Central Government: pushing forward the reform of natural monopoly industry and breaking administrative monopoly

 Central Government: pushing forward the reform of natural monopoly industry and breaking administrative monopoly

State Council of the CPC Central Committee

Opinions on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system in the new era

(May 11, 2020)

The socialist market economy system is an important theoretical and practical innovation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and an important part of the basic socialist economic system. Since the reform and opening up, especially the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has insisted on comprehensively deepening reform, giving full play to the leading role of economic system reform, constantly improving the socialist market economic system, greatly mobilizing the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of people, greatly promoting the development of productivity, greatly enhancing the vitality of the party and the country, and creating the rare miracle of rapid economic development in the world. At the same time, we should see that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, the main social contradictions have changed, and the economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. Compared with these new situations and new requirements, Chinas market system is not perfect, the market development is not sufficient, the relationship between the government and the market is not fully straightened out, there are still insufficient market incentives, the flow of factors is not smooth, and capital There are still many system and mechanism obstacles to promote high-quality development. We must further emancipate our minds, unswervingly deepen market-oriented reform, expand high-level opening, and constantly make breakthroughs and innovations in key fundamental major reforms of the economic system. In order to implement the strategic plan of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on upholding and improving the basic socialist economic system, promote the reform of the economic system and other aspects of the system at a higher starting point, at a higher level and with a higher goal, and build a more systematic, complete and mature high-level socialist market economic system, the following opinions are put forward.

1u3001 General requirements

1. Guiding ideology. Guided by the general work guideline of Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, we carried out the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen sessions of the partys second, third and fourth plenary sessions of Chinas party, and resolutely implemented the partys basic theory, basic line and basic strategy, and coordinated the overall layout of the five in one and coordinated the four overall strategic layout. We should adhere to the supply side structural reform as the main line, adhere to the people-centered development idea, adhere to and improve the basic socialist economic system, focus on improving the property rights system and the market-oriented allocation of factors, comprehensively deepen the reform of the economic system, accelerate the improvement of the socialist market economic system, build a high standard market system, and realize the effective incentive of property rights and the free flow of factors Flexible price response, fair and orderly competition, survival of the fittest, strengthening and improving system supply, promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, promoting the adaptation of production relations to productivity, superstructure and economic foundation, and promoting higher quality, more efficient, more fair and more sustainable development.

uff082uff09 Basic principles

- adhering to the guidance of Xi Jinpings socialist economic thoughts with Chinas characteristics in the new era. We should adhere to and strengthen the partys overall leadership, adhere to and improve the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, strengthen problem orientation, grasp correct reform strategies and methods, continue to optimize economic governance, and strive to build an economic system with effective market mechanism, dynamic micro subjects and adequate macro-control, so as to make the socialist system with Chinese characteristics more consolidated and fully reflect its advantages.

u2014u2014We will continue to liberate and develop the productive forces. We should firmly grasp the basic national conditions of the primary stage of socialism, firmly grasp the center of economic construction, give full play to the role of economic system reform as the driving force, and work together to promote reform in the fields of politics, culture, society, and ecological civilization, so as to promote efficient linkage between reform and development, further emancipate and develop social productivity, and constantly meet the peoples growing needs for a better life.

u2014u2014Adhere to and improve the basic socialist economic system. Adhere to and improve the socialist basic economic system with public ownership as the main body and multiple ownership economy as the common development, distribution according to work as the main body and multiple distribution modes coexisting, such as the socialist market economic system, organically combine the socialist system with Chinese characteristics with the market economy, and provide important system guarantee for promoting high-quality development and building a modern economic system.

u2014u2014Adhere to the correct handling of the relationship between the government and the market. Adhere to the direction of socialist market economy reform, more respect for the general laws of market economy, minimize the direct allocation of market resources and direct intervention in microeconomic activities by the government, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, give better play to the role of the government, and effectively make up for market failure.

u2014u2014Adhere to supply side structural reform as the main line. We should adopt more reform methods and more market-oriented and rule of law methods, work hard to consolidate, enhance, upgrade and unblock, strengthen structural reform, innovate system supply, constantly enhance economic innovation and competitiveness, adapt to and trigger effective demand, and promote a higher level of dynamic balance between supply and demand.

u2014u2014We will continue to expand high-level opening up and deepen market-oriented reform to promote mutual progress. We will unswervingly expand the opening-up, promote the transformation from the opening-up of commodity and factor flows to the opening-up of rules and other systems, draw on the experience of international mature market economy systems and the beneficial achievements of human civilization, accelerate the integration of domestic system rules with the international community, and promote the deep-seated market-oriented reform with high-level opening-up.

