Sorry, I dont want to wait for you any more

 Sorry, I dont want to wait for you any more

I left after the test that day. I didnt pay much attention to you, not to mention the pen I lent you. Until one day, when you appeared at the door of my classroom, I asked myself if you could change the way of accosting. At that time, you just smiled. Later, I knew how disgraced I was. You used to be a famous student bully in our grade, and also have a high popularity. But I suspect you are chatting up because of a pen. Later, you have laughed at me several times because of this.

Maybe I find myself making a big joke, so I cant help but pay attention to you. As time goes by, we become very familiar. It can be said that we can come together. You took more than 20 steps, and I ran the remaining 80 steps. When we are together, I am more active.

After graduating from University, you chose to study abroad. We started to live in a different place. You are really good. Every time you come back, you will bring me many gifts. But this is not what I need. I have complained with you more than once. No matter how busy you are, at least once a week, I will video with you so that I can see you. You promise fast every time, but there are always reasons to forget. I dont know what to do, I cant feel your care.

Long distance love is really difficult, but I only see my own persistence, not your efforts for this relationship. People around me, including my parents, are not optimistic about this relationship. At first, I could refute them. Now I dont have the courage. Im sorry, youre really good, but forgive me, I really cant hold on, I dont want to wait for you anymore.