Wang Fengs three weddings and two divorces finally meet Zhang Ziyi, the true love: why does the marriage that is not favored go to the present?

 Wang Fengs three weddings and two divorces finally meet Zhang Ziyi, the true love: why does the marriage that is not favored go to the present?

Wang Fengs love history is indeed rich enough. There are four love histories and three marriages that can be verified. So far, he has four children. Ill give you a brief introduction.

Qi Dan, the first wife and host of a Sichuan TV station, fell in love at first sight when performing in Chengdu in 1998. Wang Feng captured the beauty heart in only three days. Qi Dan gave up his career and followed him to the north. In December 2003, the red marriage certificate became the witness of their feelings. In 2004, they divorced, but did not disclose the reasons for divorce.

In 2004, Ge Huijie, then 17, a young model, fell in love with Wang Feng, who was 16 years older than herself. When she was 18, Ge Huijie gave birth to her eldest daughter, Xiao apple. However, Wang Feng said that the woman was playful and willful and broke up when she was 19.

The third is Zhang Ziyi, our well-known current wife.

One is international chapter, a first-line actress in China. There are few Chinese stars who have a place in Hollywood.

One is headline Wang. If you do anything or say anything, you will be ridiculed by netizens. Wearing leather pants will become a ridicule point.

Two people cant find a match from head to toe, how can they get together?


Right time

In 2013, in front of tens of thousands of fans, Wang Feng made an 8-minute speech to Zhang Ziyi.

Zhang Ziyi, who is sitting below, covers her mouth with her hands and is moved to tears.

Wang Feng, whose relationship between men and women has been in chaos, has converged a lot after marrying his third wife Zhang Ziyi. Since they got married in 2015, there has been no gossip. Wang Fengs image has become a good husband and father.

In his wifes romantic journey, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng show that their marriage is basically stable and healthy. Zhang Ziyi also says that Wang Feng is more sticky between them, so call her if you have nothing to do.

Many people think this pair is boring, because Wang Feng likes to preach, but Zhang Ziyi likes to listen to him, so when the painting style comes to them, it seems that two mature people are in class.

But Zhang Ziyi likes this. She said in the program that Wang Feng first moved her, that is, he gave her a psychological test, and then analyzed her personality very accurately.

Many girls will be attracted by a man who is romantic, takes care of herself and looks handsome.

In an interview in 2012, Zhang Ziyi mentioned that the concept of mate selection is to find someone who can take care of herself mentally. Wang Feng happens to be a lover who understands her and can reason with her and analyze the world.

In December 2015, when Zhang Ziyi gave birth to Wang Fengs third daughter and woke up, Wang Feng wrote happily: here she is, lovely little life. From then on, the dust settled and the spring blossomed.

Indeed, with Zhang Ziyi, it seems that the dust is really settled. He would write a thick love letter, which moved Zhang Ziyi to tears;

Even for his daughters third birthday, he was also very warm and asked to be grateful for his mothers efforts.

In short, what we see is endless love and his gratitude to his wife. Through the mode of getting along with each other, people gradually understand their love.

Zhang Ziyi was born in 1979 in a family of ordinary workers. In 1990, Zhang Ziyi was admitted to the Affiliated High School of Beijing Dance Academy.

During the six years of learning dance in the affiliated high school, she worked hard. In order to pull the ligament, she pressed her leg against the wall when she went to bed at night. No matter how painful it was, she would never complain.

This kind of high-intensity dance training and not living with her parents when she was young led to Zhang Ziyis independent, independent and tenacious character, which can be reflected in her film career in the future.

Wang Fengs road to becoming the godfather of Chinese rock and roll is also full of ups and downs. For the music dream in his heart, Wang Feng quit his enviable job as a ballet company, and his father slapped him when he knew it.

In Beijing, after the band disbanded, I lived in a basement without hot water, toured around the country for a living, and got a meager salary until I finally became famous.

When it comes to Wang Fengs rich emotional history, Zhang Ziyi has gone through thousands of sails. Born in Hong Kong, Huo Qishan, a wealthy foreign businessman, vivi, graduated from Peking University, and finally married Wang Feng.

In the variety show, Wang Feng commented on his feelings with Zhang Ziyi: if we knew each other a few years earlier, we would not be together.

When the first two announced their relationship, it almost blew up.

After marriage, Zhang Ziyi is no longer the cold and proud Zhang Ziyi in the eyes of the public. In front of Wang Feng, she is surprisingly soft and acts as a wife and mother.

Even Zhang Zhilin, who worked with Zhang Ziyi, said:


Right time

Zhang Ziyi has always been an image that can stand on her own, but in front of Wang Feng, she is willing to take off her armor and act like a little woman with a happy smile on her face.

When Zhang Ziyi is going on a long journey, he will ask her if she needs any help and tell her to take care of herself. Wang Feng would also be reluctant to scratch the window outside the car.

Zhang Ziyi once said that two people are good, which is so complicated. This kind of uncomplicated is just an opportunity for two people to get well together.

Wang Feng is really smart, or really loves Zhang Ziyi. A simple sentence has convinced Zhang Ziyi that even if the whole world doesnt understand her, at least there is him.

Wang Feng really knows that its not easy for a woman to give consideration to her career and family. Understand Zhang Ziyis the height is too cold. Understand the loneliness behind the strong women. Understand the horror of postpartum depression. Understand the pain of late night milking.

With this understanding and company, even if it is said that after marriage to take off powder, relying on entertainment programs to make money to suck powder, there is no good work! Zhang Ziyi is also fearless and willing to be Wang Fengs wife and wake up mother.

For Zhang Ziyi, no one has the right to plan her life except herself.

Now, she wants to be more comfortable and relaxed. Movie actors are not as expensive and noble as they used to be. The real money they earn is even less worthy of fame. Instead of being alone in the height, she might as well walk down the altar, shoot advertisements, go to variety shows, show her love, pet her daughter or even the daughter of her husbands ex girlfriend

Through thousands of sails, I dont fall into blue clouds; you dont dislike me, I dont care about your past; put it down, you can get happiness in the future.


True self

In Jane Eyre, it is said that love is a game, and we must always be equal to each other, so that we can be dependent on each other for a long time.

Most womens happiness depends on their own efforts! The basic attitude of a perfect marriage is not to depend on anyone. You have to take the initiative.

Also always understand that, men or marriage, it is only icing on the cake for you, not the root of settling down.