2u3001 Adhere to the principle of public ownership and the common development of multi ownership economy, and enhance the vitality of micro subject

We will unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector, explore various forms of public ownership, support the reform and development of private enterprises, and foster more dynamic market players.

uff081uff09 We will promote the optimization of the layout and structural adjustment of the state-owned economy. Adhere to the principle of progress, retreat, action, and inaction, promote more investment of state-owned capital in important areas related to the national economy and peoples livelihood and areas related to the national economic lifeline, science and technology, national defense, security, etc., serve the national strategic objectives, enhance the competitiveness, innovation, control, influence, anti risk ability of the state-owned economy, strengthen and optimize the state-owned capital, and effectively prevent the loss of state-owned assets u3002 For the state-owned economy in the field of full competition, we should optimize the allocation of state-owned capital by means of capitalization, securitization and so on, so as to improve the return of state-owned capital. We will further improve and strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets, effectively play the role of state-owned capital investment and operating companies, adhere to the principle of one enterprise, one policy, one promotion for maturity, one success for operation, activate the existing state-owned capital, and promote the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets.

uff082uff09 We will actively and steadily promote the reform of the mixed ownership system of state-owned enterprises. On the basis of in-depth pilot reform of mixed ownership in key areas, we will promote the reform of mixed ownership and standardize and orderly develop the mixed ownership economy in accordance with the requirements of improving governance, strengthening incentives, highlighting the main business and improving efficiency. For the state funded enterprises and state-owned capital operation companies in the field of full competition, we will explore the transformation of some state-owned shares into preferred shares, and strengthen the function of state-owned capital returns. Support qualified enterprises with mixed ownership to establish medium and long-term incentive mechanisms such as key employee stock ownership, equity incentive of listed companies, equity and dividend incentive of technology-based enterprises. We will deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, accelerate the improvement of the corporate governance structure and market-oriented management mechanism of state-owned enterprises, improve the tenure system and contractual management of managers, and improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics. For the mixed ownership enterprises, we should explore and establish the governance mechanism and supervision system different from the state-owned and wholly-owned companies. We will explore and implement a more flexible and efficient regulatory system for enterprises with mixed ownership whose state-owned capital is no longer absolutely controlled.

uff083uff09 We will steadily push forward the reform of natural monopoly industries. We will deepen the reform with the separation of government and enterprise, government and capital, franchising and government supervision as the main contents, improve the quality of infrastructure supply in natural monopoly industries, strictly supervise natural monopoly links, accelerate the marketization of competitive links, effectively break administrative monopoly and prevent market monopoly. We will build an effective competitive power market, orderly develop power utilization plans and competitive link tariffs, and improve the marketization of power trading. We will promote the fair opening of the oil and gas pipeline network to market entities, timely liberalize natural gas sources and sales prices, and improve the competitive oil and gas distribution market. We will deepen the reform of the railway industry and promote the diversification and moderate competition of the main bodies of the railway transportation market. Realize the separate operation of universal postal service business and competitive business. We will improve the tobacco monopoly system and build a new mechanism for moderate competition.

uff084uff09 Create a system environment to support the high-quality development of the non-public economy. We will improve the market, policy, rule of law and social environment that support the development of private economy and foreign-funded enterprises, and further stimulate vitality and creativity. We should treat all kinds of ownership enterprises equally in terms of factor acquisition, access permission, operation, government procurement and bidding, break down all kinds of obstacles and hidden barriers restricting market competition, and create a market environment in which all kinds of ownership subjects use resource elements equally according to law, participate in competition openly, fairly and fairly, and are equally protected by law. We will improve the implementation rules and specific measures to support the entry of the non-public sector into the fields of electricity, oil and gas, significantly relax market access in the service sector, and give more space to social capital for development. We will improve the system for supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, increase the supply of financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises, and support the development of private banks, community banks and other small and medium-sized financial institutions. We will improve the financing and credit enhancement support system for private enterprises. We will improve the system of direct financing support for private enterprises. We will improve the long-term mechanism for clearing up and preventing defaulting on the accounts of small and medium-sized private enterprises, and create a market environment conducive to resolving the debt problems between private enterprises. We will improve the policy system for building a pro Qing government business relationship, establish standardized and institutionalized channels for government enterprise communication, and encourage private enterprises to participate in the implementation of major national strategies.

