Girl, look at the chat record. Your boyfriend is a total rascal. Dont waste it with him

 Girl, look at the chat record. Your boyfriend is a total rascal. Dont waste it with him

But hes smart and Im looking forward to him, so Im not satisfied with him all the time and Ive been together.

In August of 19, he started a cleaning company in partnership with others. I went to see it and agreed to do it if it was feasible, while I continued to work.

In order to support him, I borrowed 20000 yuan to him. In the first two months, the situation was ok, and 2000 yuan was paid on time in one month. But from November to now, he said that the project funds have not been settled. There are a lot of reasons for that. He didnt give me any more money to repay, which made me overdue for two months.

Asking him for money is always a drag. I dont know what to do now.

I wanted to break up with him, but he threatened me not to give me money, but also to publicize my privacy everywhere. Sometimes I want to kill myself when I break down.

Cold love reply:

With this story, lets make two cognitive upgrades:

First, among all general education, the most important one should be financial and business education.

For example, what kind of situation should we borrow money, this is called values; what kind of situation is called rich borrowing, this is called facts.

We need to distinguish ideas from facts.

The fact is that this girl borrowed 20000 yuan from others when she didnt have 20000 yuan. This is called beating a swollen face to make a fat man. Her face is swollen badly.

But she didnt have a cent. She borrowed 20000 yuan from the bank, which is called generosity in her future.

If she borrows 20000 yuan from others and then lends it to her boyfriend, it is called generosity.

There is a series of wrong understanding of wealth.

In addition, she also thought carefully: I went to see it and agreed to do it if it is feasible.

In the final analysis, this is not to establish a correct concept of wealth, nor to establish a correct knowledge reserve of wealth.

Note that the concept of wealth and knowledge of wealth are two things.

We must find out what is common sense and what is concept.

Second, the view of the ancient novels of talented people and beautiful women is not shallow.

Many men, there is a plot to save the dust, always want to be a hero, to save the lives of others.

When I meet a brothel girl, I wish I could redeem her body. I have nothing to do with my foot massage sister and teahouse girl to talk about life and boast, which is very enjoyable.

On the other hand, many girls also have an idea: think a man is very smart, think that this man can be promising in the future, full of expectations of each other, to give him a bet, in case he becomes the number one in the future?

In fact, its no different from rescuing the world. Its all about satisfying ones narcissism.

Saving the dust is satisfied with the heroism of men, and the first runner up is satisfied with the virgin heart of a woman.

To sum up, we see that the man in the chat record is already playing a rogue.

At this time, if you have the ability, you can ask the other party to write an IOU, and then try to get the money back.

If you cant, the 20000 yuan is the tuition you have to pay.

Since the other side is a total rogue, its better to take these time and energy out and invest in the future to make more money than to spend time and energy on him.

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