, we cant burn it if we stretch our hands down.

Immediately, Xinxin was sent to Xian for treatment in a top three hospital. After the initial diagnosis, Xinxins burn area was nearly 85%, most of which was deep second degree burn. But the house leakage happened every night. Xinxin, who was undergoing burn treatment, suddenly had a more critical situation.

Yang Yijun, director of the burn department of the orthopaedic department of Xian childrens Hospital: because the child had a stress ulcer and a massive hemorrhage, the emergency was transferred to our childrens Hospital for treatment, and 300 ml of blood was produced in an hour. Later, the blood pressure also fell quickly, and the blood loss was estimated to have reached about 40% of the blood volume in the body.

Yang Yijun, director of burn department of orthopaedic department of Xian childrens Hospital: now the childs condition is relatively stable, the temperature is slowly returning to normal, and the diet and stool are good.

Ms. Hu, Xinxins mother: I asked the doctor, would you like to draw blood from me? Can you plant my skin for the baby? Alas, in my childs 30 days in hospital, looking at my child, I kept blaming myself.

In order to cure Xinxin, the family who was not well off took out all their savings and borrowed a lot of money. At present, they have spent more than 300000 yuan, and need a lot of rehabilitation costs in the future. Xinxins mother also hopes to have a kind person to help her, so that Xinxin, one and a half years old, can get better as soon as possible. (Xinxins mothers Tel: 18220699656)

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