3u3001 Strengthen the basic system of market economy and ensure fair market competition

We will build a high standard market system, comprehensively improve systems such as property rights, market access and fair competition, and lay a solid institutional foundation for the effective operation of the socialist market economy.

uff081uff09 We will improve the system of property rights in an all-round way. We will improve the modern property rights system with clear ownership, clear rights and responsibilities, strict protection and smooth circulation, and strengthen incentives for property rights. We will improve the property rights management system for operational state-owned assets, which focuses on capital management, and accelerate the transformation of the functions and performance of state-owned assets supervision institutions. We will improve the property rights system for natural resources assets. We will improve the property rights protection system based on the principle of fairness, protect the property rights of the private economy in an all-round and equal way in accordance with the law, and seriously investigate and deal with all kinds of violations of the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises in accordance with the law. We will implement the policy of 30 years extension after the second round of rural land contract expires, and improve the system of Three Rights Separation of rural contracted land. We will deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system, improve property rights and capabilities, quantify the conversion of operating assets into shares of members of collective economic organizations, innovate effective organizational forms and operational mechanisms of the rural collective economy, and improve the basic rural operating system. We will improve and refine the rules and regulations governing the creation, application, trading and protection of intellectual property rights, accelerate the establishment of a punitive compensation system for infringement of intellectual property rights, strengthen the protection of business secrets of enterprises, and improve the protection system for intellectual property rights in new fields and formats.

uff082uff09 We will fully implement the negative list system for market access. Carry out the management mode of one list in China, and maintain the unity and authority of the list. We will establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the negative list of market access and a third-party evaluation mechanism, and further relax access restrictions with the service sector as a key pilot. Establish a unified list code system to closely link and match the list items with the administrative approval system. Establish the information disclosure mechanism of the negative list of market access, improve the transparency of access policies and the convenience of using the negative list. We will establish a market access evaluation system, regularly evaluate, investigate and clean up all kinds of explicit and implicit barriers, and promote the universal implementation of non prohibited access. Reform the production license system.

uff083uff09 We will comprehensively implement the fair competition review system. We will improve the competition policy framework, establish a sound competition policy implementation mechanism, and strengthen the basic position of competition policy. We will strengthen the rigid constraints of fair competition review, revise and improve the rules for the implementation of fair competition review, establish a system of spot check, assessment and publicity for fair competition review, and establish and improve a third-party review and evaluation mechanism. We will make a concerted effort to conduct incremental review and stock clearing, and gradually eliminate and abolish the stock policies that hinder the national unified market and fair competition. Establish a green channel to reflect and report violations of fair competition. We will strengthen and improve anti-monopoly and anti unfair competition law enforcement, increase law enforcement, and raise the cost of breaking the law. Cultivate and carry forward the culture of fair competition, and further create a social environment of fair competition.

4u3001 Build a more perfect market-oriented allocation system and mechanism of factors to further stimulate the creativity and market vitality of the whole society

We will focus on the reform of market-oriented allocation of factors, accelerate the construction of a unified and open market system with orderly competition, promote the construction of the system of factor market, and realize the market decision of factor price, the independent and orderly flow, and the efficient and fair allocation.

uff081uff09 Establish and improve a unified and open factor market. Accelerate the construction of a unified construction land market in urban and rural areas, and establish a rural collective operating construction land market system with the same rights and prices, smooth circulation and revenue sharing. We will explore the separation of ownership, qualification and use rights of rural homestead, and deepen the pilot reform of rural homestead. We will deepen the reform of the household registration system, liberalize the restrictions on settling down in cities other than some mega cities, and explore the implementation of the system of universal transfer of household registration and mutual recognition of residence permits in urban agglomerations. We will promote the transformation of public resources from the allocation of urban administrative levels to the allocation of population under actual service management. We will accelerate the establishment of a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient capital market, strengthen the basic system of the capital market, promote the reform of the registration system of stock issuance with information disclosure as the core, improve the compulsory delisting and active delisting systems, improve the quality of listed companies, and strengthen investor protection. To explore the implementation of the companys credit bond issuance registration management system. Build a multi-level, wide coverage and different banking system that is suitable for the real economic structure and financing needs. Speed up the cultivation and development of data element market, establish a data resource list management mechanism, improve the standards and measures of data ownership definition, open sharing, transaction and circulation, and give play to the value of social data resources. Promote the construction of digital government, strengthen the orderly sharing of data, and protect personal information according to law.

