My mother, who is nearly 50 years old, is not in good health. My father always forces her to have a second child. What should I do?

 My mother, who is nearly 50 years old, is not in good health. My father always forces her to have a second child. What should I do?

Thank you for your comments on todays emotional issues.

I am an only child. My father is a civil servant. My mother is a rural woman. My father is their five brothers.

My mother married my father when she was 20 years old. Several uncles, from studying to marrying and having children, were all my parents efforts,

Later, my family had the worst conditions. I bought a house in the 18th tier city when I was in college.

My mother has been cooking in my fathers company. The salary is very low. At the beginning, it was only 500 yuan a month. She has to cook and clean in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

My father hasnt washed his underwear for more than 20 years. My mother is in charge of it at home and abroad.

Mom is never willing to buy a good dress for herself. She cant change a dress until its worn out. Whats delicious is to satisfy me and my Dad first.

Isnt the two child policy coming out now? My father is fifty and my mother is forty-four.

My father wants to have a second child, but for many reasons he hasnt had one. My mother doesnt want to have one because Im working right now.

Mom cant easily live a more relaxed life. Then my dad whispered to my mom that he wants to be a test tube baby and have twin sons.

But he wanted to have a son in his heart and forced my mother. Now I hate my father a little. I dont know what kind of psychology it is.

Im against having a second child because my mother cant easily relax, but my family says Im selfish.

I dont think my father ever thought about it. A woman who has been with him for more than 20 years hasnt had a good day,

He only thinks about himself, and really doesnt know what psychology it is. I really feel that I hate my father now.

My father is that kind of silent personality, my mother is that kind of careless and vigorous.

Everyone thinks my father has a good character and a good temper. Only I know how much my mother has been wronged, how much she has suffered, and how upset she is.

Im so big. My parents really give me everything they can. They really love me.

But because my fathers side of the people are very rich, and then only our family conditions are not good, from a little low self-esteem.

I never asked for a toy when I was a child. I think I am a sensible daughter.

Now Ive talked about a boyfriend. Its very good for me, but the conditions at home are not so good. Last year my mother went out to build a construction site, and this year I should be able to allocate about 340000 yuan.

My father told me that he didnt want me to have a bad life and wanted to give me money as a dowry, but privately told my mother that he wanted to use the money as a test tube baby, which really chilled me.

The main thing is that its not worth it for my mother.

My father is that kind of stubborn person, my mother and my father ditch through many times, sometimes he will shake.

But my grandparents and my uncles will also instill ideas with him. They actually say that they cant divorce and find a young one.

Although my father didnt agree with me, my father always had a cold war with my mother. Then he didnt do anything. He said that he had no son and didnt work hard.


Since you love your mother so much, you should not complain about my fathers mistake.

I can understand your fathers and even your grandmothers traditional ideas, because there are previous generations obsessions in my last life.

They are much more stubborn than our generation, and they work harder than us,

As a daughter, you have grown up with your own ideas and responsibilities. What you have to do is not just love your mother and hate your father.

Your father may be wrong, but the biggest mistake is the times.

To take the simplest example of life, our parents always tell our generation to go to bed early and not stay up late,

But how many can do it? Even if its OK, you will feel that you have to stay up late if you dont want to go to bed.

So, theres no need to hate your father. Many traditional shackles have haunted your mind for decades, especially those around you. Its really hard to change in an instant.

Since you have the courage to hate even if you are not the father who still loves you dearly, you have to have the courage to communicate with your father for your mother.

To let your father know that his mothers body cant stand the twists and turns of the second child, and to let your father accept the changes of the times,

Try your best and sincerely to change your fathers obsession, if at last your father is stubborn.

The only way to do that is to encourage your mother to adhere to principles for her own health.

After all, life is your own. You will bear all the consequences for her and stand on her side as her support.

Some things, if you cant do the best of both worlds, you can only choose one to deal with.