Five emotional illusions of contemporary adults

 Five emotional illusions of contemporary adults

In adult love, it is easy to be controlled by illusion.

Then they lose faith in love.

But when they cry about the hurt that love brings to them, they often dont realize that maybe its not someone elses hurt, but the reality cant reach your own expectation.

Have you ever had these illusions in love

Because many single people are very contradictory, while saying that I dont want to fall in love, at the same time my heart is eager to have a sweet love.

A real problem: there are always people who think they are single because they dont want to fall in love.

But the reality is: there seems to be no one around who likes it, and those who like themselves dont. All in all, there is no one to fall in love with.

Being single is not really because of your acceptance of love, but because you dont meet the person who makes you want to be in love.

Even if met, perhaps the other party did not have the same feelings with you.

I know a girl who is eager to fall in love, but her extremely introverted personality has frustrated her. At the party, she can be silent and dont know how to communicate with others.

But she also met a boy who was attracted. He also spoke to her actively, but she could only respond with indifference and politeness if she didnt want the other party to notice her mood change. The ending is very simple. Its not long before the other party has a girlfriend.

She said one of the most words is: I dont want to fall in love, a girl like me is not suitable for falling in love.

So the intersection of two people is really important. Its like theres no pie in the sky. Youre sitting in a corner waiting for your favorite person to come down from the sky and take the initiative to find you. Its really too small.

So dont say I dont want to fall in love. Love doesnt want to, only can.


I find a very strange phenomenon, that is, when you like someone, you will always find clues that he seems to be interesting to you.

He sent me home today. Does he like me, too?

He sent me the first message when he was in trouble today. Does it mean that I am very important to him?

He gave me a birthday present today. He even knew my birthday. Must it be interesting to me?

What I want to say is that these behaviors of boys may be due to liking or just due to politeness.

When you confidently decide to take him down at one stroke, I didnt expect to exchange a sentence: in fact, I only treat you as a friend.

In fact, he sent you home, but because it was too late and unsafe, he happened to be on the way;

He is in trouble to send you a message just because you are chatting with him, but he just complained to you;

He knows your birthday just because your best friend sent out a circle of friends, and he joked that he would invite you to dinner.

He doesnt really like you that much. You expect him to like you.


I can move a bad guy

Girls are very strange in their feelings. Before falling in love with someone, they always have one or other requirements for their partner, but they can lose all their standards just by one heartbeat.

Even though he knows that he is a bad guy, he thinks he is the one who can change his existence.

Some fans asked me this question:

I like a bad guy, but he is different to me and other girls. Can I wait for him to settle down?

Most girls are like this. In fact, you think he is different from others, but maybe other girls have the same idea with you.

There is an old saying that the prodigal son will not change his gold. So, many girls cling to this sentence and forgive the prodigal son again and again. At last, they dont know how miserable the wounded are.

What a bad guy shows in front of you is that you can change him.

Its like a person keeping a group of fish in his own fish pond. He must be able to feed them regularly, otherwise the fish would not exist for a long time.

So, dont hold on to those differences you think you can wait for a prodigal son to turn around, and a scum man to be moved.

He may be moved, but that doesnt mean hes willing to give up the whole forest for one move.

Marriage, love is enough

When its good, I wish I could give my whole world to each other. I think all the difficulties in front of love are just small matters.

Listening to colleagues talk about a marriage that is not approved by their families, just like most young people, they think that if they marry love, they will get happiness, and others are not so important.

The girl refused to go on a blind date at home and insisted on getting a certificate from her boyfriend. Parents were so angry that they wanted to break up that they didnt even go to their wedding.

After marriage, life is not as happy as you think. The pressure of work makes them breathless,. And they are not mature enough to be parents at all, so they have to choose to give up the child due to the unexpected pregnancy.

Later, when life became stable, I still wanted to have children, but it became very difficult because of my original choice. In her mother-in-laws house, she was treated coldly, and even her husband was no longer willing to say more to her.

Your ideal situation will always be defeated by reality.

Your delusion comes from your high expectations of love.


Hell feel sorry for me

Ive seen a comparison between a man and a woman after they split up:

At the beginning, girls will be trapped in painful memories, while boys will feel freedom and indulgence;

But with the passage of time, girls can accept the reality and face life again, while boys will start to recall the past and even want to get back together.

So many girls will feel that if they experience a failed relationship, they will feel guilty for me.

But within a month, the other side showed their new love in the circle of friends. They are all happy in the picture.

Even if he occasionally felt guilty, he never regretted his choice.

Because from the moment of breaking up, he had already done enough preparation.

But once the other person doesnt follow the path set in your mind, you will feel that the whole world is sorry for you. You are the one who is hurt the most in love.

But in fact, all the ideal state is your own, and the choice is also your own.

Its not that the world is not good for you, its just that you have enough expectations and not enough courage.