uff082uff09 We will promote market-oriented reform of factor prices. We will improve the mechanism by which prices are mainly determined by the market and minimize the governments improper intervention in price formation. We will improve the price formation mechanism of urban construction land and the policy of invigorating the use of existing land, promote the re development of urban inefficient land, and promote the composite development and utilization of land and the rational conversion of land use on the premise of conforming to the land spatial planning. We will deepen the market-oriented reform of interest rates, improve the benchmark interest rate and market-oriented interest rate system, give better play to the benchmark role of treasury bond yield curve pricing, and improve the independent pricing ability of financial institutions. We will improve the market-oriented mechanism for the exchange rate of RMB and increase the two-way floating flexibility. Accelerate the construction of national technology trading platform, actively develop assets evaluation services such as scientific and technological achievements and patents, and promote the orderly flow of technological elements and the formation of reasonable prices.

uff083uff09 Innovate the market-oriented allocation of factors. We will narrow the scope of land acquisition, strictly define the scope of land for public interest, and establish a land acquisition catalogue and a public interest land identification mechanism. We will promote the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises and institutions in the disposal of land assets, and promote the active use of land allocated in stock. We will improve the system of multi-agent and multi-mode land supply for industrial land, and explore ways to increase the supply of mixed industrial land on the premise of conforming to the land space planning. We will promote the social flow of labor and talents, improve the mechanism for talent flow in enterprises and institutions, and open channels for talent flow across ownership. Seize the new opportunities of global talent flow and build a more open international talent exchange and cooperation mechanism.

uff084uff09 We will improve the quality and efficiency of commodity and service markets. We will promote the innovation and development of the commodity market, improve market operation and regulatory rules, comprehensively promote the construction of an information-based traceability system for important products, and establish a long-term mechanism to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy commodities. To build a modern service market system with complementary advantages and supporting cooperation. We should deepen the reform of the circulation system, strengthen the construction of the whole chain standard system, develop the Internet plus circulation, and reduce the logistics cost of the whole society. We will strengthen the protection of consumers rights and interests and explore the establishment of a class action system.

5u3001 Innovating the way of government management and service and improving the macro-economic governance system

We will improve the functions of government economic regulation, market supervision, social management, public services, and ecological environment protection, innovate and improve macro-control, and further improve the capacity of macro-economic governance.

uff081uff09 We will build a new mechanism for effective and coordinated macro-control. Speed up the establishment of macro-control target system, policy system, decision-making coordination system, supervision and evaluation system and guarantee system that meet the requirements of high-quality development and embody the new development concept. We will improve the macro-control system with national development planning as the strategic direction, fiscal policy, monetary policy and employment priority policy as the main means, investment, consumption, industry, regional and other policies working together, and enhance the foresight, pertinence and synergy of macro-control. We will improve the major national development strategies and the medium - and long-term economic and social development planning system. We should scientifically and steadily grasp the counter cyclical adjustment of macro policies, give better play to the supporting role of fiscal policies in the optimization and upgrading of economic structure, and improve the two pillar regulatory framework of monetary policy and macro Prudential policy. We will implement the policy of giving priority to employment and give full play to the function of supporting the peoples livelihood. We will improve the system and mechanism for promoting consumption and enhance the fundamental role of consumption in economic development. We will deepen the reform of the investment and financing system and give full play to the key role of investment in optimizing the supply structure. We will strengthen the construction of the national economic security system and build a national food security and strategic resource and energy reserve system. Optimize the basic database of economic governance. Strengthen the ability of economic monitoring, prediction and early warning, make full use of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, establish major risk identification and early warning mechanism, and strengthen social expectation management.

uff082uff09 We will accelerate the establishment of a modern fiscal and taxation system. We will optimize the division of administrative and financial powers among governments, establish a central and local fiscal relationship with clear powers and responsibilities, financial coordination, and regional balance, and form a stable system in which the administrative, expenditure and financial powers of governments at all levels are compatible. We should properly strengthen the central governments power in intellectual property protection, endowment insurance, cross regional ecological environment protection, and reduce and standardize the common power of the central government and local governments. We will improve the budget system with scientific standards, transparent norms and strong constraints, comprehensively implement budget performance management, and improve the efficiency of the use of financial funds. In accordance with the law, we will build a government debt financing mechanism with standardized management, clear responsibilities, openness and transparency, and controllable risks, and strengthen supervision and accountability. We will clean up and standardize local financing platform companies and divest government financing functions. We will deepen the reform of the tax system, improve the direct tax system and gradually increase its proportion. In this study, the collection of consumption tax for some items will be moved backward. Establish and improve the personal income tax system that combines comprehensive and classification. We will steadily promote legislation on real estate taxes. We will improve the local tax system, adjust and improve the local tax system, cultivate and expand local tax sources, and steadily expand local tax management power.

