2020 wechat dross list.docx

 2020 wechat dross list.docx

The above content is purely entertainment. After all, everyone is a complex individual and cannot be judged by a single standard.

There are thousands of bad guys in the world. Its hard for every girl not to meet a few bad guys in her life. After all, its hard to distinguish the true from the false in the Internet world. So in daily communication, girls still need to keep sober and have their own judgment method in the face of all kinds of scum men. Dont accidentally make a scum man harvester.

When diagnosed the other side is a slag man, what we have to do is to quickly stay away from him, do not nostalgia, do not think that it is all their own fault, and do not think that they can change him. The specific model can refer to Wang Hongzhou, a former classmate in the entertainment circle, who tore Luos surname from the heavy hammer, and presented the facts in a dignified and unrestrained way.

Judge accurately, use the situation seriously, its slag rolling.

I hope every girls peach blossom is a real peach blossom! Stay away from dross man!