Where does the wind come from to beautify the violence and discredit the Hong Kong Police Some Hong Kong media fuel the chaos in Hong Kong

 Where does the wind come from to beautify the violence and discredit the Hong Kong Police Some Hong Kong media fuel the chaos in Hong Kong

Aushenko, an expert at Schiller Institute in Germany: look at the western media, many of them are distorted reports. They see Hong Kong as a problem of double standards, and obviously they are on the protesters side.

British scholar Luo Siyi: in Hong Kong, we see that if the police use gas or take out weapons, they dont really want to use them, just want to express the meaning of letting others go, it will cause a huge sensation, which is totally hypocritical.

Since the practice storm, the public opinion that distorts the truth has become popular here.

The practices of the unscrupulous Hong Kong media and some western media, mainly represented by Apple Daily, are as follows: never mentioning that the militants attacked first, nor showing the pictures of rioters violence, but only showing the pictures of police waving batons and firing bullets.

Hong Kong citizens: now there are news media, journalists and radio stations in Hong Kong. Some of them have been defacing our Hong Kong Police and beautifying the acts of thugs. The democracy, freedom, fairness and justice they have been saying all day are aimed at themselves, but not others. This is a double standard.

On July 28, 2019, there were illegal parades and rallies in Central Hong Kong and other regions, and 49 people were arrested by the police in the clearing operation, 44 of whom were charged with riot. Due to the detention of some suspects in Kwai Chung police station, illegal rally makers threatened to surround Kwai Chung police station.

After receiving the order to protect Kwai Chung police station, Liu Zeji and his teammates arrived at the police station at 7 a.m. on July 30 for deployment.

In the process of rescuing the man, Liu Zeji and his teammates were scattered, he was pushed to the ground, and the mob beat him.

With the help of his teammates, Liu stood up and pointed at the assailant with a long gun, but did not shoot.

According to chapter 29 use of force and firearms of the Hong Kong general police rules, police officers may use firearms in the following circumstances:

Liu Zeji said that his purpose at that time was only to rescue the injured man and point his gun at the mob, which was a helpless move. In addition, the weapon he carried at that time was a short gun that could shoot lethal bullets. According to the regulations, he can pull out the short gun in case of emergency.

Liu Zeji: this gun is too dangerous. It will kill people. I dont want to hurt people. Now it seems that they have no idea that we are cherishing them. Their performance told me that they didnt think we police were human at all.

Liu Zeji: since I was injured, there is no media in Hong Kong looking for me. They know what Im doing and they dont want to give you this opportunity to clarify. The media in Hong Kong are turning our current situation upside down. They are talking about our police as black police.

Some media in Hong Kong cooperated with Western media tacitly to rationalize the acts of thugs and deprive the public of the right to know.

British scholar Luo Siyi: their most commonly used distortion strategy is to deliberately exaggerate certain aspects of the impact, without fair and balanced reporting. These are fake news, which I call enhanced news.

Timely, comprehensive and truthful reporting is the lifeblood of the media, and even, professional and objective are the most basic professionalism of journalists. Unfortunately, in the practice of Hong Kong, some Hong Kong media acted as spokesmen of Western forces in Hong Kong. They did everything they could to discredit the Hong Kong Police, slander the SAR government, beautify the violence and incite social emotions. What they wanted was to fuel the chaos in Hong Kong.

There are two kinds of black terror that pervade Hong Kong, one is the visible outrage that damages money and lives, and the other is the rumor that people cant afford the smoke of gunpowder but kill people.

This Hong Kong is covered by malicious lies.