uff083uff09 We will strengthen coordination among monetary policy, macro Prudential policy and financial supervision. We will build a modern central bank system, improve the central banks monetary policy-making mechanism, improve the basic monetary delivery mechanism, and promote the transformation of monetary policy from quantitative regulation to price regulation. Establish a modern financial supervision system, comprehensively strengthen macro Prudential Management, strengthen comprehensive supervision, highlight functional supervision and behavior supervision, and formulate cross financial product supervision rules. Strengthen the construction of weak link financial supervision system, eliminate the supervision gap, and keep the bottom line of no systemic financial risk. According to laws and regulations, define the power and responsibility division of central and local financial supervision, and strengthen the financial supervision responsibility and risk disposal responsibility of local governments. Establish and improve the basic system of financial consumer protection. In order to realize the convertibility of RMB capital account and steadily promote the internationalization of RMB.

uff084uff09 We will comprehensively improve the system and organizational system for scientific and technological innovation. We will strengthen the construction of the national innovation system, work out a new round of national medium and long-term scientific and technological development plans, strengthen national strategic scientific and technological forces, build a new nationwide system for tackling key core technologies in the socialist market economy, and further focus national scientific research resources on key areas, key projects and key units. We will improve the system and mechanism to encourage and support basic research and original innovation, moderately advance the layout and construction of major national science and technology infrastructure in important areas, study and establish a diversified investment mechanism for major science and technology infrastructure construction and operation, and support private enterprises to participate in the key technological innovation. Establish and improve the scientific research reserve and support system for major public events. We will reform and improve the formation mechanism and implementation mechanism of the central governments science and technology plan, more support enterprises in undertaking scientific research tasks, encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development, and improve the performance of science and technology innovation. Establish a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented and in-depth integration of industry, University and research, support large and medium-sized enterprises and all kinds of main bodies to integrate innovation, innovate and promote the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, improve the open trading and supervision system of technological achievements transformation, and promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. We will improve the mechanism for the discovery, training and encouragement of scientific and technological talents, the scientific and technological management system and policy system that conform to the laws of scientific research, improve the scientific and technological evaluation system, and give scientific and technological researchers the ownership or long-term use right of their scientific and technological achievements.

uff085uff09 We will improve the industrial and regional policy systems. We will promote the transformation of industrial policies to be inclusive and functional, strengthen support for technological innovation and structural upgrading, and strengthen the coordination between industrial policies and competition policies. We will improve the system and mechanism for promoting the development of advanced manufacturing industries and revitalizing the real economy. We will establish a long-term mechanism for market-based rule of law to eliminate excess capacity, and improve the systems and policies that are conducive to market-based merger and reorganization, transformation and upgrading. We will build a new mechanism for coordinated regional development, improve the implementation mechanism of major national regional strategies such as the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, the regional integration development of the Yangtze River Delta, the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, the ecological protection and high-quality development of Yellow River basin, and form a regional economic layout with obvious main functions, complementary advantages and high-quality development. We will improve the system and mechanism for the integrated development of urban and rural areas.

uff086uff09 We will continue to optimize government services under the guidance of the construction of a first-class business environment. We will further promote the reform of releasing management services, deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, further streamline administrative licensing matters, implement the reform of separation of license and license for all business licensing matters, and vigorously promote the license reduction. We will comprehensively carry out the reform of the examination and approval system for construction projects. We will deepen the reform of the investment approval system, simplify and integrate the procedures for application for construction of investment projects, promote the reform of the commitment system for investment projects, and strengthen in-process and post event supervision by relying on the national online approval and supervision platform for investment projects. We should innovate the ways of administration and service, and carry out the Internet plus government services in an effort to speed up the construction of the national integrated government service platform. Establish and improve the rules and regulations for administrative management by using Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means. We will implement the regulations on the optimization of business environment, improve the business environment evaluation system, conduct business environment evaluation nationwide in due time, and accelerate the establishment of a market-oriented, legal and international business environment.

uff087uff09 Build a social credit system and a new regulatory mechanism to meet the requirements of high-quality development. We will improve the long-term mechanism of credit construction, promote the sharing of credit information, and establish an orderly opening mechanism for government credit information to market entities. We will improve the credit system covering the whole society, and foster credit agencies and credit rating agencies with global voice. Implement the Xinyi + project. Improve the credit restoration mechanism of the dishonest subject. Establish a government integrity monitoring and governance system, and establish a sound accountability system for government dishonesty. We will tighten market supervision, quality supervision and safety supervision, and strengthen punishment for violations of the law. We will strengthen reform and innovation in market supervision, and improve a new supervision mechanism based on double random and one open supervision, supplemented by key supervision and based on credit supervision. Focus on food safety, drug safety and vaccine safety, and improve the unified and authoritative food and drug safety supervision system in the whole process. Improve the network market regulation system and promote the healthy development of the network market. We will improve the system of inclusive and prudent supervision over new businesses.

