Romantic girls and vulgar men fall in love. What they say is not so devastating

 Romantic girls and vulgar men fall in love. What they say is not so devastating

Two sensitive people often quarrel at first, but they will make clear the reconciliation. He wants to go out to make a living and settle down, but there are no conditions for buying a house outside, so I cant go out at the first time. He says I can stay if I want to marry him.

New years day at home, my parents mentioned to know half a year, when the parents of both sides meet next, engagement put on the agenda. He said yes, and when he thinks about it, hell talk to his mother.

After the festival, he was busy with the materials and didnt think about it. On the 4th, he accompanied me to Shanghai for business. On the way, he knew that I didnt think about it, so he felt cheated. Either engaged, or he went south to find his ex girlfriend. He said his ex girlfriend was tender and waiting for him.

I found out that the historical order record was the name of the girl when I booked the hotel in Shanghai. It turned out that they were still in touch when we were upset and quarreled for half a year.

I never look at his mobile phone and dont doubt people, but now Im afraid that he wont return information for a long time, and I become suspicious before I get married. Its really sad. I dont know if I want to continue.

You should have a good communication about the boys failure to deal with his ex girlfriend, including the part he makes you angry.

But in addition, we want to use this story to share three things with everyone.

In the first aspect, if we always regard some characteristics of a person as so-called shortcomings, we will always regard the relationship with each other as a kind of tolerance.

Many times, we need to change our view of each other.

You cant just talk about your young and smart age without admitting that people are plain.

Any matter, must change the angle to see.

Maybe one day, you want someone who can tell you so clearly.

Third, what do you want.

This onion man is really interesting. At least he is willing to express his relationship and feelings with you.

He can say frankly, whether we can be together or not

But if one day you meet a tomato man and he comes up with a rotten tomato, he will tell you anyway, I will be like this. Then you cant cry.

What you are afraid of most is the rotten big apple that is worse than tomato. It looks friendly on the surface. Everything is so perfect. Its so good to be with him. Its in line with every bit of romance you want in your life. It will also arouse your emotions.

Life, or to choose a really suitable person, to figure out what they want.