6u3001 Adhere to and improve the peoples livelihood security system and promote social equity and justice

Adhere to the principle of distribution according to work and coexistence of multiple modes of distribution, optimize the pattern of income distribution, improve the sustainable multi-level social security system, and make the achievements of reform and development more equitable and benefit all the people.

1. Improve the income distribution system that reflects efficiency and promotes fairness. Adhere to the principle of more work, more work, focus on the protection of labor income, increase the labor remuneration of workers, especially front-line workers, increase the proportion of labor remuneration in the initial distribution, realize the synchronous growth of residents income while economic growth, and realize the synchronous improvement of labor remuneration while improving labor productivity. We will improve the mechanism by which factors of production, such as labor, capital, land, knowledge, technology, management, and data, are evaluated by the market and paid according to their contributions. We will improve the system of salary survey and information release, and improve the mechanism for adjusting the minimum wage standard. We will promote the reform of the salary system in Colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and expand the autonomy of salary distribution. Enterprises and institutions are encouraged to implement flexible and diverse forms of distribution for scientific research personnel. We will improve the mechanism of redistribution and adjustment, with taxation, social security and transfer payments as the main means. We will improve the third distribution mechanism and develop charity and other public welfare undertakings. We should take multiple measures to increase urban and rural residents income, narrow the income distribution gap and expand the middle-income groups.

uff082uff09 We will improve the social security system that covers the whole people. We will improve the basic endowment insurance system and the basic medical insurance system that balance urban and rural areas and are sustainable, and steadily improve the level of security. We will implement the central adjustment system for the basic endowment insurance fund for enterprise employees, realize the national overall planning of endowment insurance as soon as possible, and promote the long-term balance of the basic endowment insurance fund. We will comprehensively promote the transfer of some state-owned capital from the central and local governments to enrich social security funds. Vigorously develop enterprise annuity, occupational annuity, personal savings endowment insurance and commercial endowment insurance. We will deepen the reform of the medical and health system, improve the unified medical insurance and serious illness insurance system for urban and rural residents, improve the financing and treatment adjustment mechanism for basic medical insurance, continue to promote the reform of the payment method for medical insurance, and accelerate the implementation of the settlement system for medical treatment in different places. Improve the unemployment insurance system. We will launch a pilot program to ensure the occupational injury of employees in new formats. We will make overall plans to improve the systems of social assistance, social welfare, charities, and preferential treatment and resettlement. We will strengthen the overall planning of social assistance resources and improve the basic mechanism for ensuring the peoples livelihood. We will accelerate the establishment of a housing system featuring multi-agent supply, multi-channel security, and rent and purchase, and reform the housing accumulation fund system.

uff083uff09 Improve the national public health emergency management system. We will strengthen the legal protection of public health and improve relevant laws and regulations in the field of public health. Incorporate biosafety into the national security system, systematically plan the construction of national biosafety risk prevention and control and governance system, and comprehensively improve the national biosafety governance capacity. We will improve the public health service system, optimize the investment structure of medical and health resources, and strengthen the capacity-building of prevention and control in rural areas and communities. We will improve and optimize the system for the treatment of major epidemics, and establish and improve mechanisms for the treatment of major epidemics, such as infectious diseases, which are classified, stratified and divided. We will improve the prevention and control of major and serious outbreaks and the management of emergency treatment. We will improve the medical insurance and assistance system for major diseases and improve the emergency medical assistance mechanism. To explore the establishment of medical fee exemption system for special groups and diseases. We will improve the unified emergency material support system, optimize the production capacity support and regional layout of important emergency materials, improve the national reserve system, improve the category, scale and structure of reserves, and improve the efficiency of reserves.

7u3001 Building a new open economic system of a higher level and promoting reform and development through opening up

We will implement a more proactive opening-up strategy, fully connect with the international high-standard market rules system, and implement a wider range, wider scope and deeper level of all-round opening-up.

(1) one belt, one road construction, and a new pattern of opening up. The one belt, one road, and the other areas, should be built in a win-win way to promote the development of the one belt and one way and promote the wider circulation of commodities, funds, technology and personnel. We should rely on all types of development zones to develop high-level economic and trade cooperation zones, strengthen the soft links between market, rules and standards, and strengthen the building of cooperation mechanism. We will increase the opening up of the western region and its border areas, promote the construction of new land and sea corridors in the western region, promote the interactive and coordinated opening of the East, the West and the East, and accelerate the formation of an open pattern of land and sea interaction and two-way mutual aid between the East and the West.

uff082uff09 We will speed up the construction of pilot free trade zones, free trade ports and other open highlands. We will deepen the reform of the pilot Free Trade Zone, and replicate and promote the results of the reform in a larger scale. We will build a new port area of China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone, and give it greater authority for independent development, reform and innovation. Focus on Trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and steadily promote the construction of Hainan free trade port.

uff083uff09 We will improve the guarantee mechanism for high-level open policies. Promote the high-quality development of trade, expand the diversification of foreign trade, enhance the added value of export products of general trade, and promote the upgrading of industrial chain of processing trade and the innovative development of service trade. We will run the China International Import Expo well, increase the import of goods and services on a larger scale, reduce the general level of tariffs, strive to eliminate non-tariff trade barriers, significantly reduce the institutional costs of import and export, and promote balanced development of trade. We will expand the opening-up of manufacturing, services and agriculture, allow foreign capital to hold shares or operate solely in more areas, and eliminate all restrictions on foreign investment from the negative list. We will improve the management system of national treatment plus negative list before the entry of foreign investment, and promote institutional opening of rules, regulations, management and standards. We will improve the systems of national security review, anti-monopoly review, national technology security list management, and unreliable entity list for foreign investment. We will improve policies and service systems to promote foreign investment. We will fully implement the foreign investment law and its implementing regulations, promote fair competition between domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, establish and improve a complaint mechanism for foreign-funded enterprises, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment. We will innovate ways of foreign investment and improve the quality of foreign investment. Promote international production capacity cooperation and actively carry out third-party market cooperation.

uff084uff09 Actively participate in the reform of global economic governance system. Maintain and improve the multilateral trade system, maintain the core position of the World Trade Organization in the multilateral trade system, actively promote and participate in the reform of the world trade organization, actively participate in the negotiation of multilateral trade rules, promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, and promote the construction of higher level international economic and trade rules. We will accelerate the construction of free trade areas and promote the construction of a global network of high-level free trade areas. Relying on the one belt, one road initiative and the multilateral and regional sub regional cooperation mechanisms such as the United Nations, Shanghai cooperation organization, BRICs, twenty group and APEC, we will actively participate in global economic governance and public goods supply, build global partnership for interconnection and enhance the docking of economic development initiatives, plans and standards with relevant countries and international organizations. We will promote the reform of IMFs share and governance and the reform of the world banks voting rights. Actively participate in the communication and coordination of international macroeconomic policies and the reform and construction of the international economic governance system, and put forward more China initiatives and plans.

8u3001 Improve the legal system of socialist market economy and strengthen the guarantee of the rule of law

With the basic guidance of protecting property rights, maintaining contracts, unifying the market, equal exchange, fair competition and effective supervision, we will continue to improve the legal system of the socialist market economy and ensure that there are laws to abide by, laws to abide by, and violations to be prosecuted.

uff081uff09 We will improve the system of laws and regulations in the economic field. We will improve the legal systems related to property rights, such as property rights, creditors rights, and stock rights, and give private property and public property equal status and equal protection in legislation. We will improve the bankruptcy system, reform and improve the legal system for enterprise bankruptcy, promote individual bankruptcy legislation, establish and improve market-oriented exit laws and regulations for financial institutions, and achieve orderly exit of market players. We will revise the anti-monopoly law, promote the construction of social credit laws, and safeguard the market environment for fair competition. We will formulate and improve laws and regulations on development planning, land and space planning, natural resources and assets, ecological environment, agriculture, finance and taxation, finance, foreign trade and economic cooperation. We will promote legislation in the new economic field in accordance with the principle of inclusiveness and prudence. We will improve the special authorization mechanism for major reforms, and for major reforms involving the adjustment of existing laws and regulations, reform experiments and practical innovations will be carried out by qualified local governments after being authorized by the National Peoples Congress or the State Council in accordance with legal procedures.

uff082uff09 We will improve the mechanism by which law enforcement and justice can guarantee the operation of the market economy. We will deepen the reform of the administrative law enforcement system, minimize unnecessary administrative law enforcement matters, standardize administrative law enforcement actions, and further clarify specific operational procedures. According to the powers and functions of different levels of government, we will optimize the allocation of law enforcement forces and accelerate the promotion of comprehensive law enforcement. We will strengthen fair adjudication of property rights disputes between market entities, and improve the legal system involving the seizure, seizure, freezing and disposal of citizens property. We will improve the mechanism for effective prevention and normalization of wrongs involving property rights.

uff083uff09 We will comprehensively establish a mechanism for restricting and supervising administrative power. We will fully perform the functions of the government in accordance with the law, promote the legalization of institutions, functions, authorities, procedures and responsibilities, and implement a list system of government powers and responsibilities. We will improve the system of major administrative decision-making procedures and improve the quality and efficiency of decision-making. We should strengthen the restriction on the internal power of the government, strengthen the internal process control, and prevent the abuse of power. We will improve the auditing system, and provide full coverage of public funds, state-owned assets, state-owned resources, and the performance of economic responsibilities by leading cadres. We will strengthen the assessment of the financial capacity of major policies and projects. We will promote reform and institutional construction of supervision mechanisms in such key areas as examination and approval supervision, law enforcement and justice, engineering construction, resource development, overseas investment, and supervision of overseas state-owned assets, financial credit, public resource transactions, and public financial expenditures. In accordance with the law, we will promote the disclosure of government information in the fields of fiscal budget, allocation of public resources, approval and implementation of major construction projects, and construction of public welfare undertakings.

uff084uff09 We will improve the supervision system and mechanism for developing the market economy. Adhere to and improve the supervision system of the party and the state, strengthen political supervision, strictly restrict public power, and promote the implementation of the main responsibilities of the Party committee (Party group), the first responsible person of the Secretary, and the supervision responsibility of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. We will continue to promote the construction of a clean and honest government and fight against corruption, and resolutely investigate and deal with corruption in resources, land, planning, construction, engineering, finance and other fields in accordance with laws and disciplines. We will improve the system for the implementation of the supervision law, reduce power and set up rent-seeking space around all aspects of the operation of power, resolutely break the power money trading network, achieve the integration of law enforcement and discipline enforcement, promote the collaborative efforts of inner-party supervision, supervision, administrative supervision, judicial supervision, audit supervision, financial supervision, statistical supervision, mass supervision and public opinion supervision, and promote the socialist market Healthy economic development.

9u3001 Adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the party to ensure the effective implementation of reform measures

We will give full play to the leading core role of the party in taking charge of the overall situation and coordinating all parties, turn the institutional advantages of the partys leadership in economic work into governance effectiveness, strengthen the implementation of reform and achieve results, and continue to deepen and implement economic system reform.

uff081uff09 Adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the party. Further strengthen Four Consciousness, firm four self-confidence and achieve two maintenance, deeply understand the great significance of accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system from the strategic and overall level, run the partys leadership through the whole process of deepening the economic system reform and accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system, through the planning of reform ideas, the formulation of reform programs and the promotion of Reform implementation and other links to ensure that the reform has always been in the right direction.

uff082uff09 We will improve the mechanism for promoting reform. Each department in each region shall formulate and improve supporting policies or implementation measures in accordance with the requirements of this opinion and in combination with its own reality. Starting from the national conditions, we should adhere to the unity of problem orientation, goal orientation and result orientation, advance in depth in accordance with the requirements of system integration, coordination and efficiency, make full efforts in precise implementation and precise implementation, unify the implementation of the requirements of the Party Central Committee, meet the needs of practice and meet the expectations of the grass-roots level, overcome formalism and bureaucracy, and focus on implementation in one field and one field. Combine the top-level design with the grass-roots exploration, give full play to the initiative spirit of grass-roots level, and give full play to the pilot role of special economic zones and free trade pilot areas (free trade ports).

uff083uff09 We will improve the incentive mechanism for reform. We will improve the positive incentive system for reform, strengthen the employment orientation of taking on responsibilities and overcoming difficulties, focus on identifying cadres at the front line of reform, and use those cadres who have the awareness of reform and innovation, are brave in reform and are good at seeking reform. We will consolidate the achievements of building a clean and honest government and promote the building of a pro Qing government business relationship. We should establish and improve the mechanism of fault tolerance and error correction, correctly grasp the nature and impact of mistakes made by cadres in reform and innovation, and effectively protect the enthusiasm of cadres in entrepreneurship. Strengthen the summary, promotion, publicity and report of typical cases and achievements of reform, and give commendation and encouragement according to regulations, so as to create a good public opinion environment and social atmosphere for reform.